Amazon Sbi Card Offer 2022

To check if Exchange is available at your location, update the pin code of your delivery address and look for a “With Exchange” option on the product page of the relevant product.

Amazon SBI Card Offer 2022: What Should Be the Condition of My Used Product for Exchange?

To return a Mobile, Laptop or TV that has been used, it must be in good working condition. The display or screen of the product should not have any scratches, cracks, discoloration, spots, lines, dead pixels or any other form of damage. Please make sure to remove any protective coverings like scratch-guard, screen-guard or tempered-glass that may have been applied to the screen of the device.

The second-hand item must be in good condition and should not have any damage, breakage, or alterations. It is important that the details provided during the order placement (including exchange) match with the actual product, which will be verified by the delivery associate. Before returning or selling your used device, make sure to delete all personal information, sign out of your iCloud (for iOS) / Google (for Android) accounts, and remove any lock codes or passwords associated with it.

Can I exchange my device if the battery is dead and it only turns on when connected to a charger?

We are unable to accept devices for exchange if they have a dead battery and only turn on when connected to a charger.

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Amazon SBI Card Offer 2022: What You Should Know

While it is recommended to include all the original accessories and packaging when exchanging your used product, it is not compulsory. If your used product meets all the other criteria, you can still proceed with the Exchange process even without the original accessories and packaging.

Amazon SBI Card Offer 2022: What You Need to Know

The delivery person will collect the old item during the delivery of the new item, as long as the information and condition of the old item match what was provided when placing the order for exchange.

Amazon SBI Card Offer 2022: Can I Trade in Multiple Used Products for a New One?

No, you are allowed to swap only one previously used item for a brand new item.

Can I trade in my pre-owned mobile phone to purchase a different category product?

Certainly! It is possible to trade in a mobile device and use the value towards buying a qualifying product from a different category.

Amazon SBI Card Offer 2022

No, once the order is placed, you can only exchange the used product that was described at the time of placing the order. The Exchange value is applied based on the details of the used product that were entered by you. If the details entered do not match the used product that is handed over for Exchange at the time of delivery, the order and delivery of the new product will be cancelled.

Amazon SBI Card Offer 2022: What are the ways to avail it?

Once a used product has been picked up from you, we will not be able to return it as it would have already been collected and processed by our third-party buyback partners. In case you have returned your order for a refund, subject to’s return policies , an Amazon Gift Card (issued by QwikCilver Solutions Private Limited) equivalent to the Exchange value will be credited to your account. See Exchange Offer – Terms and Conditions. In such a case, the Amazon Gift Card will be credited to your account within 3 days of the date of acceptance of return of your order and the refund amount for the remaining order amount will be refunded to your payment

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Amazon SBI Card Offer 2022: Is there a list of eligible products for exchange?

The used products accepted under the Exchange program is dependent on the buyback partners and hence the list is dynamic. Please see the “With Exchange” option on the product page of the selected product to see the latest list of used products eligible for exchange.

Amazon SBI Card Offer 2022: What if I have personal data on my phone/tablet/laptop?

Before giving your device to the delivery associate, it is important to erase all the data stored on it. Neither Amazon nor its partners, including sellers, buyback partners, future buyers or manufacturers, will take responsibility for any remaining data on the used product. You cannot approach any of these parties for assistance in retrieving or deleting such data from your used product.

Amazon SBI Card Offer 2022: Essential Details to be Aware of

Dial *#06# from the phone that you want to exchange to identify its IMEI number. The IMEI number can also be found inside the battery compartment, in phone settings or on the original packaging of the mobile phone.

Do I need to provide both IMEI numbers for exchange on my phone?

No, you are only required to enter one of them in the IMEI number field.

How can I receive a 10% discount on Amazon?

(a) Enjoy a 10% instant discount when you shop on using your HDFC Bank Debit Card or Credit Card. This offer allows you to save up to Rs. 1,500 on your purchases.

Getting a 5% discount on an Amazon credit card

Please keep in mind that to avail the 5% discount, each transaction made using the Amazon SBI Card must meet the following minimum values: INR 2500 for Grocery purchases and INR 5000 for all other categories.

Top credit cards in India

1. HDFC Regalia Card: This card provides exclusive privileges like airport lounge access, travel benefits, and reward points on every transaction.

2. HDFC Millennia Card: Designed for the younger generation, this card offers cashback on online shopping, dining discounts, and fuel surcharge waivers.

3. HDFC Infinia Card: Considered one of the most prestigious cards in India, it offers luxury travel experiences, golfing privileges, concierge services, and high reward earning potential.

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4. Amazon ICICI Pay Credit Card: Co-branded with Amazon India, this card gives you cashback on Amazon purchases along with additional rewards on other categories like groceries and bill payments.

5. Axis Flipkart Credit Card: In partnership with Flipkart (an e-commerce platform), this card offers accelerated reward points on Flipkart purchases as well as benefits like welcome vouchers and milestone rewards.

6. HSBC Smart Value Card: With this card from HSBC Bank, you can enjoy savings through discounts at partner merchants across various categories such as dining, shopping, entertainment,and more.

7. Axis Bank ACE Credit Card: This credit card provides multiple benefits including accelerated rewards points for online spends along with complimentary lounge access at airports within India.

8. SBI BPCL Octane Credit Card: Co-branded by State Bank of India (SBI) and Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), it offers fuel surcharge waivers at BPCL petrol pumps along with bonus reward points on fuel transactions.

These credit cards cater to different needs – from luxury travelers to frequent shoppers or those looking for everyday savings.

They provide various perks such as airport lounge access,milestone rewards,cashback,fuel surcharge waivers,and exclusive partnerships.

How can I obtain a 50% discount on Amazon?

To avail a 50% discount on Prime membership, you need to follow a few steps. Firstly, join the paid Prime membership and complete the payment process. Once this is done, you will be required to verify your age within 15 days of signing up in order to enjoy the discounted offer.

Verifying your age is an essential step as it ensures that only eligible individuals can benefit from this exclusive deal. By confirming your age, Amazon can validate that you meet the criteria for availing the 50% off on Prime membership.

To verify your age, simply provide valid identification documents such as Aadhaar card or PAN card within the specified time frame. This verification process helps maintain transparency and prevents misuse of the discount offer.

Remember that after joining paid Prime membership and completing payment, verifying your age becomes crucial for availing the 50% discount offer. So make sure to submit valid identification documents within 15 days of sign-up in order to unlock all these amazing perks at a reduced price!