Sbi Circle Based Officer Salary

The initial basic pay of the SBI Circle Based Officer will be Rs 36,000 in the pay scale pay scale A pay scale (also known as a salary structure) is a system that determines how much an employee is to be paid as a wage or salary, based on one or more factors such as the employee’s level, rank or status within the employer’s organization, the length of time that the employee has been employed, and the difficulty of

– › wiki › Pay_scale Pay scale – Wikipedia of Rs 36000-1490/7-46430-1740/2- 49910-1990/7-63840 applicable to Junior Management Grade Scale-I. Candidates with two years or more of work experience in the officer cadre of any scheduled commercial Bank/ or regional rural bank

SBI Circle Based Officer Salary Structure

Prior to delving into other factors, let us examine the comprehensive outline of the basic salary structure for SBI Circle Based Officers. The breakdown of the salary structure is as follows..

According to the official notification from SBI, candidates selected as SBI CBO will receive a salary ranging from Rs. 36,000 to Rs. 63,840. The salary structure includes incremental increases over the years, with a basic pay of Rs. 36,000 initially and subsequent increments of varying amounts for specific periods of time. The maximum basic pay that can be earned by an SBI CBO is Rs. 63,840.

Candidates who have served in officer positions at Scheduled Commercial Banks or Regional Rural Banks are eligible for an additional increment in their basic pay for each year of service completed. However, the maximum number of advance increments is limited to two, regardless of the length of previous employment experience.

The salary details for SBI Circle Based Officers are as follows: The pay scale ranges from Rs. 36,000 to Rs. 63,840. The basic pay is Rs. 36,000. Other allowances include Dearness Allowance (DA) of Rs. 16,884 (46.9% of basic), House Rent Allowance (HRA) of Rs. 2,520, City Compensatory Allowances (CCA) of Rs. 1,080 and other allowances totaling to Rs. 2,000.

The gross salary amounts to Rs. 58,484 after adding up all the allowances mentioned above.

After deductions amounting to Rs.8,1876 , the net salary comes out to be approximatelyRs .50 ,2964

SBI Circle Based Officer In-hand Salary

The net salary received by SBI Circle Based Officers ranges from Rs.50,000-52,000 after deducting mandatory contributions such as PF and professional tax. The 2022 in-hand salary of SBI CBOs is determined by combining the basic salary with additional components like Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, and City Compensatory Allowance (which varies depending on the posting location).

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SBI Circle Based Officer Salary: Annual Compensation

Candidates who successfully pass all the rounds of the SBI CBO recruitment procedure will be entitled to a salary based on the 7th pay commission. According to the official notification, an SBI CBO can expect an annual salary ranging from approximately INR 8,20,000/- to INR 13,08,000/-.

SBI CBO Salary 2024 – Compensation, Benefits & Incentives

In this segment, we will discuss the various allowances, perks, and benefits that are provided to a State Bank of India Circle Based Officer (SBI CBO).

SBI Circle Based Officer Allowances

After our previous discussion on the net salary received by SBI CBOs, which encompasses different allowances, it is now necessary to gain a better understanding of the typical allowances provided to selected individuals. The various allowances offered include –

The salary of an SBI Circle Based Officer includes various allowances. The Dearness Allowance (DA) is 46.9% of the basic pay. The House Rent Allowance (HRA) ranges from 7% to 9% of the basic pay. City Compensatory Allowances (CCA) depend on the location and can be between 3% to 4%. Medical insurance covers 100% for employees and 75% for family members. Traveling insurance reimburses official travel expenses only. Petrol allowances range from around INR 1,100/- to INR 1,250/-. Other allowances such as newspaper allowance, entertainment allowance, books allowance, etc., vary based on the cadre of the officer.

SBI CBO Salary Package: Perks & Benefits

Appointed candidates for the SBI Circle Based Officer position are entitled to various additional benefits and allowances in accordance with the guidelines of the 7th pay commission. Some of these perks include, but are not limited to…

1. Home Travel Concession/Leave Fare Concession: Employees are eligible for discounted travel fares or concessions when they take leave and travel to their hometown or any other specified destination.

2. Leave Travel Concession (LTC): This is a benefit that allows employees to avail of special rates or discounts on their travel expenses when they go on leave.

3. Pension Scheme/New Pension Scheme: The bank provides its employees with a pension scheme, also known as the New Pension Scheme, which ensures financial security after retirement.

4. Concessional Interest Rates for Housing/Personal Loans/Car Loans: SBI offers its circle-based officers reduced interest rates on housing loans, personal loans, and car loans, making it more affordable for them to fulfill their financial needs in these areas.

Salary of SBI Circle Officer in India

The in-hand salary for the Circle Based Officer post in India is approximately Rs. 50,000 to 52,000 per month. This amount includes the basic pay, allowances, benefits, and increments.


