Sbi Balance Enquiry Number 2021

The article provides information on the SBI Balance Enquiry Number for the year 2021. It aims to offer readers a convenient way to check their account balance with State Bank of India (SBI) by phone. The article will guide users on how to use this service and provide them with the necessary details and steps required for a successful balance enquiry.


SBI Toll-free Numbers for Balance Enquiry in 2021

SBI has launched a toll-free helpline number that allows customers to check their account balance, obtain mini statements, block ATM cards, and more. To inquire about your account balance, you can dial the provided SBI toll-free number.

SBI Balance Check Number 2021

Since the number is toll-free, there will be no charges for making the call and checking your SBI account balance. You can dial the provided toll-free number to inquire about your balance without any cost.

1800 2100

Missed call banking is a convenient way to perform various banking tasks by simply giving a missed call or sending an SMS to the bank. SBI also offers this service, which includes features like checking account balance, obtaining mini-statements, accessing E-statements for the past six months, requesting education loan and home loan certificate statements, configuring ATMs, generating ATM PINs, retrieving information on home and car loans, as well as details about social security schemes. This service is regulated by RBI and is available from most banks in India.


The contact number for checking the balance of SBI (State Bank of India) through a missed call service is provided below.

SBI Balance Inquiry Number 2021

There may be specific but minimal charges associated with the service particularly for sending and receiving SMS. The charges are subject to the bank’s policy. However, most banks do not charge any fee for balance enquiry on their toll-free number. The biggest advantage of this facility is for the people who have multiple accounts in the same bank. The bank will send a message containing the balance information of all the SBI accounts with the account number and account type.

SBI Missed Call Banking Registration Process 2021

To use the SBI balance enquiry service, customers need to ensure that their mobile number is registered with their SBI savings account. This can be done by sending a one-time SMS with specific details.

‘REG Account Number’ to 09223488888

SBI credit card holders in India can conveniently access their balance and other information through the SMS service. By sending a text message to the designated number 5676791, users can obtain various details as per the specified format.

Here are the different services and information that can be accessed through SMS for SBI balance enquiry:

– To check your account balance, send an SMS with “BAL XXXX” (XXXX being the last four digits of your account number).

– To know your available credit and cash limit, send an SMS with “AVAIL XXXX”.

– In case you have lost or had your card stolen, you can block it by sending an SMS with “BLOCK XXXX”.

– For information on your last payment status, send an SMS with “PAYMENT XXXX”.

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– To subscribe to e-statements for electronic statements instead of paper ones, send an SMS with “ESTMT XXXX”.

– If you need a duplicate statement for a specific month, request it by sending an SMS in this format: “DSTMT XXXX MM” (replace MM with the desired statement month in two-digit format).

How to Do SBI Balance Check through Mobile Banking

  • Login to the YONO Lite SBI app using the username and password or fingerprint
  • On the homescreen of the app, click on the “View Balance” option to check balance in the default account directly
  • For other accounts, you will have to select the account whose balance you want to check
  • You can check detailed transactions in the mPassbook section for each account

SBI Quick App: Check Your SBI Account Balance in 2021

  • Open the SBI Quick app on your smartphone
  • You don’t need to login to the app to to avail balance enquiry services
  • Click on the ” Account Services ” option in the ” Without Login ” tab
  • Click on the call or message icon against the Balance Enquiry option to get your account balance

SBI Balance Enquiry via BHIM SBI Pay App in 2021

The method of checking the balance for SBI credit cards is distinct because SBI Card handles the services for credit cards. Additionally, there is a separate mobile application specifically designed for SBI credit card users.

SBI WhatsApp Banking: Step-by-Step Guide for Balance Enquiry in 2021

To access WhatsApp Banking in SBI, the user needs to send ‘Hi’ from the registered mobile number to +91-9022690226 and follow the instructions given on chat.

The user can also send an SMS in the mentioned format ‘WAREG ACCOUNT NUMBER’ to 7208933148 from the mobile number registered with SBI.

SBI Balance Check via UPI: Step-by-Step Guide

To check your SBI account balance, simply open any UPI app on your smartphone. Log in using the designated code and select the desired account. Click on the option to check your balance and enter the passcode for verification. Once verified, you will see your account balance displayed on the screen.

How to enable my SBI missed call balance service?

Once you have sent the SMS with the correct format, wait for a confirmation message. This message will inform you that your registration for SBI Missed Call Banking has been successful. It may take a few minutes for this message to arrive on your phone.

After receiving the confirmation message, you can start using SBI Missed Call Banking services. Simply give a missed call or send an SMS with specific keywords to perform various banking tasks such as checking account balance, getting mini statements, and more. Each keyword corresponds to a particular service provided by SBI.

For instance, if you want to check your account balance through missed call banking, just give a missed call on 09223766666 from your registered mobile number. Within seconds, you will receive an SMS containing details about your current balance.

