How does the Kiosk Banking work?

What is Kiosk Banking?

Kiosk Banking is the brainchild of the Reserve Bank of India for those living in villages or other remote areas that are void of banking services due to the non-availability of a bank branch in that locality. Under such a scenario; it is not required by the individual to visit the bank to avail of the banking services. Instead, the bank comes to the village where the person can make the transactions.

DIGITAL FOUNDATION CSP brings efficient kiosk banking services to millions of its customers. DIGITAL FOUNDATION CSP has allied with leading public and private sector banks of India for enabling people to access an array of banking facilities through its internet-enabled kiosk banking outlets located across cities.

We deliver mainstream financial services to the mass bank-excluded Indian public using bio-metrically secured technology through kiosk banking. Printed acknowledgment for each transaction is issued to the customer and has an end-to-end process of account opening & online transactions. Micro savings and Micro remittances typically are done through No Frills Savings Bank Accounts at DIGITAL FOUNDATION CSP kiosks.

How to work through Kiosk Banking

A retailer can open a basic bank account for customers by taking their photographs, recording their fingerprints, and compiling other essential details. The details are then forwarded to the allied bank branch along with other documents to perform the know-your-consumer (KYC) process. Once the bank activated the account, customers can deposit, withdraw or remit a maximum sum of INR 10,000 per day through the internet-facilitated kiosk branch of the bank.

Why you should open CSP

Bank Mitra CSP is a conception designed under the Public-Private Partnership. Bank Mitra CSP acts as a representative or agent of the bank and gets a fixed salary additionally handsome commission is also on the taking. Hence, if you apply CSP, you can reach financial freedom in no time.

Our Solutions

Digital Foundation CSP provides consumers with quick and easy, one-stop access to open assortment services. The Digital India Program has opened up a new horizon with various online¬†services. One can purchase or make payments for any rapid consumer service, similar to Utilities, Travel, Cinema, DTH/Mobile Recharge, Banking and Financial Services, and so forth in their neighbourhood. Digital Foundation CSP provides consumers with this comfort by making an establishment organization of standard mother and pop stores situated in the shopper’s backyard. These franchises have a multifunctional terminal that is connected to the service providers’ servers and executes transactions periodically. Digital Foundation CSP has authoritative concurrences with service providers and is approved to give lawfully supportable reservations and receipts to consumers.

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