Sbi Credit Card Auto Debit Deactivation Online

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What is SBI Auto Debit?

SBI Credit Card Auto Debit Deactivation Online allows for the automatic payment of your SBI Card or Co-partner SBI Card balance from your bank account on the due date. Once you enroll in this service, your bank account will be debited and the corresponding amount will be credited to your SBI Card account. When setting up Auto Debit, you have the option to choose between paying the Total Amount Due (TAD) or Minimum Amount Due (MAD) stated in your monthly statement for your SBI Card or Co-partner SBI Card.

How to Enroll for Auto Debit Service with SBI Credit Card Online

The address for SBI Cards and Payment Services Ltd. is P.O. Bag No.28, GPO, New Delhi – 110001.

How does SBI Auto-Debit deactivation online for credit cards work?

With the Auto Debit service, we will handle your payment transactions by presenting them to your registered bank on the due date. Once approved, the amount will be deducted directly from your bank account.

Benefits of Auto Debit Facility

Once you have availed of this service, there will be no need for you to remember the deadline for your monthly credit card payment. Simply ensure that your bank account has enough funds at least one day before the due date, and SBI Card will automatically deduct the amount from your bank account and transfer it to your SBI Credit Card.

Who is eligible for the SBI Auto Debit facility?

In order to use the Auto Debit feature, it is necessary to have a savings or current account with the bank that issued your credit card.

Q6. Is there a fee for using the Auto Debit service?

No, there are no fees for utilizing the Auto Debit service.

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How can I prevent my credit card from being automatically debited?

Another way to cancel recurring monthly payments is by contacting your company directly. You can call their customer service helpline and inform them about your decision to terminate the automatic payment arrangement. They will guide you through the process and ensure that your request is properly handled.

If you prefer traditional methods, you also have the option of cancelling recurring monthly payments by mailing a letter to your company. In this letter, clearly state your intention to discontinue these payments along with any necessary details such as account information or subscription details. Make sure to send it via registered mail for added security and keep a copy for future reference.

Additionally, cancellation through credit card providers is another viable option. Contacting your credit card issuer enables you to block or disable any automatic transactions associated with specific merchants or subscriptions on your card. Be prepared with relevant information such as transaction dates, amounts, and merchant names when speaking with their customer support team.

Can I deactivate auto debit for SBI credit card online?

In case there is not enough money in your bank account, the Auto Debit will be unsuccessful and you will need to make payment for your SBI Card outstanding using another available method of payment. Additional charges may apply in such cases.

How can I disable online automatic payments on my credit card?

1. It is possible to halt automatic payments made through your bank. To do this, you have two options available: net banking and visiting your nearest branch. Both methods allow you to stop these automated transactions.

Q9. What is the duration for SBI Auto Debit payment to be reflected in my SBI card account?

The amount will be deducted from your bank account on the Payment Due Date or the following working day if it falls on a holiday. It will then be shown in your SBI Card account on the Payment Due Date. However, the credit limit will only be restored once the funds have been received and processed.

How to terminate my SBI credit card?

If you wish to cancel your SBI credit card, you can easily do so by contacting the SBI Card Customer Care. They have dedicated helpline numbers for this purpose which are 1860 500 1290, 1860 180 1290, and 1800 180 1290. These numbers will connect you with a representative who will guide you through the cancellation process. Remember to keep certain details handy as they might be required during the call.

In case you are unable to reach any of these helpline numbers or prefer an alternate option, there is another customer care number available for SBI credit card cancellations. You need to dial (STD Code) followed by the number:39020202.

Remember that cancelling a credit card should only be done after careful consideration of its impact on your financial situation. It is advisable to review all outstanding dues or pending transactions associated with your SBI credit card before initiating cancellation. Additionally, if applicable, consider redeeming any reward points accumulated on your card before closing it down.

SBI Credit Card: How many days before the Payment Due Date can I make payment using a different mode of payment instead of Auto Debit?

