Sbi Cdm Deposit Limit Per Day

State Bank of India (SBI) customers who frequently use Cash Deposit Machines (CDMs) may be interested in knowing the daily deposit limit set by the bank. This article provides information on the SBI CDM deposit limit per day, offering valuable insights for those looking to make cash deposits using this convenient banking service.

SBI CDM Daily Deposit Limit

Cash Withdrawal: You can use this machine to withdraw cash from accounts of other banks along with SBI.

PIN Change: Use this service to change your password at regular intervals.

Balance Inquiry: Expecting some amount in your account? Use this service to check the available balance in your account. This service is available on the main options screen after swiping the card. For environmental reasons, you can view the remaining amount on the screen by selecting the View option or choose Print to receive a transaction receipt.

SBI CDM Deposit Service Responsibility through Cash Points (Cash Recyclers)

The State Bank of India will be responsible for cash deposits through the CDM/cash point service starting from October 1, 2015.

Here are the proposed charges for different methods of depositing money using SBI CDM:

– Debit Card (third-party account): Rs. 22/- plus GST.

– Cash Deposit without a card: Rs. 22/- plus GST.

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– SME Insta Deposit Card/Business Debit Card: Rs. 22/- plus GST.

– GRC Card: Rs. 22/- plus GST.

SBI CDM Daily Deposit Limit: Automated Cash Deposits

  • नकदी जमा और आहरण करने के लिए मशीन का उपयोग किया जा सकता है।
  • मशीन कार्ड-आधारित या कार्ड-रहित नकद जमा और आहरण लेनदेन की सुविधा प्रदान करती है।
  • नकदी को मोड़ा नहीं जाना चाहिए।
  • नकद खांचा (कैश स्लॉट) में सिक्का नहीं रखा जाएगा।
  • पिन, टेप, धागा, रबर बैंड आदि नकदी के साथ नहीं रखा जाना चाहिए, अन्यथा मशीन खराब हो जाएगी।
  • नकदी नमी, तेल, धूल से मुक्त होनी चाहिए।
  • मशीन द्वारा स्वीकार्य नकद मूल्यवर्ग: ₹ 100 ₹ 200 ₹ 500
  • एक बार जमा में नोटों के अधिकतम स्वीकार्य नग 200 हैं।
  • यदि मशीन द्वारा “लेनदेन अस्वीकृत” प्रदर्शित किया जाता है, तो इसके बाद इसका उपयोग ग्राहक द्वारा नहीं किया जाना चाहिए।
  • जाली / नकली नोट की राशि ग्राहक के खाते में जमा नहीं की जाएगी।

Please refer to the schedule of service charges for applicable fees.

For any assistance, please contact our 24×7 customer service center.

Toll-free helpline numbers for State Bank of India are available for customer assistance. These include 1800 1234, 1800 2100, 1800 11 2211, and 1800 425 3800. Additionally, there is a chargeable helpline number at 080-26599990.

1800 11 1109 (toll-free)

94491 12211 (mobile number, toll-free)

080 – 2659 9990 (charged landline)

ब्याज दर

One of the key features of the Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) is that it allows for both cardless deposits and debit card purchases. When making a cardless deposit, there is a limit of Rs. 49,900 per transaction. On the other hand, if you choose to make a debit card purchase using the CDM, the per-transaction cap increases to Rs. 2,000,000 but only if your account has been granted a PAN number.

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The option for cardless deposits with a maximum limit of Rs. 49,900 ensures flexibility and ease when depositing cash without needing an ATM or debit card at hand. This feature proves beneficial especially in situations where individuals may not have their cards readily available but still need to make urgent cash deposits into their bank accounts.

In addition to facilitating regular banking activities like withdrawals and balance inquiries, CDMs also offer added functionality by allowing customers to contribute funds towards specific savings schemes like PPF or RD accounts directly through these machines. Moreover, individuals can even use this facility to repay loans by depositing cash into their loan accounts via CDMs instead of going through traditional methods such as visiting branches or utilizing online banking platforms.

What is the maximum CDM bank limit?

Furthermore, there is also a daily accumulated maximum limit on deposits through SBI CDMs which stands at Rs. 50,000 per day. This means that throughout one day (24 hours), regardless of how many transactions or visits to the CDM machine you make; all combined deposits should not exceed this specified limit.

– Minimum Deposit Amount: Rs. 10 per transaction

– Daily Accumulated Maximum Deposit Limit: Rs. 50,000

Is it possible to deposit 2 lakh cash into my account?

If you wish to deposit a larger amount of money, it is necessary for you to furnish your PAN card details. The State Bank of India (SBI) has set a cash limit of ₹2 lakhs per day, per transaction, and from one individual. However, when it comes to depositing cash into a Savings Account within a financial year, the maximum limit allowed by SBI is ₹10 lakhs.

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The requirement to provide PAN card details for higher deposits ensures transparency and helps in monitoring large transactions. This measure aims to prevent any potential misuse or illegal activities involving significant amounts of cash.

By setting these limits on cash deposits, SBI aims to maintain control over the flow of funds and ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines. These limits also help in preventing money laundering and other illicit practices that may harm the economy.

It is important for customers who intend to make substantial deposits at an SBI CDM (Cash Deposit Machine) or any other banking channel to be aware of these limits. By adhering to these regulations, individuals can avoid any inconvenience or complications while making their transactions and contribute towards maintaining a secure banking environment in India.