Sbi Clerk Hand Written Declaration

The SBI Clerk Handwritten Declaration for the SBI Clerk 2023 Exam must be written by the candidate in their own handwriting and should be in English. It needs to be uploaded in a specific format provided. By submitting this handwritten declaration, candidates affirm that the information given in their application form is accurate and valid. The requirements regarding size, format, and other details of the SBI Clerk Handwritten Declaration 2023 are explained here. It is mandatory for candidates to submit the SBI Clerk Handwritten Declaration along with their online application form for the SBI Clerk 2023 exam. Candidates can upload their handwritten declaration before finally submitting the application form.

Handwritten Declaration for SBI Clerk

It is crucial to remember that the SBI Clerk Handwritten declaration needs to be written by the applicant using black ink on white paper. Afterward, it should be scanned and uploaded during the completion of the SBI Clerk Application Form. The application form cannot be submitted unless a clear and well-written handwritten declaration from the candidate is uploaded.

What color is the declaration of SBI Clerk?

All applicants who are applying for the SBI Clerk position must write a declaration on a white paper using black ink only. It is very important to follow this rule. After writing the declaration, applicants must also sign their name below it. If they do not sign their name, the handwritten declaration will not be considered valid.

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SBI Clerk Handwritten Declaration 2023

The candidate must write the following text on a white, smooth paper using black ink.

“I,_(Name of the candidate), Date of Birth _hereby declare that all the information submitted by me in the application form is correct, true, and valid. I will present the supporting documents as and when required. The signature, photograph, and left thumb impression are of mine”.

SBI Clerk Handwritten Declaration 2023: Important Points to Keep in Mind

Here are a few details regarding the Handwritten declaration for SBI Clerk 2023:

Here are the specifications for other documents that need to be uploaded:

– Signature: The signature should have dimensions of 140 x 60 pixels and file size between 10 KB and 20 KB.

– Left Thumb Impression: The left thumb impression should have dimensions of 240 x 240 pixels and file size between 20 KB and 50 KB.

– Photograph: The photograph should have dimensions of 200 x230 pixels and file size between 20KB and50KB.

SBI exam: Self declaration size?

The handwritten declaration for the SBI Clerk exam must be personally written by the candidate. The file size of the declaration should range between 50 KB to 100 KB. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the dimensions of the file are set at 800 x 400 pixels with a resolution of 200 DPI, which is preferred for optimal quality. This translates to a width and height of approximately 10 cm x 5 cm.

The meaning of a handwritten declaration

The purpose of this handwritten declaration is to ensure that candidates take personal responsibility for the information they provide. By signing this document, applicants acknowledge that any false or misleading information can result in disqualification from the examination or even legal consequences.

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It is important for candidates to understand the significance of this declaration and carefully review all details before submitting it. This step emphasizes transparency and accountability in the recruitment process, ensuring fairness among all applicants.

– The handwritten declaration is a statement made by candidates during their application for SBI Clerk.

– Candidates should be aware of its importance as any false information can lead to serious consequences.

SBI Clerk Hand Written Declaration Size: What is it?

P.S. Please remember to write your text in English suitable for readers in India.

When submitting a handwritten declaration for SBI Clerk, it is crucial to avoid using capital letters. Instead, the declaration should follow specific guidelines regarding its size and dimensions. It should ideally be between 50 and 100 KB in file size, ensuring that it can be efficiently stored and transmitted electronically. Additionally, the dimensions of the document should measure precisely at 800 × 400 pixels, guaranteeing optimal readability on various devices or platforms.

P.S. Kindly ensure that your text is written in English appropriate for readers based in India

What document is needed for SBI Clerk?

Candidates must have the following documents ready in order to fill out the application form for SBI Clerk:

3. Graduation marksheet to provide educational qualification.

Please ensure that you have these documents prepared before proceeding with the application process for SBI Clerk.

Is it possible to modify the SBI Clerk application form?

After submitting the application form, no modifications or changes can be made. Therefore, candidates are advised to carefully fill in all the required details before finalizing and submitting their application forms. The SBI Clerk application form must be submitted online, and the application fee can also be paid online.

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– No changes allowed after submission of the application form.

– Fill in all details carefully before final submission.

– Submit SBI Clerk application form online.

– Pay the application fee online.