Private Csp Or Microsoft Csp

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Private CSP versus Microsoft CSP: A Comparison

Private offerings enable Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and partners in the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program to increase their earnings by establishing personalized profit margins that are tailored to meet the specific business requirements of each entity.

Creating a private offer for CSP partners: Essential requirements

To create a private offer for CSP partners, it is essential to fulfill certain requirements beforehand.

  • You have a commercial marketplace account in Partner Center.
  • Your account is enrolled in the commercial marketplace program.
  • You published a transactable and publicly available offer to Azure Marketplace.
  • Your offer is opted in to the Cloud Reseller channel.
  • You’re creating a private offer for a partner who is part of Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program.

Supported offer types

Private offerings can be generated for various types of marketplace offers, such as SaaS, Azure Virtual Machines, and Azure Applications.

Margins are added to any custom meter dimensions that your offer may utilize. These margins are only applied to the charges for software that you have set, and not to the expenses related to Azure infrastructure hardware.

Private CSP vs Microsoft CSP: A Comparison

You can generate and oversee exclusive deals through the Private offers dashboard located in the left-navigation menu of Partner Center. This dashboard consists of two tabs.

Private Offer for a CSP Partner: Private Csp or Microsoft Csp

Login to Partner Center.

Click on Private offers in the left navigation menu to access the dashboard.

Go to the CSP partners tab.

Choose + New Private offer.

Offer setup

Choose the CSP partners whom you grant permission to sell your exclusive offer.

Follow these steps to add CSP partners:

1. Click on the option “+Add CSP partners.”

2. Look for your CSP partners by either searching their name or tenant ID. Alternatively, you can use filters like regions, skills, or competencies to narrow down your search.

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3. Once you have found the desired CSP partners, select them and click on “Add.

  • You can only select CSP partners who are part of Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program.
  • Once your private offer ends, the CSP partners you authorize can continue to sell your marketplace offer at the list price.
  • Private offers can be extended to a maximum of 150 CSP partners tenants.

Private CSP vs Microsoft CSP: An Evaluation

You can use this page to double-check all the details you have provided. Once you submit, private offers cannot be changed. Make sure that your information is correct and accurate before proceeding.

View private offers status

To access the dashboard, click on “Private offers” in the left-navigation menu. Then, go to the CSP partners tab and review the Status column.

The private option displays one of the subsequent statuses.

– Draft: You have initiated the creation of a private offer but have not yet submitted it.

– In Progress: Your private offer has been submitted and is currently being published in our systems.

– Live: Your private offer is now visible and available for CSP partners to transact with.

– Ended: Your private offer has expired or reached its end date.

Understanding the CSP Type in Digital Signatures

Another practical use case for CSPs is in implementing strong user authentication systems. For instance, when logging into certain applications or websites, you may be required to provide additional verification beyond just entering your username and password. This could involve using cryptographic keys stored within a CSP library installed on your system. These keys help verify your identity securely without transmitting sensitive information over the network.

Clone a private offer

Creating a new private offer becomes easier and faster by cloning an existing one.

To access the dashboard for Private offers, go to the left-navigation menu and click on “Private offers”. Then, navigate to the CSP partners tab. From there, select the private offer you wish to duplicate by checking its corresponding box. Click on “Clone” and provide a new name for the cloned offer. Confirm your selection by clicking on “Clone” again. Make any necessary changes to the details of the offer on the Offer Setup page and finally submit it as a new private offer.

What are the benefits of CSP partner?

CSP partners also offer flexibility in adopting and managing cloud solutions. They understand that different businesses have different requirements and provide customized solutions accordingly. This allows businesses to choose the specific cloud services that best fit their needs, ensuring they get maximum value from their investment.

Withdraw a private offer

If you cancel a private offer, your CSP partners will immediately stop receiving any profit margin and all future purchases will be charged at the regular list price.

Understanding the concept of a CSP relationship

Being at the center of the customer relationship through the CSP program enables partners to establish deeper connections with their clients. By actively engaging and understanding their needs, partners can offer tailored solutions that address specific pain points or challenges faced by customers. For instance, if you are a technology partner working with small businesses, you can leverage this opportunity to provide customized software solutions that streamline their operations and enhance productivity.

