Sbi Share Price Prediction Next Week

The State Bank of India (SBIN) share price targets for the NSE stock are as follows. These predictions and forecasts apply to the short-term, mid-term, and long-term periods.

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Projected price levels for the upcoming week, as well as targets set on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis are crucial factors to consider when assessing the potential performance of SBI shares. Additionally, intraday price targets provide further insight into short-term fluctuations in stock prices.

On 01 Fri Mar 2024, the current price of State Bank Of India (SBIN) stands at 769.15. The stock is showing an upward trend, suggesting that it may be a good time to consider buying it. Potential price targets for the stock include 834.23 and 846.07 rupees.

The stock of State Bank of India (SBIN) started trading at 752.00 and ended the day at 769.15, fluctuating between a low of 751.95 and a high of 772.00 during the trading session.

The closing price of SBI shares has decreased by 2.81%, equivalent to a decline of 21.05 points from the previous closing price of 748.10.

SBI Share Price Forecast for Next Week

The share price targets for State Bank of India (SBIN) are highly robust and applicable for immediate trading during March 2024. These levels serve as strong indicators for investors in the Indian market.

The projected target prices for SBI shares next week are as follows: the upside price target is 777.02, while the downside targets range from 758.8 to 508.25.

SBI Share Price Forecast for Week Ahead

Here are some potential price targets for State Bank of India shares. These predictions apply specifically to the year 2024.

Here are the revised price targets for SBI shares next week:

– The first target is set at INR 750.00, followed by a target of INR 772.00.

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– The second target is projected to be around INR 737.15, with an upward projection of INR 774.60.

– Moving on, the third down price target is estimated at INR 728.35, while the corresponding up target stands at INR 777.50.

– Additionally, there are further downward targets including a fourth one at approximately INR 702.15 and a fifth one at around INR 660.55.

– Furthermore, there are sixth and seventh down targets expected to be near INR 637.70 and INR 634.90 respectively.

– Lastly, the eighth and ninth down price targets are predicted to be around INR 615.60 and approximatelyIN R6006 .65 respectively

State Bank of India (SBIN) Intraday Share Price Target Tomorrow

On Friday, March 1st, 2024, the State Bank of India (SBIN) is currently being traded at a price of 769.15. The potential share price targets for SBIN in the near future are estimated to be around 760.55 on the downside and approximately 780.6 on the upside.

The predicted price targets for SBI shares next week are as follows: the first target is 763.13, followed by 776.78. The second target is 762.5, with a subsequent target of 784.42. Other down targets include 756.73, 755.62, and 752.5 rupees per share respectively. Further down predictions are at levels of 744.32, 738.87, and 736.75 rupees per share consecutively, while the ninth and tenth targets stand at around Rs731 and Rs729 respectively.

SBI Share Price Forecast for the Upcoming Week

Here are potential weekly targets for the share price of State Bank Of India. These levels may be reached or surpassed during the trading sessions of the week.

Here are the predicted price targets for SBI shares next week: The first target is a decrease to 756.5, followed by an increase to 774.37. The second target is a decrease to 746.87, with a potential increase to 785.48. The third target suggests a decrease to 734.68, but there could be an upturn to 787.75. The fourth target indicates a drop to 713.03, yet it may rise again to reach 789.68.The fifth and final target predicts a decline down to 686.88; however, there is potential for the share price to surge up as high as816 .27

SBI Share Price Forecast for the Coming Week

Here are potential price targets for the shares of State Bank of India. The stock may aim to reach or surpass these levels during monthly trading sessions.

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The initial target price for SBI shares is 716.85, while the higher target price is set at 805.98. On the other hand, if there is a decline in price, the second target price would be around 682.07, but if it goes up further, it could reach as high as 863.87.

SBI Stock Price Forecast for the Coming Week

Here are the recent closing prices, opening prices, price ranges, and trading volumes for SBI shares:

– On Friday, March 1st, 2024, SBI shares closed at INR 769.15 after opening at INR 752.00. The price range for the day was between INR 751.95 and INR 772.00 with a trading volume of approximately 17.349 million shares.

