Sbi Quarterly Results Date 2021

They predict a significant increase in both the revenue and profit of the public sector bank, with growth expected to be in double digits.

As per research conducted by Zee Business, State Bank of India (SBI) is expected to announce a standalone net profit of Rs 14,800 crore for the quarter. This reflects a growth rate of 62.4% compared to the same period last year. The estimated net interest income (NII), which represents the difference between interest earned and paid, is projected to be around Rs 40,000 crore. This indicates a year-on-year increase of 28.2%.

The State Bank of India has recorded a net interest margin of 3.6 percent, showing an increase of 10 basis points compared to the previous period.

The leading bank is expected to announce consistent asset quality, which is calculated as the proportion of non-performing assets or loans in relation to the total loans.

According to research conducted by Zee Business, SBI is expected to witness a decline of 24 basis points in its gross NPAs on a quarterly basis, bringing it down to 2.9 percent.

The net non-performing assets (NPAs) of SBI are projected to stay the same at 0.7 per cent compared to the previous period.


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SBI Q4 Results Date 2021: What to Anticipate

As per analysts at Zee Business, SBI is expected to witness a loan growth of approximately 15-16 percent and a deposit growth ranging from 8-10 percent.

The bank is expected to experience an increase of around 10-11 percent in its new bad loans compared to the same period last year.

What will be the share price of SBI in 2026?

In addition, if market conditions remain favorable throughout the year, there is a possibility that by mid-year (around halfway through 2026), the share price could even go up further and reach ₹823.13. This suggests that SBI may continue to perform well and attract more investors during this period.

SBI Stock: Past Performance

As of May 16, the stock price of SBI has increased by 28.7% over the past year, outperforming the Nifty headline index which rose by 15.4%.

What can be the expected share price of SBI Bank in 2030?

The State Bank of India witnessed an increase in the number of investors, leading to a rise in its value. SBI is experiencing consistent growth and is expected to continue this positive trend in the future. Furthermore, there are high expectations for good growth ahead. In 2030, the target share price for SBI is projected to be ₹919.67, indicating further potential for growth.


– The number of investors in State Bank of India has increased.

– This increase has resulted in a higher value for SBI.

– There is continuous growth observed in State Bank of India.

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– Promising growth prospects are anticipated for the upcoming period.

– The target share price for SBI in 2030 is ₹919.67, suggesting potential future gains.

SBI Dividend Record Date 2021

Here’s a look at the lender’s dividend announcements in recent years:

The dividend details, including the amount in rupees, type of dividend, and ex-dividend dates are listed in the table. The final dividends for different years were distributed on specific dates such as May 25, 2022; June 3, 2021; May 26, 2017; and June 3, 2016.

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Should I invest in SBI stock?

– SBI stock has performed well with returns of 21.37% over three months.

– The bank reported a decline in net profit by 35% during Q3.

– Despite lower profits, SBI maintains a healthy Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) of 14.68%.

What does SBI Q4 results entail?

State Bank of India (SBI) has recently announced its quarterly results for the fourth quarter of 2021. The bank reported a significant jump in net profit, which increased by 83% year-on-year to reach ₹16,695 crore. This impressive growth can be attributed to various factors such as higher interest income and improved asset quality.

Furthermore, SBI also declared a dividend of ₹11.3 per share for its shareholders based on these strong financial results. Dividends are payments made by companies to their shareholders as a reward for holding their shares and sharing in their profits.

What will be the stock prediction of SBI bank in 2025?

This strategic shift has already started yielding positive results for the bank. With an increased emphasis on digital channels and online transactions, SBI has witnessed significant growth in its customer base. The convenience offered by these digital platforms has attracted more individuals towards availing banking services from SBI.

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SBI reduces funds

The deduction made from your bank account includes the annual maintenance cost along with an 18% Goods and Services Tax (GST). Apart from this service fee, if you wish to replace or make changes to your debit card, the State Bank of India (SBI) will levy a charge of Rs. 300 plus GST. If you happen to observe that a certain amount has been debited from your SBI account, there is no need to worry.

When it comes to maintaining your bank account with SBI, an annual maintenance cost is applicable. This amount covers various services provided by the bank throughout the year and is subject to an additional 18% GST. So when you see a deduction in your bank statement, it represents this yearly charge along with the associated tax.