Sbi Passbook Printing Machine Near Me

Lipi Data is a prominent manufacturer of Passbook Printing Kiosks in India. They have successfully supplied advanced and efficient Passbook Printing Kiosks to various banks throughout the country, catering to both small cooperative banks and big private banks.

Lipi Data has revolutionized the passbook printing process with our innovative and advanced machine design. Our goal at Lipi Data is to create a device that simplifies the task, offering a user-friendly digital interface. The Passbook Printing Kiosk we have developed is effortless to operate and offers menu options in English, Hindi, and various regional languages for convenience.

SBI Passbook Printing Kiosk: Features and Benefits

The Passbook Printing Kiosk has played a vital role in changing the previously labourious updating process. Lipi Data’s Self-service Kiosk is specially designed to fasten the process of passbook updating while providing accurate details. Lipi Data is a pioneering Passbook Printer Kiosk manufacturer— offering various benefits in addition to critical features.

Sbi Passbook Printer Nearby with Energy-efficient Features

One of key benefits of owning a Passbook Printing Kiosk is its low power consumption, along with full 24*7*365 access. Lipi designs efficient and productive devices that entail the best possible outcome, while keeping operational costs in check.

Inbuilt Barcode Reader

Lipi Data produces advanced machines that can adapt to the latest technology. Our Passbook Printing Kiosk comes with a built-in barcode reader and an optional OTP feature, making it easier for users to find account details. By simply scanning the barcode, all transaction information can be quickly updated in the passbook. These features simplify the operational process – just insert the passbook into the designated slot, scan the barcode to identify the customer, retrieve data, and print.

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SBI Passbook Printer Nearby: Fast and Secure Updates

The Passbook Printing Kiosk has seamless and direct connectivity to the Central Bank System. Lipi’s Middleware acts as an added mode of connectivity that allows the user to access any information about the desired account across the bank’s system. Passbook Printing Kiosks can communicate with CBS in standard (ISO8583) or any customized format (Web Services).

Is there a fee for passbook printing at SBI?

In addition, if you need additional pages for your passbook because there are already 40 entries filled, each page will cost ₹50 plus GST. This means that every time your current passbook gets full with 40 entries, you will have to pay this amount for a new page.

Overall, if you need a duplicate passbook from SBI due to loss or want additional pages because your existing one is full with entries, be prepared to pay ₹100 plus GST for the duplicate and ₹50 plus GST per page after 40 entries.

SBI Passbook Printer Kiosk Machine in My Vicinity

Lipi Data is a renowned manufacturer of Passbook Printing Kiosks in India, catering to esteemed banks throughout the region. Our range includes various self-service kiosks tailored to meet the specific requirements of each bank. With advanced technology and flexible connectivity options, our machines seamlessly integrate with existing banking systems. Lipi Data is committed to developing devices that enhance productivity and contribute to the growth of banking enterprises. Our Passbook Printing Kiosks deliver exceptional quality work efficiently, making them suitable for any banking environment.

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Passbook printing kiosks are automated machines that allow customers to print their own passbooks at banks. These self-service printers make it convenient for individuals to update their passbook information without the need for assistance from bank staff.

Where can I refresh my SBI passbook?

To find an SBI passbook printing machine near you, follow these steps:

1. Visit your nearest SBI branch or any SBI e-lobby equipped with a “swayam kiosk” machine.

2. On the screen of the machine, select your preferred language for convenience.

3. Open the last updated page of your passbook and place it in the machine.

4. Once the bar-code on the page is verified, the machine will print out your latest transactions.

Using a passbook printing kiosk: How can I do it?

Enablement Process:

1. When a user wants to print their passbook, they should insert the last updated page into the printing machine.

2. The system will then verify the barcode on the page.

3. If the barcode is successfully validated, the system will start printing the transactions on the next row from where the last transaction was printed.

Is it possible to obtain a passbook within 24 hours?

Yes, banks can provide you with a passbook within two days. If you have submitted the required documents, it will not take more than 48 hours to open the account. Ensure that you provide one copy of address proof and ID proof, as well as your original AADHAAR card.


– Passbooks can be obtained from banks within two days.

– Opening an account takes less than 48 hours if all necessary documents are provided.

– One copy of address proof and ID proof is required along with the original AADHAAR card.

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Printing my SBI passbook online: How can I do it?

To print your SBI passbook, follow these simple steps:

1. Open the SBI Yono app on your mobile device.

2. Log in using your username and password.

3. Tap on the “Accounts” button and select the account number for which you need to get a passbook.

4. Go to the “Transactions” tab.

5. Click on the Passbook icon to download it in PDF format.

By following these steps, you can easily access and print your SBI passbook without any hassle.

1. Open SBI Yono app

2. Login with credentials

3. Select account number

4. Go to Transactions tab

5. Download passbook in PDF format

Required documents for SBI passbook

The following documents are accepted as proof of identification in India:

– Passport

– Driving Licence

– Aadhaar Card (Proof of possession of Aadhaar Number)

– Job card issued by NREGA duly signed by an officer of the State Government

– Letter issued by the National Population Register containing details of name and address

Is it possible to print passbook online?

In simple terms, our Passbook Printing service eliminates the hassle of visiting the bank branch just to get your passbook printed. Instead, you can use our user-friendly web application to upload a PDF file and print your passbook at any CSP location. We also provide an option for customers who want to buy their own passbook printer at affordable prices.

1. Our Passbook Printing web application enables easy printing of customer passbooks.

2. No need to visit the main bank branch – simply upload a PDF file and print it at your CSP point.

3. Clients have the option to purchase a pocket-friendly rate on a passbook printer from us.