– Wednesday , February28th ,2024 saw a closing price ofIN R742 .50and anopeningpriceofIN R749 .85.Theprice ranged fromIN R741 to756 .75witha totalvolumeof11 .263millionshares.

– Tuesday ,February27th ,2024 had aclosingpriceofIN R749 .85afteranopeningatIN R758

point9 zero.Therange forthedaywasbetweenIN R742 point2zeroand762 point3five.

Thetotalnumberofsharestradedwasapproximately13 point969million .

-On Monday ,February26th ,2024,SBIsharesclosedatthepric epointo f758

point9zeroafteranopeningpri ceo f755.Thepricerang edfrom7S2p oint7to766

point3fivewhilearound11 poi nt355millionshareswereexchanged

Further reading:

The rise in SBI share prices indicates positive market sentiment towards the company and reflects investor confidence in its future prospects. However, it is important for investors to consider various factors such as financial performance, industry trends, and overall market conditions before making any investment decisions.

Looking ahead into next week, it will be interesting to observe whether the upward momentum continues for SBI shares or if there are any potential corrections or fluctuations in price levels based on market dynamics and external factors impacting the banking sector as a whole.

Overall, while recent gains have been promising for SBI shareholders, it remains crucial for investors to conduct thorough research and analysis before making any investment decisions regarding SBI shares next week or beyond.

Is SBI performing well?

Furthermore, when compared to the previous quarter (March 2023), SBI recorded a sequential rise of 17.52% in its profit. This suggests that the bank continued to perform well and generate higher earnings during this period as well.

Overall, these positive financial results indicate that SBI is experiencing robust growth and profitability in recent times. Investors and stakeholders may find these figures encouraging as they assess their investments or consider future prospects related to SBI shares.

– The bank also saw a sequential rise of 17.52% in its March 2023 quarter profit.

– These numbers reflect strong growth and performance for SBI, which may be promising for investors interested in SBI shares next week

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Which company offers the greatest dividend?

ITC Limited is renowned for its diversified business portfolio encompassing sectors like cigarettes & tobacco products, hotels & hospitality services, packaged foods & snacks, agri-businesses including e-choupal network empowering farmers with digital tools for better productivity.

When did SBI share split?

On November 20th, 2014, a significant event took place in the stock market as State Bank of India (SBI) underwent a stock split. This means that for every one SBIN.NS share bought prior to this date, it would now be equivalent to owning ten SBIN.NS shares today. The stock split was implemented with the aim of increasing liquidity and accessibility for investors.

P.S. Stock splits can have various implications for investors and traders alike. While they do not directly impact the overall value or market capitalization of a company, they can influence investor sentiment and potentially lead to increased trading activity. It is important for individuals interested in investing in SBI or any other company undergoing such events to stay updated with relevant news and analysis regarding these developments.

What is a good moving average?

The 200-day moving average is a widely used and significant indicator in stock analysis. It acts as a reference point for comparing other moving averages, such as the 50-day moving average. When the 50-day moving average is higher than the 200-day moving average, it indicates a bullish trend in the stock market.

By calculating the average price of a security over a specific period, like 200 days, investors can gain insights into its long-term performance. The longer time frame helps smooth out short-term fluctuations and provides a clearer picture of overall trends. Comparing this long-term average to shorter ones, like the 50-day moving average, allows traders to identify potential shifts in market sentiment.

When the shorter-term moving average surpasses or remains above the longer-term one, it suggests that buyers are more active and driving up prices consistently. This scenario often signifies positive investor sentiment and confidence in future price appreciation. As such, many traders consider this situation as an indication to buy or hold onto their positions.

On the contrary, if the shorter-term moving average falls below or stays beneath the longer-term one (in this case below), it implies that sellers have gained control over market dynamics. This bearish signal may prompt some investors to sell their holdings or take protective measures against further declines.