Sbi Po Exam Analysis 2023

To gain insights into the questions asked in the Prelims Exam held on 1st November 2023, it is crucial to refer to our SBI PO Exam Analysis 2023. Our faculty members have directly interacted with banking aspirants who have completed the exam, providing a comprehensive analysis of the Shift-1 exam. Make sure to bookmark this page for detailed and accurate information about the SBI PO Prelims Exam, including good attempts, difficulty level, and specific questions asked.

Refer to the entire article for a comprehensive and precise analysis of the SBI PO Prelims Exam 2023 conducted on 1st November 2023 during Shift 1.

SBI PO Prelims Exam Analysis 2023 – Overall Successful Attempts

The SBI PO Prelims Exam Analysis 2023 conducted in Shift-1 on 1st November 2023 was deemed to be moderately difficult by the candidates who completed the exam. The average number of questions attempted successfully will be updated soon.

The analysis of SBI PO exam 2023 reveals that in the Reasoning Aptitude section, candidates made around 20-22 good attempts. The level of difficulty was moderate. In the English Language section, candidates attempted approximately 23-25 questions with an easy to moderate difficulty level. For Quantitative Aptitude, candidates made about 19-21 good attempts with a moderate level of difficulty. Overall, the total number of good attempts for all sections combined ranged from 62 to 68 and had a moderate level of difficulty.

Note: There is no sectional cut-off in the Preliminary Exam of SBI PO and the overall score of all the sections will be considered for selection to the next round.

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Analysis of SBI PO Exam 2023 – Reasoning Ability

This section had 35 questions. The overall section was Easy to Moderate level as per our SBI PO Exam Analysis 2023. The questions asked in today’s 1st shift has been updated here. There were 3 questions from Blood Relation and 04 questions from Chinese Coding. There was no question about Inequality and Distance & direction.

The word in Pair Formation question was- ” BONAFIED”.

In the SBI PO Prelims Shift 1 Exam, candidates were presented with a total of five puzzles and seating arrangements to solve.

– There were 5 questions on a floor-based puzzle with 10 floors.

– Another set of 5 questions involved a month-based puzzle with variables.

– A linear seating arrangement with 4 people facing north and 4 people facing south had 5 associated questions.

– A circle-based seating arrangement involving 6 individuals along with variables was also tested through 5 questions.

– Additionally, there were three comparison-based puzzles consisting of multiple-choice questions.

In terms of topic distribution, out of the total of 35 questions in the SBI PO exam analysis for the year2023:

– Puzzle and seating arrangement accounted for the majority, comprising23questions. The difficulty level was moderate.

– Chinese coding made up four moderately challenging questions.

– One question focused on word association which was relatively easy

-Blood relation problems constituted threequestions that varied from easy to moderate in complexity

-One question required pair formation which also fell into an easy-to-moderate category.

Overall, this section presented a total of35moderate-levelquestions.

How to make a successful attempt in SBI PO 2023 Shift 3?

2023; it was found that the overall difficulty level ranged from Easy-Moderate with suggested good attempts falling between

65-69 questions answered correctly. While these numbers provide useful insights into performance expectations,

it is crucial to remember that personal evaluation, mock tests, and time management practice are key factors in achieving success in competitive exams like SBI PO.

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SBI PO Exam Analysis 2023- Quantitative Aptitude Review

As per the aspirants who had their exam in Shift 1 of SBI PO Prelims 1st November 2023 reviewed that the questions aksed in the Quantitative Aptitude section was “Moderate” level. The questions from Arithmetic problems were from SI-CI, Boat & Stream, Ratio, Time & Work, Percentage, Profit & Loss, Partnership, and Probability topics.

The questions on Data Interpretation required calculations, and the specific types asked in the first shift were as follows-.

– There were 5 questions on Tabular DI + line, Line DI, and Caselet DI each.

– The Data Interpretation section had a total of 15 questions, which were of moderate difficulty.

– There were 5 questions on Quadratic Equation, also with a moderate level of difficulty.

– Missing Number Series had 5 questions that ranged from easy to moderate in difficulty.

– The Arithmetic Problems section consisted of 10 questions that were moderately difficult.

– Overall, there were a total of 35 questions in the exam, with a moderate level of difficulty.

Comparison: IAS vs. SBI PO – Which is the Superior Option?

List of key points:

– IAS officers receive higher pay compared to bank POs.

– The salary, perks, and benefits offered to IAS officers are superior to those provided to bank POs.

Analysis of SBI PO Exam 2023- English Language

The SBI PO exam in 2023 consisted of various topics with different numbers of questions and difficulty levels. The Reading Comprehension section had 9 questions, which were considered easy to moderate. Error detection, Cloze Test, Para Jumbles, and Word Swap sections each had 5 questions, also falling under the easy to moderate category. There was a single question on Word Usage (State), which was relatively easy. The Column Based section had 2 questions that were categorized as easy. In total, there were 30 questions in the exam, all ranging from easy to moderate difficulty level.

SBI PO Prelims Exam 2023 Schedule

SBI PO Exam 2023 Schedule: The table above provides the details of the exam dates and activities for the SBI PO Prelims Exam in 2023. It includes information about reporting time, gate closing time, handwriting sample, exam start and end times for each shift.

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Is the salary higher for RBI Grade B or SBI PO?

SBI PO salary structure ranges from INR 36,000 to INR 49,910 per month. The pay scale includes increments such as INR 1,490 for the first seven years, INR 1,740 for the next two years, and finally INR 1,990 for the remaining seven years. The in-hand salary of an SBI PO typically falls between INR 52,000 to INR 55,000 per month.

On the other hand, RBI Grade B officers receive a basic salary of INR 55,200. Their gross emolument amounts to approximately INR 1,08

RBI vs SBI: Salary Comparison

The in-hand salary of an SBI Clerk is approximately 30,000 rupees per month, while the in-hand salary of an RBI Assistant is around 34,000 rupees per month. However, apart from their basic salaries, both officers are eligible for various additional benefits and perks.

Officers also enjoy a range of allowances and perks as part of their compensation package. These may include house rent allowance (HRA), medical allowances, travel allowances, and more. These additional benefits help enhance the overall financial well-being of officers.

Moreover, being employed with prestigious organizations like SBI or RBI provides officers with job security and stability. They have access to various employee welfare schemes such as pension plans and insurance coverage that ensure long-term financial protection.

How challenging is the SBI PO interview?

During the final interview round specifically, candidates can expect questions that delve into their personal lives and experiences. Interviewers may inquire about their upbringing, family background, educational qualifications, work experience (if any), hobbies or interests pursued outside academics or profession. These inquiries aim to assess not only their technical knowledge but also their interpersonal skills and adaptability in different situations.