Sbi Clerk Expected Cut Off 2022

SBI Clerk Cut Off Out. Cut Off marks for all categories are out. Cutoffs are the minimum marks that the candidates must secure to be eligible to appear for the next phases of the exam.

The expected cut off for SBI Clerk 2022 will differ from state to state. Additionally, candidates need to achieve a score equal to or higher than the sectional cut off marks in order to pass the exam. The cut off marks may vary based on the category of the candidates.

The previous year Cut Offs will help you understand the difficulty level and the competition level of the exam. So, the candidates must buck up and start preparing for the 2024 exam and for the same, do not forget to check out and attempt SBI Clerk Previous Year Papers.

Expected SBI Clerk Cut Off Marks 2024

The State Bank of India has released the SBI Clerk Cut Off 2024. Candidates can check the previous year SBI Clerk Cut off marks to get the idea for the current year. The following are the SBI Clerk State-wise cut off marks for the SBI Clerk Prelims 2024 examination.

The expected cut off marks for the SBI Clerk Prelims 2024 have been released. Here are the state-wise cut off marks: Gujarat – 51.50, Rajasthan – 57.25, Haryana – 58, Maharashtra – 71.75, Himachal Pradesh – 64, Uttar Pradesh – 60.50, Chhattisgarh – 62.50, Punjab – 68.5, West Bengal-80 , Madhya Pradesh-67 .50 , Odisha-77 , Karnataka-56 , Tamil Nadu-65 .50 Kerala-76 .25 Uttarakhand63 .50 Andaman Nicobar-, Arunachal Pradesh41 Assam65 Delhi57 .25 Jharkhand56 .50 Sikkim58 Telangana42 .5

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SBI Clerk Prelims State-Wise Cut-Off 2020

The State Bank of India releases the SBI Clerk Cut off state wise also.Candidates state will also play a major role in the SBI Clerk Cut Off 2022. Applicants can go through the SBI Clerk 2020 Prelims Cut Off state wise given below.

The expected cut off marks for the SBI Clerk Prelims exam in different states of India in 2020 were as follows:

– Uttarakhand: 69.75

– Telangana: 66

– Maharashtra: 59.75

– Gujarat: 56.75

– Punjab: 77.50

– Tamil Nadu: 62

– Rajasthan: 68.75

– Delhi: 76.25

– Chandigarh: 76

-Madhya Pradesh :68.75

-Jharkhand :68.25

-Uttar Pradesh :71

Andhra Pradesh :68

-West Bengal :67 .5

-Odisha :68 .25

-Karnataka 58 .75

-Himachal Pradesh 66

-Kerala 69 .7

-Haryana 72 .7

-Bihar 68 .7

-Chhattisgarh 68

Is SBI Clerk considered a prestigious job in India?

The SBI Clerk position is indeed a promising career choice. Being the largest Public Sector Bank in India, SBI offers numerous growth opportunities for individuals working in clerical roles. In comparison to similar positions in other government banks, SBI Clerk offers exceptional prospects for professional advancement.

One practical example of the benefits of choosing a career as an SBI Clerk is the exposure to diverse banking operations and services. As an employee of such a prestigious institution, you will have access to various departments and functions within the bank. This exposure can broaden your knowledge and skills, making you more versatile and valuable in your role.

Expected Cut Off for SBI Clerk 2022 (State-wise)

The SBI Clerk Cut Off marks for 2019 were announced by the State Bank of India on a state-wise basis. We have compiled the state-wise SBI Clerk Prelims Cut Off for 2019, which can be found below.

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The expected cut off for SBI Clerk 2022 will vary from state to state. In previous years, the cut offs for different states were as follows: Uttar Pradesh – 72.25, Uttarakhand – 75.25, Chhattisgarh – 57.50, Bihar – 76.25, Jharkhand – 75, Assam – 57, Maharashtra – 62.50, Madhya Pradesh – 73.50, Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) –81.75 Karnataka –48.50 Kerala-78 Odisha-73 Delhi-71 Chandigarh-77 West Bengal-73 Rajasthan-71 Telangana–68 Punjab–76 Haryana–75 Gujrat–65 Andhra Pradesh–74 Tamil Nadu –61 Himachal Pradesh –71.75

What is considered a satisfactory score in SBI Clerk Prelims?

The following analysis presents the SBI Clerk prelims exam analysis for 2022. In general, the difficulty level of the SBI Clerk prelims exam ranged from easy to moderate. Candidates can anticipate that the General cut-off score will fall somewhere between 65 to 70 marks. Therefore, it is recommended that candidates aim to attempt at least 75 to 80 questions in order to qualify for the prelims examination.


– The SBI Clerk prelims exam analysis for 2022 is provided below.

– The overall difficulty level of the SBI Clerk prelims exam was assessed as easy to moderate.

– Candidates should expect a General cut-off range of approximately 65 to 70 marks.

– To successfully pass the preliminary examination, candidates are advised to attempt a minimum of 75 to 80 questions.

SBI Clerk Cut Off 2022: Factors Influencing the Expected Marks

The expected cut off for SBI Clerk 2022 will vary for each candidate based on several factors. These factors play a significant role in determining the final cut off score.

  • The total number of students who appeared in the SBI Clerk Examination.
  • The Level of Difficulty of the Examination.
  • The SBI Cut Off Marks of the Previous Year.
  • The total number of vacancies for the post of SBI Clerk.
  • Candidates states
  • Candidates category
  • Reservation Criteria
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Is it difficult to pass the SBI Clerk exam?

Understanding the exam pattern and syllabus is paramount in successfully tackling the SBI Clerk exam. By gaining knowledge about how questions are structured and what topics are covered, candidates can effectively prepare themselves for all sections of the examination. This understanding allows them to allocate their time wisely during preparation.

To excel in the SBI Clerk exam, it is essential for candidates to create a comprehensive study plan tailored to their individual needs. A well-organized schedule ensures that all relevant topics are covered systematically over a period of time leading up to the examination date. Consistency in following this plan enables candidates to strengthen their conceptual understanding while reinforcing problem-solving skills specific to banking-related subjects.

What is the minimum percentage for SBI Clerk?

To apply for the SBI Clerk 2024 exam, candidates need to meet certain eligibility criteria. Firstly, they must be Indian citizens and fall within the age range of 20 to 28 years. Additionally, candidates should have completed their graduation program with a minimum score of 60%. It is important for applicants to ensure that they fulfill all these requirements before applying for the SBI Clerk exam.

Being a clerk at SBI involves handling customer queries, managing cash transactions, maintaining records, and assisting customers with various banking services. It is considered an entry-level position that offers growth opportunities within the organization.

Does SBI Clerk pre 2022 have a sectional cutoff?

The expected cut off for the SBI Clerk 2022 exam is the minimum qualifying marks that candidates need to score in order to be considered for the next round of the selection process, which is the SBI Clerk Mains Exam. Unlike some other exams, there is no sectional cut off point for the SBI Clerk exam. Instead, applicants must achieve an overall cut off score.