Sbi Irctc Rupay Credit Card

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IRCTC Rupay SBI Card: Benefits and Privileges

Get exclusive benefits on your IRCTC Rupay SBI card

Welcome Gift

  • Get 350 activation bonus Reward Points on single transaction of Rs. 500 or more within 45 days of card issuance. Fuel and Cash spend are not included.

Welcome Bonus Offer

Get a cashback of ₹ 100 when you withdraw money from an ATM within the first month of receiving your SBI IRCTC Rupay Credit Card. Earn bonus reward points on eligible transactions, which will be credited to your card account within 45 days. Each reward point is equivalent to ₹ 1.

ValueBack Benefits

Purchase tickets on and the IRCTC Mobile App for AC1, AC2, AC3, Executive Chair car, and Chair Car to receive up to 10% Value Back in the form of Reward Points.

ValueBack Rewards: Unlocking the Benefits

  • Link your IRCTC SBI Card loyalty number with your IRCTC login id to redeem your Reward Points on IRCTC Website and Mobile App (Android only).
  • Please click here for FAQ’s.
  • W.e.f. 01 Apr’21, Reward Points will be transferred to cardholder’s IRCTC Loyalty A/c and can be redeemed at IRCTC Website or Mobile App (android only)

Reward Benefits

  • Get wide range of tailor made packages ranging from adventure, wildlife, pilgrimage and leisure tours to various places in India
  • Avail accommodation at over 5,000 hotels, covering 350 cities in India

Fuel Surcharge Waiver

Experience the convenience of not having to pay the additional 1% fuel surcharge at any petrol station in India, for transactions ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs. 3,000 (excluding GST and other fees).

Waiver of Fuel Surcharge Offered

Avail a surcharge waiver of up to Rs. 100 per statement cycle for each credit card account.

Railway Lounge Program

Experience the benefit of 4 free railway lounge entries per year at select lounges in India (maximum 1 entry per quarter) with your IRCTC SBI Card on the RuPay platform. Simply use your card at the eligible lounges to avail this exclusive offer.

Indian Railway Lounge Program

The primary cardholders will be eligible for free access to railway lounges. For more information about railway lounges, you can refer to the FAQs section by clicking here.

The one-time annual fee for the SBI IRCTC RuPay Credit Card is Rs. 500 plus applicable taxes.

The annual renewal fee for the SBI IRCTC RuPay Credit Card is Rs. 300.

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Calculate benefits on your IRCTC SBI Platinum Card

The IRCTC SBI Card, which operates on the RuPay platform, offers a variety of features.

Characteristics and Pricing of the SBI IRCTC Rupay Credit Card.

Transaction Charges Waiver

    • IRCTC SBI Card (on RuPay platform) brings you great offers on travel, golf, dining and other entertainment options from RuPay
    • SBI Card accepts no liability for the content of this offer or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the offer provided, as this is being made on behalf of RuPay

Contactless Advantage

    • First Credit Card Live on RuPay Contactless( National Common Mobility Card).
    • Daily purchases now made easy with IRCTC SBI Platinum Card. Simply wave your card at a secure reader and your transaction is done. It’s fast, easy and incredibly convenient.
    • Fast & Convenient: No need to hand over your card or look for cash /coins for everyday small ticket purchases. Simply wave your card & go. It’s as fast & convenient as that.
    • Security: During a transaction the card never leaves your hand; significantly reducing the risk of card loss and fraud due to counterfeit (skimming). Even if the card is waved multiple times at the reader, the unique security key feature of RuPay Contactless will ensure that only one transaction goes through, thus making it more secure.
    • Please Click here to download the FAQ’s.
    • Please Click here to download list of merchants

Cash on the Go

As a holder of the IRCTC SBI Card, you have the convenience of withdrawing cash from more than 2 million ATMs worldwide in 190 countries/territories. This includes over 43,000 SBI ATMs located in India. Simply look for the Pulse, Discover & Diners Plus signs to ensure international acceptance.

SBI Drop Box Finder

    • Follow the below process to locate the nearest SBI Card drop box:
    • Type “PIN” , your 6 digit pin code xxxxxx
    • Send an SMS to 56767
    • You will receive the list of drop boxes in your area Premium SMS charges apply

Global Acceptance

You can use your IRCTC SBI Card at more than 44 million merchant locations worldwide and over 3.7 million terminals in India. Simply look for the Pulse, Discover & Diners Plus symbols to know where it is accepted internationally and present your card for payment.

Empower your Family

You can request additional cards for your children, siblings who are 18 years or older, spouse, and parents.

Easy Bill Pay Facility

Avail our convenient Easy Bill Pay feature to guarantee timely payment of your electricity, insurance, telephone, and other essential bills. For further information, click here.

