Sbi Cheque Book Request Through Sms

SBI, one of the largest banks in India, has introduced a convenient way for customers to request a new cheque book through SMS. This article will provide information on how customers can avail this service and the steps involved in requesting a cheque book via SMS. With this new feature, SBI aims to simplify banking processes and enhance customer experience by offering an easy and hassle-free method for obtaining cheque books.

SBI SMS Banking Registration Process

To avail SBI SMS Banking, customers must complete a registration process. They can initiate this by sending an SMS.

SBI Cheque Book Request via SMS

Once the account holder has completed the registration process for State Bank SMS Banking, they can begin utilizing its services. In case of any issues during registration, the account holder should verify the SMS format and their SMS Banking registration number. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the mobile number associated with the bank account is registered with SBI. If not, it is necessary for the account holder to visit an SBI branch in order to register their mobile number.

The fees for using SMS Banking service are as follows:

Order Cheque Book via SMS

The first step is to type “ICBR” followed by a space and then the last 6 digits of your account number. For example, if your account number is 1234567890, you would type “ICBR 567890”.

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By following these steps and sending the SMS correctly, you will be able to request a cheque book from SBI without having to visit a branch or fill out any forms. This convenient service allows customers to easily manage their banking needs through their mobile phones.

SBI Cheque Book Request via SMS FAQs

To check your account balance via SMS, you need to send ‘BAL’ to 09223766666 from your registered mobile number. To view your mini statement, send ‘MSTMT’ to 09223866666.

How to quickly obtain a Cheque book from SBI?

Next, select the account for which you need a cheque book. Enter the number of cheque leaves that you require and choose your preferred mode of delivery. After submitting this information, your request will be processed by SBI.

2. Go to Requests > Cheque Book.

3. Select the desired account and enter the number of cheque leaves required.

4. Choose how you want it delivered.

5. Submit your request.

By following these simple steps, you can easily request an SBI cheque book through SMS without any hassle or inconvenience.

Request SBI Cheque book via missed call

These services provided by SBI aim at making banking more accessible and hassle-free for customers in India. By using simple keywords and sending messages via mobile phone, customers can easily perform various banking tasks without having to visit their nearest branch.

Is it possible to request a checkbook via telephone?

To initiate this process, you will need to gather some essential information beforehand. Make sure to have your account number ready as well as any other relevant details that may be required by the bank representative. This will help expedite the check ordering process and ensure accuracy in delivering them to you.

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Once all formalities are completed over the phone, it is important to confirm with the representative regarding any additional charges or fees associated with requesting a cheque book via SMS. They should also be able to give you an estimated timeline for when you can expect delivery of your new checks.