Sbi Junior Associate Syllabus 2021

The SBI Clerk syllabus is similar to that of any other bank exam. There are three major sections that a candidate needs to prepare to ace the preliminary exam. These are Reasoning, Numerical Ability and English Language. The sections have a wide range of topics on which questions are based. It is recommended that candidates have a look at the previous year’s papers and know about the weightage of each topic. Before going through the SBI Clerk Syllabus, you need to know about the SBI Clerk Exam Pattern.

SBI Clerk Prelims Exam Pattern 2024

The exam pattern for the SBI Clerk Prelims 2024 is as follows: There are three sections – English Language, Numerical Ability, and Reasoning. The English Language section has 30 questions with a total of 30 marks and a duration of 20 minutes. The Numerical Ability section consists of 35 questions worth 35 marks to be completed in 20 minutes. Similarly, the Reasoning section also has 35 questions carrying a total of 35 marks with a time limit of 20 minutes. Overall, the exam comprises a total of 100 questions worth 100 marks to be completed within an hour (60 minutes).

SBI Clerk Prelims Scorecard 2024 Out- Click to Check

SBI Clerk Prelims Cut Off 2024 has been released, and you can click to check it.

Syllabus for SBI Clerk Exam: An Overview

The admit card for the SBI Clerk Main exam 2024 has been released. The exam will be held on February 25th and March 4th. The exam consists of several sections including General/Financial Awareness, General English, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, and Computer Aptitude. There will be a total of 190 questions with a maximum score of 200. Candidates will have a duration of 2 hours and 40 minutes to complete the exam.

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To prepare for the SBI Clerk Main exam, it is important to focus on each section individually. For the General/Financial Awareness section, stay updated with current affairs related to banking and finance in India. Read newspapers or watch news channels regularly to enhance your knowledge in this area.

For the General English section, practice reading comprehension passages and improve your vocabulary by learning new words every day. Work on grammar rules such as tenses, subject-verb agreement, and sentence formation.

In the Quantitative Aptitude section, work on improving your calculation speed by practicing mathematical problems regularly. Focus on topics like arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data interpretation.

In the Reasoning Ability & Computer Aptitude section,

practice solving puzzles and logical reasoning questions to enhance your problem-solving skills.


familiarize yourself with basic computer concepts such as operating systems,

MS Office tools,

and internet-related terms.

Solve previous year question papers or take online mock tests to get an idea about the pattern

and difficulty level of questions asked in the actual exam.

Time management is crucial during exams like these,

so make sure you practice solving questions within a given time limit.


stay calm

and confident while attempting the paper

to perform at your best potential

SBI Clerk Prelims Exam Syllabus 2024

The syllabus for the SBI Clerk 2024 preliminary examination will include Reasoning Ability, Numerical Ability, and English Language. Here is a comprehensive outline of the syllabus.

The syllabus for the SBI Junior Associate Preliminary Exam in 2024 includes three main subjects: Reasoning, Numerical Ability, and English Language. The Reasoning section covers topics such as Logical Reasoning, Alphanumeric Series, Ranking/Direction/Alphabet Test, Data Sufficiency, Coded Inequalities, Seating Arrangement, Puzzle, Tabulation, Syllogism, Blood Relations, Input Output and Coding Decoding. The Numerical Ability section includes topics like Simplification,

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Profit & Loss,

Mixtures & Alligations,

Simple Interest & Compound Interest & Surds & Indices,

Work & Time,

Time & Distance,

Mensuration – Cylinder Cone Sphere

Data Interpretation

Number Systems

Sequence Series

Permutation Combination Probability.

SBI Clerk 2024 Exam Syllabus

In addition to being familiar with the comprehensive SBI Clerk Syllabus, it is crucial for candidates to have knowledge of the types of questions that have been asked in previous SBI Clerk Exams. To assist candidates in their preparation, our faculty has developed SBI Clerk Mock Test 2024, which we strongly recommend practicing before taking the exam.

What are the ways to prepare for SBI junior associate exam?

In order to excel in the General Awareness section, it is crucial for candidates to stay updated with current happenings around the world. This includes being aware of important national and international news events, government schemes and policies, sports updates, awards and honors received by individuals or organizations, scientific discoveries or advancements, among other relevant topics.

Furthermore, candidates should also focus on improving their knowledge of marketing concepts and banking terminologies. This will help them tackle questions related to financial awareness effectively. Reading business newspapers or magazines that cover these subjects can provide valuable insights into various aspects of marketing strategies and banking operations.

1. Stay updated with recent global events.

2. Read newspapers/magazines/social media for current affairs.

3. Focus on marketing concepts and banking terminologies through relevant reading materials.

By following these guidelines and consistently staying informed about current affairs as well as financial awareness topics related to marketing and banking sectors; aspirants can enhance their chances of performing well in the General Awareness section of the SBI Junior Associate exam

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How difficult is the SBI junior associate exam?

The SBI Clerk and IBPS Clerk exams are both considered as clerical-level examinations. Typically, the preliminary exam of SBI has a moderate level of difficulty, while the mains exam is more challenging. The examination is divided into four sections: English, General Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude, and Reasoning.

Reasoning evaluates logical thinking abilities by presenting questions related to patterns recognition; syllogism (deductive reasoning); coding-decoding (deciphering codes); blood relations (family tree-based problems); puzzles (arrangement-based challenges) etc. This section requires analytical skills along with quick decision-making capabilities.

Is it possible to pass the SBI Clerk exam in one month?

1. Understand the Syllabus: Familiarize yourself with the SBI Junior Associate syllabus, which includes topics like English language, numerical ability, reasoning ability, computer aptitude, and general/financial awareness.

4. English Language: Focus on improving grammar rules, vocabulary skills through reading newspapers or novels regularly and practice comprehension passages.

7. Computer Aptitude: Brush up on basic computer knowledge including hardware/software components along with their functions and applications commonly used in banking sectors.

8. General/FInancial Awareness: Stay updated with current affairs related to national/international events/news especially focusing on banking/economic sector developments through newspapers/magazines/websites/apps etc..

9.Practice Mock Tests & Previous Year Papers : Regularly solve mock tests and previous year question papers to get acquainted with the exam pattern,timing,and improve speed/accuracy levels

10.Revision & Analysis : Revise all subjects thoroughly before appearing for the actual examination.Also analyze your performance after each mock test/practice session,to identify strengths/weaknesses areas that need improvement