SBI Card requires customers to make their outstanding payment through an alternative mode, instead of Auto Debit, at least three days before the Payment Due Date.

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How can I disable automatic direct debit?


– Contact your bank or building society via phone

– Utilize secure online banking to contact your bank or building society

– Visit your local branch of the bank or building society

Which types of bank accounts are eligible for Auto Debit?

Auto Debit execution is only available for Savings and Current accounts. Accounts such as FD/OD or any Loan account cannot be used for Auto Debit execution.

Q12. What is the required time frame to maintain sufficient balance in my bank account for Auto Debit before the Payment Due Date?

To ensure that the Auto Debit is successfully processed, it is important to have sufficient funds in the designated bank account at least one day before the Payment Due Date.

Can Auto Debit be activated if my SBI Credit Card is closed voluntarily or involuntarily?

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Checking Auto Debit on My Credit Card

To deactivate the auto debit feature of your SBI credit card online, you need to access your online banking account. First, log in to your account using the credentials associated with your credit card. Once logged in, navigate to the section that pertains to either your credit card or account details.

To deactivate a specific auto debit instruction or scheduled payment, select it from the list and choose the deactivation option provided next to it. Follow any additional prompts or confirmations required by the system before finalizing the deactivation process.

By following these steps within your SBI online banking account, you can easily deactivate auto debit instructions associated with your credit card without having to visit a branch physically.

Checking my SBI auto mandate online: How do I do it?

In simple terms, this feature allows you to authorize automatic deductions from your SBI Credit Card for regular payments such as utility bills, subscription fees, EMIs, etc., without the need to manually make these payments each time. You can use either the SBI Card Mobile App or website to manage these auto debit settings.

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To get started with this service, simply log in to your account on the SBI Card Mobile App or website and navigate to the e-mandate section. From there, you will be able to set up new e-mandates by providing necessary details like payment amount and frequency. You can also view existing e-mandates and track associated transactions effortlessly.

This online facility saves time and effort by eliminating manual payment processes while ensuring timely bill payments through automated deductions from your credit card. It provides a convenient way to manage recurring expenses without worrying about missed due dates or late payment charges.

Key Points:

– Use SBI Card Mobile App/website for managing auto debit settings.

– Set up e-mandates/standing instructions for making regular payments.

– View recurring mandates and associated transactions.

– Simplifies bill payment process by automating deductions from credit card.

– Convenient way to avoid late payment charges and ensure timely bill settlements

Can I stop auto payment by changing my credit card number?

If you opt for a new card with a different number, it will not prevent recurring payments from being charged to your account. The credit card issuers were compelled by the card associations to implement this rule several years ago.

The reason behind this policy is that the major credit card associations have mandated all credit card issuers to follow these guidelines. By doing so, they aim to ensure smooth transactions and minimize disruptions in case of lost or stolen cards. However, it also means that customers need to take additional steps beyond simply obtaining a new physical card in order to deactivate any automatic debit arrangements associated with their old one.

To avoid unwanted charges on your account after receiving a replacement credit card, make sure you proactively contact each merchant or service provider who has access to your payment information. Inform them about the change in your credit card details and request them to update their records accordingly. This way, you can ensure that future recurring payments are correctly processed using the updated information tied to your new credit card number.

How to terminate undesired subscriptions?

To deactivate the auto debit feature on your SBI credit card, you can conveniently do it online by following a few simple steps. Firstly, visit the official website of the company and log in to your account using your credentials. Once logged in, navigate to the billing, account, or subscription management settings section.

In this section, you will find various options related to managing your account. Look for the cancellation option specifically designed for deactivating auto debit on your credit card. It may be labeled as “Cancel Auto Debit” or something similar.

Once you locate the cancellation option, click on it to proceed with deactivation. The system will guide you through a series of steps that need to be followed in order to confirm the cancellation successfully. Make sure to carefully read and understand each step before proceeding further.