Yono Lite Sbi Username And Password Forgot

You have links to register new and also to reset your id and password. Step 1: Click on ‘Forgot User ID or Password’ below the login button.

– Step 2: Enter your Card number, CVV, Date of Birth, and ‘Generate OTP’ Step 3: Validate the OTP sent on your the registered mobile number. Step 4: Reset your password.

YONO SBI: Resetting Username and Password if Forgotten

Note: For resetting Yono SBI User Name and Password you can use the YONO LITE SBI app or SBI Official website. Currently, you can not retrieve your Yono SBI App Username and Password using your Yono SBI App

Method 1: Recover your forgotten Yono SBI username and password by using the Yono SBI Lite application.

Option 2: Recover or Change your Username and Password through the SBI website.

YONO SBI & YONO LITE SBI: Procedure to Reset Username and Login Password

– Yono SBI or Yono Lite SBI app

– State Bank of India CIF Number: Found on the first page of the SBI Passbook or Chequebook

– Details of SBI Debit Card: Including ATM Debit Card Number, Expiry Date, and ATM PIN

– Registered Mobile Number with SBI: Required for receiving OTP (One-Time Password)

– Date of Birth (D.O.B)

– Account Number with State Bank of India

Registering for SBI net banking can now be done online without the need to visit a branch.

Recovering YONO username and password without an ATM card: A guide for India

To recover your Yono Lite SBI username and password, you need to follow these steps. First, visit the official website of SBI which is onlinesbi.sbi. Once you are on the home page, look for the login section where you usually enter your username and password.

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Resetting Forgotten YONO Username and Password with Yono LITE SBI App: Step-by-Step Guide

If you have forgotten your SBI Yono Username, you can easily reset or recover it by using your CIF Number. However, if you have forgotten your Password in Yono SBI, you will need to use your Username to reset it. Therefore, it is crucial that you first reset your Username and then proceed to reset your Yono Login Password.

Recovering/Resetting Forgotten YONO Username with Yono LITE SBI App

  • Open YONO LITE SBI app on your phone
  • Click on ” Forgot Login Password “
  • On the next page select the ” Forgot Username ” option from the drop-down menu

Next, input your CIF number. Choose the name of your country from the options provided. After that, enter the mobile number that is registered with SBI. Fill in the captcha and click on “Submit”.

Input the One-Time Password (OTP) that you have received on your registered mobile number with State Bank of India (SBI).

Your SBI Yono username will be displayed on your screen and you will also receive it through a text message on your registered mobile number.

Yono LITE SBI App: How to Reset Yono SBI Login Password

  • Open Yono LITE SBI App on your mobile phone
  • Click on the option ” Forgot Login Password “
  • Now select the option ” Forgot My Login Password “

Please provide your Yono SBI username, followed by your SBI account number. Choose the country you reside in and input your registered mobile number. Enter your date of birth (DOB) and fill in the captcha code displayed on the screen before clicking on “Submit”. On the subsequent page, enter the one-time password (OTP) received on your registered mobile number.

Now, you can choose how to reset your password in SBI Yono. If you want to use your SBI ATM Debit Card details, select the “Using ATM Card Details” option. Alternatively, if you prefer to retrieve your Yono SBI Password using your Profile Password, choose the “Using Profile Password” option. Lastly, if you want to reset your SBI Password in Yono App through offline means, go for the “Reset your login password with Branch activation” option.

  • Now validate your ATM card details by providing your ATM Card Expiry Date( Month and Year), Cardholder name, and ATM PIN
    • If you do not have your ATM PIN then firstly, you can complete the SBI card online pin generation process
  • Enter the captcha code and click on ” Proceed “
  • After validation of your Debit Card details, a Reference Number will be generated
  • Now on the next page enter your New Yono password twice and click on ” Submit “
    • YONO SBI password example : Oscar#200 (more than 8 digits including 1 digit, 1 special character, 1 alphabet)
  • Your Yono Password is reset now
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What should I do if I cannot remember my YONO profile password?

When approaching the branch for help with resetting your password, make sure to carry all necessary identification documents such as Aadhaar card or PAN card along with any other relevant proof of identity provided by the bank at account opening time. This will facilitate a smooth verification process and ensure that no unauthorized person gains access to sensitive information.

Remember, it is crucial never to share personal details like passwords or PINs with anyone else in order to maintain the security of your online banking activities. By following these steps and taking appropriate precautions while resetting passwords or seeking assistance from bank branches when needed, we can protect our financial information and enjoy secure digital banking services in India

YONO Lite SBI: Resetting Forgotten Username and Password via the SBI Website

To retrieve your Username and reset your Password in SBI Yono, you can utilize the official SBI Yono website. Initially, you need to recover your Username before proceeding with resetting your Yono SBI password.

Resetting Forgotten YONO Username via SBI Website

  • Now choose the ” Forgot Username ” option from the list of options on the next screen

2. Choose your country from the options available.

3. Input the mobile number registered with your account.

5. Enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number.

6. Your Yono SBI App username will be sent to you via text message on your registered mobile number.

Resetting Forgotten YONO Password through SBI Website

  • Now choose the ” Forgot My Login Password ” option from the list of options given on the next page
  • Enter ” SBI Username ” , Account Number, Country, Registered Mobile Number ion SBI , Date of Birth
  • Then Enter the captcha image code and click on the ” Submit” button
  • Enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number with the SBI account
  • Now you will get three options to recover the YONO password
    • 1. Using SBI Debit Card Details
    • 2. Using SBI Profile Password
    • 3. Using Branch Activation Code
  • Choose the “Using Profile Password” option
  • Now enter your SBI Internet Banking Profile Password
  • Set your New SBI Login Password by entering it twice
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In this method, you have to visit your SBI base branch and request for SBI Net Banking Login Username and Password. Then your branch will send you an activation code on your registered mobile number. And you have to choose the “Reset Login Password with Branch Activation” option in this step of resetting your forgot yono password. On the next screen, you have to enter that Activation Code and then you can set/change yono password easily.

Obtaining my Yono SBI user ID

In case neither of these options work for you or if you encounter any difficulties during the process, it is recommended to reach out directly to SBI customer support for further assistance and guidance on how to proceed with retrieving your forgotten username and password.

Remember that keeping track of your login credentials in a secure manner is crucial for maintaining account security and ensuring smooth access to online banking services provided by Yono Lite SBI platform

What is the difference between YONO and YONO Lite?

Both YONO SBI and YONO Lite are provided by State Bank of India (SBI) and can be used simultaneously by customers. While YONO SBI offers more advanced functionalities with additional services like booking train tickets or shopping online through partner websites, YONO Lite serves as a lightweight alternative for those who prefer simplicity in their banking experience.

Activating YONO user ID without branch visit

Is it possible to obtain a YONO SBI activation number from the nearest branch? There is no need to physically visit the branch if you have an ATM card. During registration, simply use your ATM card for YONO and you will receive an OTP (One-Time Password) for verification. Enter this OTP and proceed to create your username and password.


– Can I get a YONO SBI activation number from the nearest branch?

– No need to visit the branch if you have an ATM card.

– Use your ATM card during registration for YONO.

– Receive an OTP for verification.

– Enter the OTP and create your username and password.