– Basic pay

– Allowances

– Benefits

– Increments

SBI CBO Probationary Period

SBI Circle Based Officers are appointed as Junior Management Grade Scale 1. Promotions in the bank depend on adherence to bank rules and performance at work, which are closely monitored. CBOs who join at Scale 1 will have ample opportunities for promotions and can eventually reach Senior Management Grade Scale 4. Begin your journey towards these opportunities now and excel in the examination.

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Understanding the Role of a Circle-Based Officer in SBI

SBI CBO, also known as State Bank of India Chief Branch Officer, is responsible for overseeing and managing the essential functions of a branch. This includes tasks such as approving loan packages and monitoring the overall banking operations within the branch. The vacancies for SBI CBO positions are specifically targeted towards experienced candidates who currently hold officer roles in other banks.

– SBI CBO manages core branch functions.

– SBI CBO sanctions loan packages.

– SBI CBO monitors banking operations at the branch level.

– Vacancies for SBI CBO positions are open to experienced officers from other banks.

SBI Circle Based Officer Job Profile

The SBI Circle Based Officer has various duties and responsibilities, which include but are not limited to the following:

Is the position of SBI Circle based officer a permanent employment opportunity?

The SBI Circle Based Officer (CBO) position is a permanent job in the State Bank of India. It falls under the Junior Management Grade Scale-I (JMGS-I). When candidates are selected for this role, they start as Circle Based Officers and have to complete a probation period of 6 months.

As Circle Based Officers, individuals will be assigned to specific circles or regions where they will perform their duties. During their initial six-month probation period, new recruits will undergo training and evaluation to ensure they meet the required standards and expectations of their role.

It is important for candidates aspiring to become SBI CBOs to understand that this position offers stability and growth opportunities within the banking sector. However, it also requires dedication and commitment during the probationary period to successfully transition into becoming full-fledged officers within the State Bank of India.

SBI CBO Salary 2024 – Commonly Asked Questions

Q1. What is the monthly take-home pay for SBI CBO? A1. The monthly take-home pay for Circle Based Officer ranges from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 52,000.

Q2. What is the starting salary of an SBI Circle Based Officer? A2. The initial basic pay for an SBI CBO has been updated to Rs. 36,000/-.

Q3. Are there any other perks besides the salary for an SBI Circle Based Officer? A3. Absolutely, SBI CBOs may receive supplementary benefits like retirement pension, medical insurance coverage, loan opportunities, time off and vacations, as well as various employee welfare initiatives provided by the bank.

Q5. What is the working hours of an SBI Circle Based Officer? A5. The working hours of an SBI Circle Based Officer adhere to the standard banking industry schedule, which usually entails regular work from Monday to Saturday. Nevertheless, the specific working hours may differ depending on the needs of each branch.

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SBI Circle Based Officer Salary in 2024: Get to know the pay scale and job description. Discover the salary details for SBI CBOs in India.

Circle Head Salary in SBI

The average salary for a Circle Sales Head at SBI Payment Services in India is ₹12.8 Lakhs for individuals with 11 to 18 years of experience. The salary range for this position varies between ₹9.5 Lakhs and ₹18.6 Lakhs.

As a Circle Sales Head at SBI Payment Services, professionals with extensive experience can expect to earn an average annual salary of ₹12.8 Lakhs in India. This role requires a deep understanding of sales strategies and the ability to lead a team effectively within the payment services sector.

P.S: Please keep in mind that these figures are approximate and subject to change based on various factors mentioned above.

What is the process to become an SBI Circle officer?

The State Bank of India (SBI) conducts the SBI Circle Based Officer (CBO) Exam annually. This exam serves as a gateway for candidates aspiring to become an SBI Circle-Based Officer. To secure this position, candidates are required to undergo a rigorous selection process that comprises a written examination and an interview.

Candidates preparing for the SBI CBO Exam should focus on enhancing their knowledge in areas such as banking awareness, general aptitude, reasoning ability, and English language proficiency. It is essential to stay updated with current affairs related to both national and international events as they often form part of the examination syllabus.

What grade does CBO hold in SBI?

SBI Circle Based Officer Salary: Promotion and Career Growth

Candidates who successfully meet the assessment criteria set by the Bank will be promoted to the service of State Bank of India (SBI) in Junior Management Grade Scale-I (JMGS-I). This promotion comes with an attractive salary package that includes various allowances and benefits.

As a Circle Based Officer (CBO) in SBI, you can expect a competitive salary along with perks such as Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, City Compensatory Allowance, and other special allowances. The basic pay for CBOs is determined based on the JMGS-I scale, which currently ranges from Rs. 23,700 to Rs. 42,020 per month.

In addition to the basic pay, CBOs are entitled to receive various allowances that enhance their overall compensation package. These allowances include Dearness Allowance (DA), which is revised quarterly based on inflation rates; House Rent Allowance (HRA), which varies depending on your place of posting; City Compensatory Allowance (CCA), provided to compensate for living expenses in metropolitan cities; and Special Pay allowance.