What Is Cif Number Of Sbi

CIF or Customer Information File number is an 11-digit number that is used as a code to access all the vital information of an account holder , starting from their KYC information and transaction details to their address and contact number. 9 Mar 2023

What is the process to verify CIF number in SBI online (via SBI website)?

The online net banking facility is a convenient way to locate your SBI CIF number. It eliminates the requirement of physically visiting the bank branch for accessing account details.

Step 2: Input your login details and captcha, then proceed to sign in.

Step 3: Navigate to the “my account” tab and then to the “profile” tab.

Step 4: From the dropdown menu, select “account summary.”

Step 5: Select ‘View Nomination and PAN from the drop-down menu.”

In the next step, you will find your CIF number displayed on the screen.

Your account statement summary can also tell you your CIF number. Select the account number and the statement period for that particular account and click “submit.” The CIF number will reflect the account statement.

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How to Find SBI CIF Number through SMS

Currently, there is no direct way to send a message and find your CIF number. Your email address needs to be registered with your bank account. You can via SMS and then submit an e-statement request. On your e-statement, you’ll find your CIF number.

To get the e-statement, send an SMS to 09223866666 with the word ‘MSTMT’ in the subject line from your registered mobile number.

Are IFSC codes and CIF numbers identical?

Similarly, when conducting any financial transactions involving multiple banks or branches within India, always double-check the accuracy of the provided IFSC code before initiating any transfer of funds. A single incorrect digit in an IFSC code can lead to delays or even result in funds being sent to unintended recipients.

How to Verify CIF Number in SBI through Phone Call

To find your CIF number, you can refer to your bank passbook. Just check the bottom of the first page of your passbook and you will locate your CIF number there.


You can obtain your CIF number by going to the nearest SBI branch and providing necessary identification details for verification. Once verified, the banking executive will provide you with your CIF number.

Cheque Book

You can easily discover your CIF number by checking your bank chequebook. Typically, the CIF number is printed on the initial page of the chequebook.

Regrettably, at present, there is no available method to retrieve your CIF number from an SBI ATM.

How can I locate my CIF ID?


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– Your CIF number can be found on the first page of your Account Passbook.

– The first page of your chequebook also displays your CIF number.

What is the CIF Number of SBI?

SBI CIF number: Discovering your CIF number in SBI can be done through various methods such as SMS, online platforms, phone calls, and offline channels. This article will guide you on how to find your CIF number easily.

Location of CIF number on SBI ATM card

To find out your CIF number in SBI, you can refer to your Passbook where it is usually printed along with other account details. Alternatively, you can also use internet banking services provided by SBI to access your CIF number online.

Having knowledge of your CIF number may come in handy when dealing with certain transactions or inquiries related to multiple accounts within SBI.

What is the alternate name for CIF number?

Customer Identification File, or CIF number in general, is an electronic, 11 digit number that contains all the personal information of the customers of the bank. It is also otherwise called Customer Information File.