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SBI Life Equity Fund Stock Price Analysis

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SBI Life Equity Fund Stock Price

The share price of SBI Life Equity Fund is 83.58 rupees, with a market capitalization of 1,55,447 crore rupees. The fund has a price-to-earnings ratio of 11.85 and a dividend yield of 0.16%. The net asset value per unit is 10 rupees, while the expense ratio stands at 1.42%. Overall, the total assets under management for this fund amount to approximately 1,547.87 crore rupees.

SBI Life Equity Fund Share Price in India

– In the past 1 day, there was a growth of 0.81% in the share price.

– Over a span of 1 week, the share price increased by 2.84%.

– Looking at a month-long period, there was a significant rise of 9.46% in the share price.

– Over the course of 3 months, there was an impressive growth rate of 10.28% in the share price.

– When considering a year-long timeframe, investors witnessed substantial growth as the share price surged by 38.5%.

– For those who have held shares for five years or more, they have experienced exceptional returns with an impressive surge of 168.35%.

SBI Life Equity Fund Stock Price Evaluation

Get a 10-point scale assessment of stock performance. Evaluate earnings, fundamentals, valuation, risk, and price ratings. Monitor the overall stock performance.

SBI Life Share Recommendations

The current ratings for SBI Life Equity Fund are as follows: 17 analysts have rated it as a strong buy, 10 analysts have rated it as a buy, and 3 analysts have rated it as hold. There are no sell or strong sell ratings available. A total of 30 analysts have provided their ratings for the fund.

SBI Life Equity Fund Share Price Outlook

Forecasts for the share price of SBI Life Equity Fund include estimations at various levels – high, low, and medium. Additionally, there are upcoming predictions regarding the revenue of the company. Furthermore, information about the earnings of the company is also provided in detail.

Get multiple analysts’ prediction on SBI Life

The price of SBI Life Equity Fund is expected to vary between high, low, and medium levels according to predictions. Additionally, there are upcoming forecasts for the revenue of the fund. Furthermore, detailed information regarding the earnings of the company is available.

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Is SBI Life Insurance secure?

SBI Life Insurance is a well-known and trusted insurance company in India. They have a high claim settlement ratio of 94.52% from 2021 to 2022, which means that they successfully settle the majority of claims made by their policyholders. This indicates that SBI Life Insurance is reliable and efficient when it comes to providing financial support during difficult times.

The company offers a wide range of products to cater to different needs and requirements. These products can be customized according to your specific financial goals and circumstances. Whether you are looking for life insurance coverage, savings plans, or investment options, SBI Life Insurance has various offerings that can be tailored to suit your individual preferences.

Obtain forecasts from various analysts regarding SBI Life

Forecasts for the share price of SBI Life Equity Fund, ranging from high to low and medium levels, are available. Additionally, there are upcoming predictions regarding the revenue of the company. Detailed information about the earnings of SBI Life Equity Fund is also provided.

Is SBI savings fund a good option?


– Returns: Trailing returns over different time periods are as follows:

– Last year: 7.06%

– Last three years: 5.05%

– Last five years:5 .55%

– Since launch:6 .98%.

Peer Comparison

Here are the annual ratios for SBI Life Equity Fund in India: P/E ratio is 83.58, P/B ratio is 11.94, ROE is 13.21%, ROCE is 0.66%, ROA is 0.54%, revenue CAGR is 22.70%, OPM is 2.56%, NPM is 2.13%, basic EPS is 17.19, current ratio is 1.85, total debt/equity ratio and total debt/CFO ratio are both zero.

What happens if SBI collapses?

The government of India offers deposit insurance to protect bank deposits. This insurance is administered by the Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation (DICGC). In the unfortunate event that a bank fails, the DICGC steps in to provide coverage for each depositor, up to Rs 5 lakh per bank.

It is important for individuals to be aware of the limit set by DICGC when it comes to deposit insurance coverage. The current limit stands at Rs 5 lakh per depositor per bank. Therefore, if you have more than this amount deposited in a single bank, only up to Rs 5 lakh will be insured and any additional funds may be at risk. To ensure maximum protection for your savings, consider diversifying your deposits across multiple banks within this limit.

