How To Get Sbi Bank Statement Without Net Banking

Send an SMS – ‘MSTMT’ to SBI Mini Statement number 09223866666 from your registered phone number. Following that, you will receive the SBI mini statement by SMS consisting of the last five transactions. SBI Quick Missed Call service allows you to check your State Bank mini statement immediately.

How to Obtain SBI Bank Statement via Net Banking

Customers who hold a savings account with SBI can utilize the convenient WhatsApp banking feature to obtain their mini statement and check their account balance.

SBI Missed Call Service for Mini Statement Number

To get the SBI mini statement, give a missed call to –


To obtain a SBI mini statement quickly, the account holder can simply give a missed call from their registered mobile number with SBI savings account.

To obtain the SBI mini statement through missed call service, users can adhere to the following steps.

To obtain information about the last five transactions, simply dial the SBI mini statement number +91-9223866666 and disconnect after a few rings.

3. The account holder will receive a text message containing the SBI mini statement, which includes details of the five most recent transactions made from their account.

How to Enroll Mobile Number for SBI Mini Statement

In order to avail the SBI Quick service for receiving mini statements through mobile, account holders can easily register their mobile numbers by sending a simple SMS to the bank. The SMS format should include the account number and other required details.

REG Account Number

To register the mobile number with SBI, the account holder must send the provided SMS to 09223488888.

In order to avail the SBI mobile banking services, customers need to send a specific SMS code as part of the registration process.


SBI account holders have the option to obtain their mini account statement through SMS. By sending a message with the code “MSTMT” to 09223866666, they can receive an online SBI mini statement on their registered mobile number. This statement will include information about the five most recent transactions.

Step 1: For SBI mini statement by SMS banking service, SMS ‘ MSTMT ‘

Step 3: Verify the mini statement from State Bank of India which displays details of the most recent 5 transactions.

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Please be aware that if you have more than one account with SBI, you can only register for the SBI Quick service for one of your accounts at a time. If you wish to change the registered account number, you will need to first de-register from SBI Quick on your current account and then register with another account.

Obtaining SBI 6-month statement without internet banking

This convenient method allows customers to access their bank statements without needing internet banking services or visiting a branch in person. It provides them with easy access to important financial information while ensuring that it remains secure through encryption measures.

How to Obtain SBI Bank Statement via Mobile Banking

The process to obtain SBI mini statement through mobile banking services involves the following steps.

Step 2: Access the YONO SBI application by entering your login details.

Step 4: On the next menu, select the ‘Mini Statement’ option

Step 5: Verify the SBI mini statement online, which displays the ten most recent transactions in your account.

Benefits of SBI Mini Statement Service

Customers can now access their SBI bank account statement without having to log into their online banking accounts. This convenient method allows users to quickly view the details of their last five transactions (or ten transactions for mobile banking) without the need for a laptop, computer, or smartphone. All that is required is a basic phone with SMS capabilities. This eliminates the need to visit the bank and stand in queues just to update passbooks for simple information. By simply sending an SMS, customers can receive all the necessary details on their phones, making it a seamless and hassle-free process that saves both time and effort.

If the bank is affiliated with SBI, customers may have access to missed call banking service. This service has also been extended to some former SBI-associated banks. Customers can inquire about this facility from their respective banks or simply send an SMS to check for themselves.

Is it possible to obtain a bank statement without internet banking?

If you want to obtain your bank statement offline, you can visit the nearest branch of your bank. Simply go there and ask for a statement covering a specific time period. Similar to the online method, you will need to provide the start date and end date for which you require the statement. Once you have provided this information, the bank will prepare your statement.

The staff member may ask for some identification proof such as your Aadhaar card or PAN card along with details like your account number or customer ID. Make sure to carry these documents with you when visiting the branch.

Once all necessary information is provided, they will process your request and generate a physical copy of your bank statement covering the specified dates. You can then collect it directly from the branch itself.

By following these steps and being prepared with required documents, visiting your nearest bank branch allows you to easily request an offline bank statement tailored specifically to meet your needs within a desired timeframe

How to Obtain SBI Bank Statement via SBI ATM

SBI customers in India have the option to visit a nearby SBI ATM to obtain their mini statement.

  • You have to swipe your SBI ATM card and enter the 4-digit PIN.
  • Now, select the “Mini Statement” option from the list
  • You can also take a print of the slip for your reference
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How can I download SBI passbook without net banking?

By following these simple steps, downloading the SBI Anywhere app and entering your login credentials correctly, you can easily view your bank statement without needing internet banking services from SBI.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can get your SBI mini statement offline by visiting the bank branch or a nearby ATM.

How can I check my SBI mini statement by updating passbook using the Passbook Update machine?

