Sbi Joint Account Opening Online

Since banking has become important need of today, I just hope you are updated with world enough that you also have bank account. For those with ‘No’ as answer, or for those who are looking to get yet another account in bank, my advice would be to opt for SBI.

SBI provides attractive interest rates, profitable schemes, and excellent services. Banking with SBI is a delightful experience. You have the option to open a savings account either as an individual or jointly. If you choose the former, please refer to our article on how to open a current account in SBI. However, if you are interested in opening a joint account, this post will guide you through the entire process of opening one with SBI.

Opening Joint Account in SBI: Step-by-Step Procedure

Naturally, you can opt to visit the nearest SBI branch, fill out an application form, complete the necessary procedures, and obtain your bank account. However, this method can be quite cumbersome and exhausting. The most convenient approach is to utilize the online process. Simply follow the steps outlined below in order to open a Joint Account with SBI.

SBI Online Account Opening: Completing the Customer Information Section

  • The Customer Information Section – just as the name says, is meant to get your details. It contains several tabs asking you to enter your info.
  • Filling this section is nothing tough at all, as details asked by this are something quite often ones we go through, e.g. Name, Father Name etc. So, nothing to panic! Just fill out this section.
  • Of course, it’s wise to recheck whatever you entered before proceeding ahead.
  • You will be given Temporary Customer Reference Number (TCRN). Just note it down. The said number is sent to registered mobile number as well.
  • In this section, there lies sub-sections. One such is ‘ Additional Details ‘ sub-section. It seeks details like Religion, Educational Qualification, Category etc.
  • After filling out info in the said sub-section, you finally need to provide your IT Pan. If not, you are required to fill form 60 / 61.
  • Once you are done providing details in all tabs, you just need to click on ‘Save and Proceed’ to proceed to ‘Identification’ sub-section.
  • Pretty obvious, as the name says, the last sub-section is meant to get your identification details.
  • Select your ID Type (Passport / Ration Card / Voter ID etc). Enter ID No, and provide details where it was issued at. In case of Minority, you need to submit proof for that as well.
  • After providing all details, just click on ‘Save and Proceed’.
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Opening a Joint Account Online with SBI

When filling out the form, the initial step is to choose the type of account. Look through the choices in the drop-down menu and select the one that best fits your needs. Then, simply enter the TCRN that was provided after completing the Customer Information Form.

As you are interested in opening a Joint Account, it is necessary for you to provide the second TCRN. This means that you will need to fill out the Customer Information Form once again, but this time including the details of the second person who will be joining as an account holder.

  • Just enter Branch Code of the branch of SBI where you would like to get your Joint Account opened.
  • Just tick the checkboxes next to services that you wish to take.
  • You also need to select the Mode of Operation. Go with ‘ Jointly ‘ option available there.
  • Click on ‘ Proceed ‘ button.
  • Now, eventually, you will get TARN number. Just note it down.

Final Steps

Once you have completed the online process, there are a few subsequent steps for you to follow.

Attach passport-sized photographs of the first and second applicants. Place them in the designated section of the Account Opening Application form, and remember to include an additional photograph for each applicant. Review the form and fill in your place, date, and signature as required. If you are not able to visit a branch in India, make sure to have your Account Opening Application and KYC documents attested. Once you have completed these steps, visit the chosen branch with a printed copy of your application form and all necessary documents. After this process is complete, you will receive your SBI Joint Account.

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Well done! You have now acquired the knowledge to initiate the procedure for opening a joint account with SBI. If you require any additional help or guidance, please feel free to reach out to us by leaving a comment below.

Is it possible to open a joint account online?

The procedure for opening a joint bank account is quite similar to that of an individual bank account. Whether you choose to open the account online or by visiting the bank branch, the steps involved remain largely unchanged. In India, State Bank of India (SBI) offers customers the convenience of opening a joint account with their co-owners through both online and offline channels.

After submitting your application online successfully, it will undergo verification by SBI officials who will assess its completeness and authenticity. If everything meets their criteria and there are no discrepancies found during this process, your joint account request will be approved.

Upon reaching the branch, approach a bank representative and express your intention to open a joint account. They will guide you through the process and provide you with an application form that needs to be filled out accurately. Ensure that all co-owners are present during this visit as their signatures will be required on various documents.

Is it possible to open a joint bank account through an online application?

Opening a joint account can be beneficial for various reasons. It allows multiple individuals (such as family members or business partners) to manage finances together and have equal access to funds deposited into the account. With an SBI joint account, both parties can conveniently monitor transactions, make withdrawals or deposits, and enjoy other banking services offered by State Bank of India.

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– You can open a joint bank account with SBI either online or at a branch.

– If applying in person at a branch, both applicants must bring two forms of ID.

– Opening a joint bank account provides shared financial management benefits for multiple individuals.

– With an SBI joint account, both parties have equal access and control over funds deposited into it

Is it possible to create an online account with SBI?

List of requirements for opening an SBI Insta Plus Saving Bank Account:

1. Aadhaar details

2. PAN card (physical copy)