How to Do SBI FASTag Balance Check Online

SBI account holders can conveniently check their account balance using the ATM card provided by State Bank of India. Simply visit an SBI ATM and follow the instructions outlined below:

  • Swipe the SBI ATM-cum-debit card
  • Use the 4-digit ATM PIN
  • Choose the “Balance Enquiry” option
  • Finish the transaction

Customers also have the option to check their last 10 transactions by choosing the ” Mini Statement ” option at the ATM. The SBI ATM will print a receipt containing the details of the last 10 account transactions.

SBI customers have the option to go to ATMs of other banks or third-party ATM services in order to inquire about their account balance.

Please be aware that the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has imposed a restriction on the number of free transactions allowed per ATM card. It is worth mentioning that checking your account balance is considered as one such transaction.

Once you exhaust your free transactions, you will have to pay transaction charges for every transaction you carry out in the month. Remember, the number of transactions includes both carried out at SBI and non-SBI ATMs.

This is a key factor why customers should choose to check their SBI account balance online. Therefore, it is recommended that ATMs be utilized solely for cash withdrawals or other transactions.

To check the balance of your SBI account or any other bank account, it is recommended to use mobile or online methods. These options are convenient and save both time and money.

How to check my account balance through a missed call?

– Bandhan Bank offers a Missed Call Service to check account balance. The service can be accessed by dialing 09223008666.

– HDFC Bank provides a Toll Free Number for customer care services. To avail these services, customers can call 18002026161.

– IDFC First Bank Limited has a Toll Free Number for customer care assistance. Customers can reach out to them at 1860 258 2000.

– Axis Bank offers a Missed Call Service to check account balance. Customers can use this service by dialing the respective number provided by the bank.

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SBI Balance Enquiry via Netbanking: A Step-by-Step Guide

SBI customers who have signed up for net banking can access their net banking account by using their SBI net banking login credentials.

Is it possible to view my bank account balance?

Additionally, input your debit card number and CVV (Card Verification Value). The debit card number is printed on the front of your card while the CVV is a three-digit security code found at the back of it. Be cautious while entering these sensitive details and ensure that no one else can see them.

After providing all these necessary inputs, proceed further by entering your username and password associated with net banking services provided by the bank. It is crucial to create strong passwords that include a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters for enhanced security.

Lastly, an OTP (One-Time Password) will be sent to your registered mobile number for verification purposes during each login attempt. Enter this OTP promptly within its validity period in order to successfully log into net banking services.

Remember that online safety should always be prioritized when accessing financial accounts online. Avoid using public Wi-Fi networks while performing such transactions as they may not be secure enough; instead use trusted internet connections like home Wi-Fi or cellular data networks from reputable providers.

SBI Balance Enquiry: USSD Code for Checking Account Balance in 2021

USSD, which stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, is a communication technology in GSM that allows mobile phones to exchange information with network applications. SBI customers who have Current/Savings bank accounts can avail this service.

You can check your account balance, view the mini statement of your last five transactions, transfer money to other accounts, and recharge your mobile phone.

USSD Session Initiation Process for SBI Balance Enquiry in 2021

To avail the SBI Balance Enquiry service through USSD, simply dial the designated number to complete your registration.


1. Checking your account balance

2. Transferring funds

3. Topping up your mobile phone

4. Changing your MPIN (Mobile Personal Identification Number)

5. Recovering a forgotten MPIN

6. Cancelling or unregistering from the service

The user needs to reply with the correct option number. Select ‘Answer’ and choose the serial number from the set of options given above and select ‘Send’.

SBI USSD Service: A Guide to Checking Account Balance

Here is a comprehensive guide to the mobile banking services available through USSD.

Here are the steps to access various services through USSD codes provided by SBI:

1. For balance enquiry and mini statement:

– Choose between balance enquiry or mini statement.

– Enter your MPIN and send.

2. For fund transfer:

– Register the payee by entering their account number.

– Enter your MPIN and send.

3. For prepaid mobile top-up:

– Enter the name of the service provider.

Enter your MPIN, then send.

4. To de-register:

-Press ‘ Answer’and choose‘ Option6’,then Send


SBI Balance Enquiry Registration via USSD: A Step-by-Step Guide

To avail the SBI Balance Enquiry service through USSD, account holders need to send an SMS in a specific format.

9223440000 or 567676

The SBI accountholder will receive a “User ID” and default “MPIN” via SMS.

Please remember that in order to avail the SBI Balance Enquiry service through USSD, it is necessary for users to modify their MPIN and finalize the registration procedure at the nearest ATM or branch. Here are the steps you need to follow:

To check your SBI account balance in 2021, you can follow these steps:

– Agree to the terms and conditions shown on the screen.

The MPIN will be updated and the user will receive a confirmation message through SMS. To complete the activation process, the user must visit the nearest ATM or bank branch.

Consumer Experience

What is the most effective way to check your SBI account balance online?

What is the most effective way to check your SBI balance offline?