The account statement provides a comprehensive record of all your transactions. The mini statement, on the other hand, is a condensed version that includes only the most recent 5-10 transactions.

How to Check SBI Mini Statement without Net Banking?

You can check your SBI mini statement in different ways. You can give a missed call to 09223866666 or send ‘MSTMT’ on the same SBI mini statement number, download and use SBI mobile application or log-in to SBI net banking portal. Mini statements can also be viewed from SBI or any other bank’s ATM.

How to Access SBI Bank Statement Without Internet Banking?

If you do not have an internet connection, you can either give a missed call on 09223866666 or send ‘MSTMT’ to 09223866666 from your registered mobile number. You will receive an SMS instantly with the details of your last 5 transactions.

How to View Last 5 Transactions in SBI

To avail of SBI Quick services such as missed call and SMS service, you can register by sending a message with the keyword “REG” followed by your account number to 09223488888. Alternatively, if you wish to register for SBI mobile banking services, you can send a message to 9223440000. Another option is visiting the bank in person and submitting the necessary documents for registration.

Obtaining Bank of India statement without internet banking

Once you have selected this option, the ATM will generate a mini-statement of your account. This statement will provide details about your ten most recent transactions, including withdrawals, deposits, and other activities related to your account.

The mini-statement receipt will display important information such as transaction dates, amounts involved, and any applicable charges or fees. It is a convenient way to keep track of recent activity in your SBI bank account without needing internet banking access.

1. Visit an ATM with your BOI debit card.

2. Insert the card and enter PIN.

3. Select “Mini Statement” from the available options.

4. Receive a printed receipt containing details of up to ten recent transactions.

Remember that this method only provides limited information about recent transactions and does not offer all features available through net banking services provided by SBI Bank in India

Downloading my SBI account statement: How to do it?

1. Visit the nearest SBI branch: Go to the closest State Bank of India branch in your area.

2. Fill out a request form: Ask for a bank statement request form from one of the bank officials or at the customer service desk. Fill in all the required details accurately, including your account number and personal information.

4. Pay applicable fees (if any): Some branches may charge a nominal fee for providing physical copies of bank statements. Check with the bank officials about any associated charges and make payment accordingly.

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5. Collect your bank statement: Once you have completed all necessary formalities and paid any fees if required, collect your SBI bank statement from the designated counter or as directed by the staff.

Remember that this method allows you to obtain only physical copies of your SBI account statements rather than accessing them online through net banking services.

Obtaining SBI Bank Statement in PDF Format without Net Banking

1. Open your messaging app on your mobile phone.

3. Send the message to 09223866666.

4. Ensure that you send the message from your registered mobile number with SBI.

5. Wait for a few moments, and you will receive an SMS containing the SBI mini statement.

6. The SMS will include details of your last five transactions.

Checking registered mobile number in SBI without internet banking

1. Visit your nearest SBI branch: Go to the nearest State Bank of India branch and approach a bank representative.

2. Request for a bank statement: Inform the representative that you need a bank statement and provide them with necessary details like your account number, name, and any other information they might require.

3. Fill out required forms: The representative will provide you with the necessary forms to fill out in order to process your request.

4. Provide identification documents: Make sure to carry valid identification documents such as Aadhaar card or PAN card along with photocopies for verification purposes.

5. Pay applicable fees (if any): There might be certain charges associated with obtaining a physical copy of your bank statement; inquire about these fees at the branch.

By following these steps and providing all necessary information, you should be able to get an SBI bank statement without relying on net banking services.

Obtaining SBI Passbook PDF: A Step-by-Step Guide

After selecting the desired account, navigate to the “Transactions” tab within the app. Look for and click on the Passbook icon associated with that particular account. By doing so, you will be able to download your bank statement in PDF format.

Remember – it is strictly forbidden to use any markdown formatting while writing this text.

Is it possible to request an SBI passbook online?

By logging into your SBI Net-Banking account with your login credentials, you can easily view and download your online passbook. This allows you to access all the details of your transactions conveniently from anywhere at any time.

To get started, simply log in to your SBI Net-Banking account using the provided username and password. Once logged in successfully, navigate to the passbook section where you can view all recent transactions as well as previous statements. From there, select the desired statement period and click on the download option.

Downloading your bank statement through this method ensures quick access to important financial information without having to rely on physical copies or visiting a branch personally. It provides convenience for customers who prefer managing their finances digitally while maintaining security measures implemented by SBI.

Remember that it is essential to keep track of your financial activities regularly by reviewing these statements carefully. This helps ensure accuracy and enables prompt action if any discrepancies are found or if further clarification is required regarding specific transactions within a given period.