Sbi Bank Account Close Application

This article focuses on the process of closing a bank account with SBI (State Bank of India). It provides information and guidance on how to submit an application for closing your SBI bank account. Whether you are switching banks, no longer require the account, or have any other reason to close it, this article will guide you through the necessary steps. By following these instructions, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free closure of your SBI bank account.

SBI Bank Account Closure Request

– Reasons for Closing a Bank Account

– Writing an Application to Close a Bank Account

– Structure of an Account Closure Application

– Example 1 – Application to Close Current Account

– Example 2 – Letter to Bank Manager Requesting Account Closure

– Example 3 – Application for Closing Bank Account

FAQs on Bank Account Closing Letter Format

Closing a Bank Account: Understanding the Process

There are various reasons why individuals choose to close their bank accounts. These reasons may differ from person to person and can include factors such as unsatisfactory customer service, unnecessary fees being imposed, lack of online banking facilities, inability to maintain the account, financial needs or simply a desire for a fresh start with a new account.

Occasionally, the bank may decide to close your account due to various reasons such as prolonged inactivity, consistently maintaining a zero balance, frequent bounced checks or overdrafts, being a victim of identity theft, and so on.

How can I permanently close my bank account application?

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to formally request the closure of my bank account at your esteemed institution. My account number is [please enter your account number]. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I have made the decision to close my account.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


[Your Name]


1. Requesting closure of bank account

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2. Providing account number

3. Explaining reason for closing the account

How to Draft an Application for Closing an SBI Bank Account

Whenever you need to open or close a bank account, it is necessary to write a letter to the bank manager explaining your reasons. To assist you in this process, we have provided some sample letters for your convenience.

SBI Bank Account Closure Letter Format

I am Sneha, and I hold a Current Account in your bank. I have not been able to maintain the account for a few months now due to some personal reasons, and so I would like to close the account. I am enclosing the account passbook along with this letter. Kindly do the needful and initiate the closing process as soon as possible.

SBI Bank Account Closure Letter to Manager

I have an account with your bank, bearing the account number 0305000002356032. Due to my relocation to Bangalore, I am unable to access this account and therefore need to close it. Please ensure that all transactions associated with this account are settled and kindly transfer the remaining balance to another account (Account number: 0201000023642365 IFSC Code: SBIL0000201).

SBI Bank Account Closure Request: A Sample Letter

My name is Rudhra, and I hold a savings account with your branch under the account number 2312000023564932. Due to personal reasons, I will be relocating to Chennai and therefore would like to close my savings account and withdraw the funds. I kindly request your assistance in closing my account as soon as possible since I will be departing next week.

I am attaching the bank passbook, along with the necessary identification and address proof for your perusal.

Is it possible to close a bank account online?

The account holder is required to personally visit a branch in order to close their accounts. It is not possible to close savings accounts online. The account holder should be ready to settle any fees related to the closure of their accounts. Once these necessary steps are completed, the bank will proceed with closing the account.

– The account holder must go to a branch for account closure.

– Online closure of savings accounts is not permitted.

– Any associated fees must be paid by the account holder.

– After fulfilling these requirements, the bank will finalize the closure process.

FAQs on Bank Account Closure Letter Format

To close your SBI bank account, it is necessary to write a letter addressed to the branch manager of the specific bank. Begin by including the accurate address of the bank, followed by a subject line and salutation. In the body of the letter, clearly state your reason for wanting to close your account. Conclude with a complimentary closing, signature, and name. Ensure that you provide precise details such as your account number correctly in order for the request to be processed accurately.

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How to permanently close my SBI bank account?

In order to permanently close your bank account, it is necessary for you to personally visit the bank and inquire about the procedure for closing an account. Following this, you will need to write a letter addressed to the branch manager explaining the reasons behind your decision to close the account. Additionally, you should submit all required documents as proof and for verification purposes.

Are there any fees for closing an SBI account?

SBI, which stands for State Bank of India, does not charge any penalties if you decide to close your savings account after one year. However, if you choose to close your account within 15 days to one year of opening it, there will be some fees involved. For savings accounts, the closure fee is Rs 500 plus GST.

Closing a bank account means ending your relationship with the bank and withdrawing all your money from that particular account. When you open a savings account with SBI or any other bank in India, they provide various services like ATM access, online banking facilities, and passbook maintenance. But sometimes situations arise where you may no longer need or want to maintain that specific bank account.

To close an SBI bank account, you need to follow a simple process. Firstly, make sure all pending transactions are completed and there is no balance remaining in the account. Then visit the nearest SBI branch and fill out an application form for closing the account. Submit this form along with any required documents like ID proof and address proof as per their guidelines.

How do you email to close a bank account?

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to inform you that I, [Your Name], hold a savings account with your branch under the account number [Your Account Number]. However, due to my recent decision to relocate to another city for personal reasons, I would like to request the closure of this account and the withdrawal of the remaining balance. As my relocation is imminent, I kindly ask for your assistance in expediting this process.

Moving cities can be quite an overwhelming experience, and one of the essential tasks during such a transition is managing financial matters. In light of this, closing my SBI bank account will help streamline my banking activities as I settle into my new location. Therefore, it would greatly alleviate any inconvenience if you could promptly facilitate the closure procedure.

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I understand that there may be certain formalities involved in closing an account and withdrawing funds. Hence, I assure you that all necessary documentation or paperwork required from me will be provided promptly upon your request. Additionally, please let me know if there are any specific procedures or forms that need to be completed so that we can expedite this process efficiently.

Lastly, considering the urgency of my situation and impending relocation plans within a short period of time, I sincerely hope for your understanding and cooperation in ensuring a smooth closure of my SBI bank account without any unnecessary delays or complications.

Yours faithfully,

[Your Name]

Required documents for closing a bank account

To close your SBI bank account in India, you need to write an application letter addressed to the manager of your specific branch. In addition to the application, make sure to include/attach the following documents required for closing your account:

1. Passbook

2. Chequebook

3. ATM card (debit/credit)

4. Identity proof

Is it possible to immediately close a bank account?

If you have a positive or zero balance in your SBI bank account and there are no pending transactions, it is possible for the bank to close your account promptly upon receiving your request. However, if there are any pending transactions or unpaid fees associated with your account, the closure process may take longer.

When you decide to close your SBI bank account, it is important to ensure that all outstanding transactions have been completed and any dues have been settled. This includes making sure that all checks issued by you have cleared and that there are no pending debits or credits on your account statement.

In case there are any pending transactions or unpaid fees when you submit the application for closing your SBI bank account, the closure process will be delayed until these matters are resolved. The bank will need to verify that all financial obligations related to the account have been fulfilled before proceeding with the closure.

To avoid any complications during the closure process of your SBI bank account, it is advisable to review and settle all outstanding financial matters beforehand. By doing so, you can ensure a smooth and timely closure without unnecessary delays caused by unresolved transactions or unpaid fees.

Is it necessary to go to the bank in order to close my account?

Remember that each step mentioned above must be followed accurately during this process at an SBI branch in India.