Sbi Atm Card Application Form

Continue reading to discover the seamless procedure for applying for an SBI ATM card, whether it be through online or offline methods.

SBI Debit Card Application Eligibility Requirements

The State Bank of India provides options for both online and offline application of SBI ATM cards. This guide outlines the various methods available to apply for an ATM card.

SBI ATM Card Online Application Procedure

Once the application is submitted successfully, you will be informed about the estimated time it will take for your SBI ATM card to be delivered.

SBI ATM Card Application Form Process

To apply for an SBI ATM card, you can go to your nearest SBI bank branch. There, you will need to request an application form from a bank representative. Fill out the form and submit it along with required documents such as PAN card and proof of address.

Once the process is complete, you can expect to receive your ATM cum debit card at your registered address within a short span of time.

SBI Debit Card Application Process through Written Request

You can request for an ATM card from SBI by a written request on their official email ID, which is .

How to Apply for an SBI Debit Card Online Without Net Banking

SBI provides a convenient way to apply for an ATM card through the YONO app. To do this, simply open the YONO app on your device and select the “Service Request” option. From there, choose “ATM/Debit Card” and enter your profile password before clicking submit. Next, select whether you want a new or replacement card and provide all necessary details such as your name, address, and card type. After ticking the terms and conditions box, click “Next.” You will then receive an OTP on your registered mobile number which you can enter in order to complete the application process.

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After completing the application, you will be given a reference number to track your debit card. The card will be delivered to you in a few days.

Applying for an SBI debit card: Step-by-step guide

To apply for an SBI ATM card, you need to follow these steps:

1. Open the YONO app on your smartphone or tablet.

4. Then, choose whether you want a new card or a replacement for your existing one by clicking on the appropriate option.

By following these simple steps in the YONO app, you can easily request an SBI ATM card application form without any hassle.

SBI ATM Card Activation Process

  • Log in to the YONO app using your credentials.
  • Select the ‘Service Request’ option.
  • Choose ‘ATM/Debit Card’ services.
  • Enter the profile password and choose ‘ATM/Debit Card Activation’.
  • Enter your 16-digit debit card number and click on ‘Next’.
  • Enter the OTP that you receive, and your ATM card will be activated.


To apply for an SBI ATM card, simply send a text message with the last four digits of your debit card number and the last four digits of your account number to 567676. Once verified, you will receive a one-time password (OTP) that will remain valid for two days. Head to the nearest SBI ATM branch and select “PIN Change” option. Enter the received OTP and set a new PIN for your convenience.

Using Customer Care Number

In case you use the net banking portal, click on ATM card services and request an ATM/ Debit card. After this, select ‘Enquiry’ and choose the account number. Enter the month in which you applied for the card, and you will get all the details regarding your card status.

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For the YONO app, select ‘Manage Cards’ and ‘Manage Debit Card’. Next, choose the account number, year and month in which you applied for the card and click on ‘Submit’. After this, you will be able to view the SBI debit card dispatch details.

If you prefer to track your ATM card application using the India Post portal, you will need to have the Speed Post Tracking Number from the messages sent to your registered mobile number. Simply visit the India Post website, go to the track section, enter your speed post number, and click on track. This will allow you to view all the relevant information regarding the current status of your ATM card.

How can I apply for an ATM card through online methods?

2. Navigate to the section dedicated to retail banking or personal banking.

3. Look for the subsection related to debit and credit cards.

4. Click on the option that says “Apply for Debit Card Online.”

5. You will be presented with different categories of debit cards to choose from.

6. Select the category of debit card that best suits your needs.


Once you have learned about the various methods to apply for an SBI ATM card online or offline, you can select the most suitable option for yourself. However, it is advisable to be cautious and use only the official website when applying for your ATM card.

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What is the expected delivery time for the debit card to be delivered to the specified address?

What is the procedure to obtain an SBI ATM card without having to go to the bank branch?

Applying for an SBI ATM card can be done both online and offline. Whether you choose to apply through the internet or by visiting a physical branch, the process is simple and convenient. By following the necessary steps, you can easily obtain your SBI ATM card without any hassle.

What are the necessary documents for an ATM card?

It is important to ensure that all the necessary documents are provided accurately and in accordance with the guidelines specified by SBI. Failure to do so may result in delays or rejection of your ATM card application.

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Once all the required documents are gathered and filled out correctly on the application form provided by SBI bank branch or online portal (if applicable), it is advisable to double-check everything before submitting it for processing. This will help avoid any potential issues during the verification process and ensure a smooth application experience.

Remember that having an SBI ATM card provides convenient access to banking services such as cash withdrawals and balance inquiries at ATMs nationwide. Therefore, it is essential to complete all necessary steps diligently when applying for one.

Is it possible to request an ATM card online?

Applying for an SBI ATM card is a straightforward process that can be done online through their official website. By following these steps mentioned above, you can easily access the application form and choose from various types of debit cards offered by SBI.

Having an ATM card provides convenience and accessibility in managing your finances. It allows you to withdraw cash from ATMs anytime and anywhere as well as make purchases at point-of-sale terminals or online platforms securely.

1. Visit the official website of your preferred financial institution.

2. Navigate to the personal/retail banking section.

4. Choose the desired type/category of debit card.

5. Fill out and submit the application form.

Remember to have all necessary documents handy while filling out the application form such as proof of identity/address and recent photographs if required by your bank or financial institution

Applying for an ATM card: What is the process?

Existing account holders who do not have a debit card can easily obtain one by following a simple process. To begin, they need to download the SBI ATM Card Application Form from the official website or collect it from their nearest branch. Once obtained, customers should carefully fill out the form with accurate and up-to-date information.