Balance Transfer on EMI

Move the remaining amount owed on your credit card from another bank to your IRCTC SBI Card (on RuPay platform) and enjoy a reduced interest rate. You can then repay this balance in convenient installments. Access with your login details to initiate a Balance Transfer on EMI right away. For further information, click here.


Easily convert your transactions into convenient monthly installments with Flexipay. Simply make a purchase of Rs. 2,500 or above and visit within 30 days to avail the Flexipay option. For more information, click here.

Easy Money Facility

Convenient Cash allows you to access funds whenever necessary and have the cheque or draft conveniently delivered to your home. For further information, click here.

Railway Ticket Booking

Make use of your IRCTC SBI Card, which operates on the RuPay platform, to conveniently book railway tickets online and have them delivered right to your doorstep. To do this, visit and follow these simple steps: register for free, log in using your username and password, carefully follow the instructions provided on the website to make your reservations, and finally complete the payment process using your SBI Card at any payment gateway that accepts Visa Cards.

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The terms and conditions of apply to all transactions made on the website.

Learn More

Terms and conditions and an important notice are included in the article.

The one-time annual fee for the SBI IRCTC RuPay Credit Card is Rs. 500 plus GST. The renewal fee per year is Rs. 300 plus GST, while there is no add-on fee charged annually.

Fees and Charges

To find out about the fees and other charges that may apply, please consult the Most Important Terms & Conditions.

SBI IRCTC RuPay Credit Card: Payment Settlement Sequence

We do not accept cheques that are payable outside the clearing zones. We only accept payment through local cheques or drafts that can be paid in Delhi. All applicable taxes will be charged on all fees, interest, and charges mentioned above. The value proposition of the co-branded product may be funded jointly by SBI Card and the co-brand partner based on their financial arrangement. As a result, there might be a fee and revenue sharing agreement between both parties involved.

By using the card further, you are considered to have accepted these changes.

To contact the customer service for any queries or assistance, dial the number 39 02 12 12. Remember to add your STD code if you are calling from a mobile phone.

All information in this communication is correct as per July 2013 and is subject to change at the discretion of SBICPSL. SBI Card most important terms and conditions are also available at

Is the IRCTC credit card worth it?

The SBI IRCTC Rupay Credit Card is not just for booking train tickets, but it also offers additional benefits. When you use this credit card to make purchases at retail stores, you can earn reward points. These reward points can be accumulated and redeemed for various rewards or discounts in the future.

In addition to earning reward points, the SBI IRCTC Rupay Credit Card also provides complimentary access to railway lounges every year. This means that when you are waiting for your train at a railway station, you can relax and enjoy the comfortable lounge facilities without any extra charges.

Overall, this credit card is particularly beneficial for people who travel frequently. It offers good returns on air and travel bookings, meaning that when you use this card to book flights or other travel-related expenses, you will receive attractive rewards or cashback options.

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The purpose of IRCTC credit card

One of the key features of the SBI IRCTC Platinum Credit Card is its exclusive tie-up with IRCTC. This partnership allows cardholders to avail themselves of various privileges while making train ticket bookings through the official IRCTC website or mobile app. Customers can earn reward points for every transaction made using this credit card, which can later be redeemed for discounted or even free train tickets.

In addition to its association with IRCTC, this credit card also offers several other benefits related to travel and lifestyle. Cardholders are entitled to complimentary access at select airport lounges across India, providing them with a comfortable space before boarding their flights. Moreover, they can enjoy fuel surcharge waivers on transactions made at petrol pumps nationwide.

Furthermore, the SBI IRCTC Platinum Credit Card provides users with attractive cashback offers on dining expenses at partner restaurants as well as on grocery shopping from designated stores. These perks make it an ideal choice not only for avid travelers but also for individuals who frequently dine out or shop for groceries.

Overall, the SBI IRCTC Platinum Credit Card stands out as a valuable financial tool that caters specifically to those who frequently use railways as their mode of transportation within India. With its range of benefits including discounts on railway ticket bookings along with rewards and cashback offers on various expenditures like dining and groceries, this credit card ensures a rewarding experience for its users throughout their journeys

The purpose of the IRCTC SBI Platinum Card

The SBI IRCTC Rupay Credit Card offers a convenient way to make payments at any establishment that accepts Visa or MasterCard. With this card, you can enjoy the benefits of earning reward points on your purchases. To kickstart your rewards journey, simply spend Rs. 500 or more within 45 days of receiving your card and earn an additional 350 Reward Points.

RuPay vs MasterCard: Which is superior?

P.S: The SBI IRCTC RuPay Credit Card not only offers attractive benefits but also provides increased security for your financial transactions. With lower fees and charges than other card options, this card can be a valuable asset in managing your finances securely.