Sbi Debit Card Emi Eligibility Check Sms

SBI Debit Card EMI Eligibility Check SMS: A Convenient Way to Determine Your Eligibility for EMI on SBI Debit Cards.

SBI Debit Card EMI Eligibility Check: A Guide

In order to determine if you are eligible to make EMI purchases using your debit card, you must complete the following steps.

Visit the webpage of the online store where you plan to purchase your consumer durables. Provide your mobile number and bank account details, then select the option to verify your eligibility for SBI Debit Card EMI.

To check if you are eligible for the EMI offer, you can send an SMS to 5676782 with the message DCEMI XXXX (last four digits of your debit card number). In response, you will receive details about the loan amount that you are eligible for, its validity period, and the stores where you can avail of this offer.

SBI Debit Card EMI Activation Process

To activate SBI Debit Card EMI, you can effortlessly follow the provided steps.

Choose the item you wish to buy, then navigate to the debit card EMI section during checkout. Pick a suitable duration for your installment plan and finalize the purchase using your SBI debit card.

Sending SMS for EMI on SBI debit card: A guide

To check if they are eligible for the EMI facility, customers need to send an SMS with the keyword “DCEMI” to 567676 from their registered mobile number with SBI. Alternatively, they can also check their eligibility online or at POS machines. Once eligible, customers can make purchases and convert them into EMIs for easier payment over a period of time.

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Flipkart SBI Debit Card EMI

Flipkart is a popular online marketplace that offers a wide range of consumer durable products. One of the convenient features it provides is the option to purchase expensive items in easy instalments, which helps alleviate any financial burden. This facility ensures that you can make purchases without worrying about a significant impact on your wallet.

Flipkart Debit Card EMI Option: How to Check Eligibility via SMS

Here are the key details of the SBI Debit Card EMI eligibility check:

– Loan amount: You can avail a loan of up to Rs. 1 lakh.

– Flexible tenure: Choose from repayment options of 6, 9, 12, or 18 months.

– Rate of interest: The interest rate is calculated at 2-Year MCLR +7.50%.

– Processing Fee: There is no processing fee charged for this facility.

– Pre-payment penalty: In case you decide to pre-pay the loan amount, a penalty of 3% will be applicable on the pre-paid amount.

How to verify the status of my SBI debit card EMI?

To check your eligibility for debit card EMI with SBI Bank, send an SMS with the text “DCEMI” to 567676 from the mobile number registered with the bank.


1. Verify if you are eligible for debit card EMI through SBI Bank.

2. Send an SMS containing “DCEMI” to 567676.

3. Use your registered mobile number with the bank for this process.

4. This service is specifically available for customers in India who hold a debit card from SBI Bank.


Experience a wide range of choices when it comes to purchasing consumer goods online. SBI debit cards now offer a convenient EMI facility, providing an alternative option for those who prefer not to choose other payment methods.

Is my debit card eligible for EMIs?

To check your eligibility for a loan amount using the EMI facility on your SBI debit card, simply send an SMS with the last four digits of your card to 5676782. You will receive information regarding the loan amount you are eligible for. After that, it is important to confirm with the merchant if they offer the EMI facility. Once all these steps have been completed and evaluated, you can proceed with making your purchase using the EMI option available on your debit card.

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Is interest applicable on purchases made using the SBI debit card EMI facility?

Typically, the interest rates for EMI payments are determined by the seller. In addition, if you fail to make your EMI payments on time, you will be required to pay foreclosure charges and penalties.

Is EMI option applicable for online transactions with SBI debit card?

The State Bank of India has set a maximum limit of Rs.1 lakh for pre-approved loans obtained using the SBI debit card.

SBI Debit Card EMI Eligibility Verification via SMS

A: Transactions below Rs.25,000 do not incur any charges for prepayment. However, if the loan amount exceeds Rs.25,000, a 3% prepayment penalty will be applied to the prepaid sum.

SBI Debit Card EMI Eligibility Verification through SMS

A: No, your account will not be impacted by the loan. The SBI debit card is exclusively provided to individuals who have an SBI account, while the loan is granted based on a balance that exceeds what you have in your account. As a result, your account will remain unblocked and you will still be able to carry out all transactions using your SBI account, even with the loan.

SBI Debit Card EMI allows customers to make purchases in easy installments using their debit cards. To check eligibility for this service, customers can simply send an SMS. The tenure and interest rate for the EMI scheme will vary depending on the specific terms and conditions set by SBI.

Ineligibility of my SBI debit card for EMI

Additionally, regulatory constraints can also impact your eligibility for SBI Debit Card EMI. These constraints refer to rules and regulations set by authorities that determine who can access certain financial services. If your account falls under such restrictions, you may not be able to avail yourself of this facility.

Furthermore, it should be understood that not all types of transactions are eligible for debit card-based EMIs. Certain categories or merchants may have their own policies regarding payment methods and installment options available through debit cards. Therefore, even if you meet other eligibility criteria mentioned above, some transactions might still remain ineligible based on these merchant-specific terms.

Is it possible to enable EMI on my debit card?

Certainly! In India, it is possible to purchase a mobile phone on Equated Monthly Installments (EMI) using a debit card. However, there are certain additional charges that may be applicable when opting for this payment method. Apart from the interest rate and processing fee, customers should also consider other potential charges associated with debit card EMI transactions.

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One of these additional charges includes late payment fees. If the customer fails to make their monthly installment payment within the specified due date, they may incur extra charges as a penalty for delayed payments. It is important to carefully review and understand the terms and conditions regarding late payment fees before availing of this facility.

Another charge that might apply is foreclosure fees. Foreclosure refers to paying off the remaining balance of an EMI loan before its scheduled tenure ends. In such cases, some banks or financial institutions may impose foreclosure charges on customers who wish to close their loan early. These charges can vary depending on factors like outstanding principal amount and remaining tenure.

The unavailability of EMI on my SBI debit card

To avail the SBI Debit Card EMI facility, customers need to make a minimum transaction amount of at least INR 8,000. This ensures that only substantial purchases are eligible for conversion into EMIs. By setting this threshold, SBI aims to provide flexibility and affordability to its customers while ensuring responsible lending practices.

Checking the status of my SBI debit card via SMS

The Simply SMS service allows you to receive information about your SBI Card or TATA Card through an SMS. To access this service, simply send an SMS with the keyword (specific to your query) followed by the last 4 digits of your SBI or TATA Card number to the short-code 5676791 from your registered mobile number.

2. Open the messaging app on your mobile phone.

3. Compose a new message and enter the keyword related to your query.

4. After typing in the keyword, leave a space and then enter the last 4 digits of your card number.

5. Send this message to the short-code 5676791.

6. Wait for a few moments until you receive an SMS response containing relevant information about your card.

Activating SMS in SBI: How to do it?


– To register for SBI SMS banking via SMS:

– Receive user ID and password via SMS.

– To register for SMS banking at an SBI ATM:

– Swipe Debit Card at the ATM.

– Choose mobile registration option.

– Enter ATM PIN.