Sbi Link With Aadhar Card

Easily handle your account using the SBI Card Mobile App while on the move.

According to a notification from the Ministry of Finance on 1st June 2017, it is mandatory for individuals to provide their Aadhaar number as soon as possible. If residents do not have an Aadhaar card yet, it is recommended that they enroll themselves to obtain one.

SBI Connection with Aadhaar Card for Non-Resident Indian (NRI)/Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) Credit Cardholders

NRIs are advised to provide necessary documentation proving their non-resident status.

How to connect my Aadhar card with Bank of India account?

1. Go to the official website of the Bank of India.

3. Enter your net banking username and password to log in to your account.

Is it compulsory to upload my Aadhaar card immediately or can I do it later?

According to the recent amendment in the Prevention of Money Laundering rules, it is mandatory for credit card holders to update their Aadhaar card details as soon as possible.

How can I check if my SBI account is connected to Aadhar?

1. Visit – the official website of Aadhaar.

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4. Input the security code shown on-screen accurately.

Is it necessary to provide my Aadhaar details again if I have already uploaded them for KYC submission?

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Number of bank accounts connected to my aadhar card

P.S: Remember that it is essential to keep your Aadhaar details confidential and not share them with anyone unauthorized. Be cautious while providing your personal information online or offline to protect yourself from potential fraud or misuse of your identity.

How do I connect my SBI account number?

Alternatively, you can also register for SMS banking at any SBI ATM. After swiping your Debit Card at the ATM machine, select the option for mobile registration and enter your ATM PIN. Following these steps will complete the registration process for SMS banking with SBI.