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Private CSP vs Microsoft CSP: An Overview

While your private offer publish is in progress, you can view more details on its current state:

The authorization process for the CSP partner is currently underway, allowing them to sell your offer. We are in the process of publishing the private price offered by this CSP partner. The private offer is now live and available for this specific CSP partner.

Benefits of utilizing a Microsoft CSP in India

Overall, by participating in the CSP program, you have the chance to develop closer relationships with your customers. Through regular engagement and understanding their business needs, you can provide better support and customized solutions that ultimately benefit both parties involved.

Reporting on private offers

The fee that Microsoft charges to agencies is determined by the price of line items after applying a margin.

Next steps

Commonly asked questions regarding the setup of ISV to CSP partner private offers.

– Overview of Private Offers for CSP Partners

– ISVs Creating Private Offers for CSP Partners

– The Process of Purchasing CSP Partner Private Offers


As previously mentioned in July 2023, Microsoft has made an important announcement regarding the migration of all Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) commercial subscriptions from the legacy system to new commerce. This transition is set to commence in January 2024. The decision to migrate these subscriptions aims to enhance and streamline the CSP experience for both partners and customers.

With this migration, Microsoft intends to provide a more efficient and seamless process for managing CSP commercial subscriptions. By moving away from the legacy system, which may have limitations or outdated features, Microsoft aims to offer improved functionalities and enhanced capabilities through their new commerce platform. This shift will enable partners and customers alike to benefit from a more modernized infrastructure that aligns with current industry standards.

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Types of digital signature: What are they?

Another type is Advanced Electronic Signatures (AES). AES offers more security and validation compared to SES. It uses encryption techniques to ensure the integrity and authenticity of the signed document. AES provides a higher level of assurance that the signature belongs to the intended person and that the document has not been tampered with.

The highest level of electronic signature is called Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES). QES involves using digital certificates issued by certified authorities. This type of signature offers strong legal validity and meets specific regulatory requirements in many countries.

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The meaning of a CSP in cryptography

In simpler terms, a CSP acts as a toolbox for encryption and decryption processes. It provides the necessary tools and algorithms to secure data by converting it into unreadable formats using encryption techniques. Similarly, it can also decrypt encrypted data back into its original form.

P.S: A CSP plays an essential role in ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information. By utilizing different cryptographic algorithms, it enables organizations to protect their data from unauthorized access or tampering attempts.

Type 3 digital signature: What does it mean?

A Class 3 Digital Signature (DSC) is a highly secure form of digital signature that is widely used for various applications in India. Some common uses of a Class 3 DSC include:

1. Company incorporation

2. Obtaining Director Identification Number (DIN)

3. ROC compliances

4. Income tax returns filing

5. GST returns filing

6. IEC registration (Import Export Code)

7. EPF registration (Employee Provident Fund)

8. E-tendering

These are just a few examples of the many applications where a Class 3 DSC is required due to its high security level and legal validity in India.

Is it possible to have more than one CSP partner?

In simple terms, a CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) is a company that offers cloud services and solutions to customers. They act as intermediaries between customers and cloud service providers like Microsoft. These CSPs help businesses in managing their cloud infrastructure, providing technical support, and offering various software applications.

Overall, having the ability to change or select multiple CSP partners gives customers more flexibility and control over their cloud services. It allows them to find the best fit for their business requirements while ensuring they receive top-notch support from their chosen provider.

What are the various names for CSP partners?

When it comes to choosing a cloud provider, the CSP (Cloud Service Provider) model you opt for can greatly impact the success of your business. There are two main types of CSP models: Tier 1 CSPs, also known as Direct Partners, and Tier 2 CSPs, referred to as Indirect Partners.

On the other hand, Tier 2 CSPs or Indirect Partners work through an intermediary between them and Microsoft. These intermediaries are called Indirect Resellers or Distributors who act as middlemen in selling cloud services provided by Microsoft. When you select a Tier 2 CSP model, you will be purchasing your cloud services through these distributors rather than directly from Microsoft. While this may introduce an additional layer in the process, it also brings its own benefits such as localized support from distributors who understand regional markets better.

P.S.: Choosing between a private Cloud Service Provider (CSP) or opting for one offered by tech giant like Microsoft is crucial for businesses seeking reliable cloud solutions in India. The decision often boils down to selecting either a Tier 1 (Direct Partner) or Tier 2 (Indirect Partner) model based on specific requirements and preferences.