Peers Insights SBI Life

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The future outlook of SBI shares in India

In simpler terms, Motilal Oswal believes that buying SBI shares at their current market price could be a profitable decision for investors. They have given it a positive rating and predicted that the share price will reach ₹860 in the future. This implies an upside potential or profit opportunity of 16%.

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SBI Life Shareholding Structure

There were no pledged shares reported during this period.

Foreign institutional investors held approximately 25,9567,810 shares representing about 25.92% ownership in SBI Life Equity Fund; however their holdings decreased by -0..25 % compared to QoQ.

Domestic institutional investors owned roughly 14 ,6341 ,463shares or about14 .62 %of total equity which increased by +0 .35 % QoQ

Mutual funds had an approximate holding of11 ,5127 ,867shares amountingto11 .50 %ownership; they experienced an increase in their holdings by +0 .59 %

Other shareholders accounted for about4 .03 %(approximately4 ,0330 ,930shares), experiencinga decreasein their holdingsby-0 ..09%.

MF Ownership

The opening price of SBI Life Equity Fund was 1,552.55 rupees, with a high of 1,564.90 rupees and a low of 1,535.00 rupees. The previous closing price was 1,550.25 rupees. There were 3,847 contracts traded with a turnover of ₹44,891.57 lakhs in total for the day.

Sbi Life Equity Fund Stock Price

Here are the upcoming and past events related to SBI Life Equity Fund:

– Upcoming Events:

– Board Meeting on January 25, 2024, to announce quarterly results.

– Past Events:

– Board Meeting on October 27, 2023, to announce quarterly results.

Here are the dividend details of SBI Life Equity Fund:

– Type: Interim Dividend

– Dividend per Share: Varies (e.g., INR 2.5 or INR 2.0)

– Ex-Dividend Date: Varies (e.g., March/April of different years)

No other corporate actions information is currently available for SBI Life Equity Fund.

SBI Life Equity Fund Price Update

DK Dinesh Kumar Khara is the Chairman of SBI Life Equity Fund, while MK Mahesh Kumar Sharma serves as the Managing Director & CEO. Veeraraghavan Srinivasan holds the position of Deputy Chief Executive Officer, and Swaminathan Janakiraman is a Nominee Director. Deepak Amin and Narayan K Seshadri are Independent Directors on the board.

S K Patodia & Associates, S C Bapna & Associates, and R Devendra Kumar & Associates are some of the firms associated with SBI Life Equity Fund.

‘Natraj’, M V Road,Western Express Highway Junction,Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400069


1. The current share price of SBI Life is Rs 1,552.55 as of 29th February 2024 at 04:12 PM IST. It has increased by 0.81% compared to the previous price of Rs.1542.7 and has shown a growth of 9.46% in the last month.

2. To quickly analyze SBI Life stock, you can consider key metrics such as its PE ratio which stands at 83.58, earning per share at 18.58, price/sales ratio at 1.36, and price to book ratio at11 .85

What is the highest price that SBI Life share has reached in the past 52 weeks?

The highest price that SBI Life share has reached in the past 52 weeks is Rs 1,569.00, whereas the lowest price it has reached during this period is Rs 1,054.00.

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Within the Financial Services sector, SBI Life stock has a market cap rank of 2.

– The promoter holding decreased slightly from 55.45% on March 31, 2023, to 55.43% on December 31, 2023.

– Lastly, other investor holdings decreased from 4.32% as of March 31st of that year to 4.03% by December 31st.

According to Refinitiv (formerly known as Thomson Reuters), a total of 30 analysts have given their recommendation for SBI Life stock, and the overall consensus is to Buy. Here is the breakdown of the recommendations provided by these analysts.

In terms of recommendations, 17 analysts suggest a strong buy for SBI Life Equity Fund shares, while 10 analysts recommend buying and 3 analysts advise holding.

The information for this article was obtained from TickerPlant, which provides live quotes from the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE), and Dion Global Solutions Ltd., which supplies corporate data, historical price and volume data, as well as futures and options data. The real-time quotes for Sensex & BSE Quotes and Nifty & NSE Quotes are licensed directly from BSE and NSE respectively. All timestamps in the article are based on Indian Standard Time (IST).

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