Sbi Magnum Midcap Fund Direct Plan Growth

Invest in SBI Magnum Midcap Fund Direct Plan Growth effortlessly with just three easy steps and reap the benefits of your investments.

SBI Magnum Mutual Fund: Interest Rate Information

SBI Magnum Midcap Fund Direct Plan Growth is a type of investment fund offered by SBI Mutual Funds. This particular fund focuses on investing in mid-sized companies, which are considered to have potential for growth. The “Direct Plan” means that investors can invest directly with the fund house, without involving any intermediaries.

The performance of the SBI Magnum Midcap Fund has been quite good over the past few years. The annualized returns, which measure the average yearly return on investment, have been around 5.97% for the past 3 years and 8.26% for the past 5 years. This indicates that investors who have invested in this fund would have earned these returns on their investments during those periods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Equity funds are investment schemes that focus on investing in the stocks of companies with varying market capitalization.

Understanding large cap, mid cap, small cap and multi cap equity funds

SEBI categorizes listed companies based on their market capitalization. Large-cap funds focus on the top 100 companies, while mid-cap funds target those ranked between 101 and 250. Small-cap funds invest in companies ranked from 251st onwards. Multi-cap funds have the flexibility to invest in small cap, mid cap, and large cap companies.

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What is the meaning of ELSS funds?

ELSS funds are mutual funds that offer tax benefits and primarily invest in equity schemes. These funds have a mandatory lock-in period of 3 years.

Understanding Bluechip Funds in India

Bluechip funds are investment funds that focus on purchasing stocks of reputable and financially successful companies with a proven track record. These companies have consistently performed well over an extended period of time.

What is a lock-in period?

The lock-in period refers to the duration during which your investment in a mutual fund remains inaccessible. While many mutual funds do not have any lock-in period, tax-saving schemes like ELSS have the shortest lock-in period of 3 years among all 80C investment options. The lock-in period is calculated from the date of investment and may vary for SIPs.

Is KYC mandatory for BLACK?

All fund houses require KYC for investors. If you choose to invest through BLACK, completing your KYC process is only required once. This same KYC will be applicable for any future investments as well.

Understanding the Mandate (Auto-SIP) Concept

A Mandate is a one-time registration that allows you to authorize your bank account to deduct a fixed amount of money from your account on a daily basis for investing in an SIP portfolio. Once you have registered for the Mandate, there is no need to go through the payment process every time you make an investment in the SIP.

The cost ratio of SBI Magnum Midcap Fund Direct Plan Growth

The asset under management (AUM) value indicates the total value of investments managed by the SBI Magnum Midcap Fund. As on 31/12/2023, this fund holds an impressive AUM worth ₹15,957 Crores. Being categorized as a medium-sized fund implies that it falls between small-cap and large-cap funds in terms of investment size.

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Investors should carefully evaluate whether the potential returns from investing in SBI Magnum Midcap Fund outweigh its higher expenses when compared to alternative options available in the market. Conducting thorough research and comparing various mid-cap funds can help individuals make informed decisions based on their financial goals and risk appetite.

Is a long-term investment in mid cap mutual funds secure?

What is the ideal investment time horizon for a Mid Cap mutual fund? These funds have a reputation for delivering strong performance over the long term. Therefore, if you invest in these funds for an extended period, you can expect to see positive results.

What is magnum midcap fund in SBI?

SBI Magnum Midcap Fund Direct Plan Growth is a mutual fund that focuses on selecting stocks from the mid cap category, which includes stocks ranked between 100 to 250 by market capitalization. This means that the fund invests in companies of medium size, offering a balance between risk and growth potential. SBI Mutual Fund manages this fund, providing investors with an opportunity to diversify their portfolio and potentially earn higher returns.