What is CSP or Digital Foundation CSP?

CSP is the acronym for Customer Service Point, also referred to as a Bank Mitra. Bank Mitra CSP is a banking outlet run through outsourced agencies like DIGITAL FOUNDATION CSP for carrying out limited transactions and sourcing of business.

What are the basic requirements for CSP Registration?

The requirements for CSP Registration under DIGITAL FOUNDATION CSP are operative office in 100 square feet space with an internet connection, computer and a printer. Once all these essentials are acquired, you will be eligible to apply CSP of banks in India by submitting your application with some valid documents as prescribed by these banks.

How to apply CSP?

CSP registration process is online. You can visit our website digitalfoundationcsp.in and can fill the online CSP application form. You are required to submit your details as required by the bank. Once you submitted your application, it will be forwarded to the operations department of the bank to verify your submitted details. After the validation, you will get informed through SMS or email for generating the code and registering you as a Bank Mitra CSP of the bank.

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