I don’t usually prefer checking my account balance offline in SBI. However, when I do, I use its missed call banking service. I simply give a missed call on 09223766666 from my registered mobile number and receive my account balance instantly.

How to verify my SBI account number online?

The second method mentioned here is using the Yona Lite App for SBI mobile banking. This app is designed specifically for SBI customers and it allows them to access their bank accounts through their mobile phones. By using this app, you can easily find your SBI account number without any hassle.

Importance of Regular SBI Balance Check

Public and private banks in India provide convenient and simple ways for customers to check their account balance anytime, anywhere. It is important to regularly monitor your bank balance to stay informed about your financial situation.

Typically, checking the SBI balance is a widely used service due to its frequent usage.

To verify if there are enough funds available for various transactions like money transfers and cheque payments, it is important to check the account balance. Additionally, it is necessary to confirm whether any received funds have been successfully credited to the account. It is also crucial to ensure that in case of a failed transaction, the debited amount has been refunded. Furthermore, checking if the bank has timely deposited interest on savings accounts is equally essential.

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Importance of Regular Balance Enquiry: SBI 2021

It is recommended to regularly monitor your account balance and verify that there are no unauthorized transactions. Additionally, reviewing your monthly statement can help identify unnecessary expenses and enable you to save more money. By keeping track of your account balance and transactions, you can also create a sustainable monthly budget. Checking the SBI bank balance is a simple procedure, and it is not necessary to rely solely on one method for obtaining information.

Is USSD available for SBI Balance Enquiry in 2021?

Yes, the SBI balance enquiry number can also be used for USSD. Customers can use this number to check their SBI account balance, view mini statements, transfer funds, and access other services. To find out the USSD code for SBI balance enquiry and other services, please click here.

How to Check SBI Account Balance via SMS Banking?

A. Account-holders can SMS “BAL” to 09223766666 from their registered mobile number for instant SBI balance enquiry. For SBI mini statement, account holders can SMS “MSTMT” to 09223866666. SBI balance check number SMS service can be done only through the mobile number registered with the bank.

SBI Quick: Will it notify about multiple bank accounts in the same branch?

The SBI Quick missed call balance check service is limited to certain types of accounts, such as savings, current, overdraft, and cash credit accounts. Each type of account has its own specific number for checking the balance with SBI.

What sets SBI Quick apart from State Bank Anywhere and State Bank Freedom app?

SBI Quick stands apart from State Bank Anywhere and State Bank Freedom due to two significant distinctions. Firstly, SBI Quick does not offer money transfer services, meaning it cannot be used for financial transactions. Secondly, unlike the other two services, there is no requirement for a login ID and password to access SBI Quick. Users only need an activated mobile number that is registered with the service.

SBI Zero Balance Account: Can I Utilize the Toll-Free Service to Check my Account Balance?

Certainly, you have the option to utilize the toll-free number provided by SBI for checking your account balance.

Is it necessary to register before checking SBI account balance online?

Yes, it is necessary to complete the registration process with the bank in order to perform online SBI balance check.

How can I check the minimum balance requirement for my SBI savings account?

SBI has eliminated the need to maintain a minimum balance in all savings accounts.

SBI Balance Enquiry Missed Call Number 2021

To check your account balance through missed call banking, simply dial 919223766666 from your registered mobile number and give a missed call.

How to inquire about my SBI account balance via phone call?

Account holders of State Bank of India (SBI) can easily check their account balance by making use of the SBI balance inquiry toll-free number, which is 09223766666. This service allows customers to obtain real-time information about their account balance without the need for internet access or visiting a bank branch. By simply dialing this number, SBI customers can conveniently inquire about their current account balance.

In addition to the toll-free number mentioned above, SBI also provides another option for its customers to check their account balance. They can call the SBI customer service numbers at 18001122 and speak with a representative who will assist them in obtaining information regarding their account balance.

– Dial 09223766666 for instant SBI account balance inquiry.

– Call 18001122 and speak with an SBI customer service representative for assistance with checking your account balance.

– These services provide convenient options for staying informed about your finances without needing internet access or visiting a bank branch.

Checking SBI account balance via WhatsApp

This service is especially beneficial for those who prefer using messaging apps over other modes of communication. It provides an easy and quick way to stay updated with your bank account details and carry out essential financial activities from anywhere at any time. So if you are an SBI customer in India looking for a hassle-free way to check your balance or perform other banking tasks, give this WhatsApp service a try!

Checking SBI account balance without a registered mobile number

To check your SBI account balance without a registered mobile number, you can visit the nearest SBI branch. Simply insert your SBI ATM card into the machine and select the Balance enquiry option. When prompted, enter your ATM PIN for verification. The ATM will then display your current bank balance on the screen.

To recap:

1. Visit the nearest SBI branch.

2. Insert your SBI ATM card in the machine.

3. Select “Balance enquiry” from the options provided.

4. Enter your ATM PIN when prompted for verification.

5. The ATM will display your current bank balance on-screen.