Sbi Magnum Multiplier Plus 1993

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The objective of the SBI Magnum Multiplier Plus 1993 is to offer investors the opportunity for long-term capital growth while also providing them with the flexibility and ease of an open-ended investment scheme. This scheme aims to invest in a varied range of high-growth company stocks, ensuring diversification and potential returns for investors.

Structure :

The entry load for investments below Rs. 5 crores is 2.25%, while there is no entry load for investments of Rs. 5 crores and above.

Exit Load :

In case of early redemption within 6 months and for amounts below 5 crores, a fee of 1% will be charged. However, if the amount exceeds 5 crores, no exit load will be applicable.

Daily NAV & Price:

1. SBI Magnum Multiplier Fund – REGULAR PLAN -Dividend had a Net Asset Value (NAV) of 109.2437 on 14th December 2017, with a repurchase price of 108.1513 and sale price of 109.2437.

2. SBI Magnum Multiplier Fund – REGULAR PLAN -Growth had a Net Asset Value (NAV) of 216.5261 on 14th December 2017, with a repurchase price of 214.3608 and sale price of 216.5261.

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Rukhminidevi Satyanarayan Agrawal and Saroj Chaturvedi discussed the process of repurchasing units in SBI Magnum Multiplier Plus 1993.

Ram Naresh Roy and Vineeta Roy received a message from Birender Singh, who expressed his intention to sell 423 units of SBI Magnum Multiplier Plus 93 (Growth) scheme. He requested information on the procedure for selling these units.

tm shafiulla sheikh: Can you please guide me on how to sell my units?

Dr. Mittal recently announced the most recent dividend payout.

Kesanakurthi Veera Venkata Satyanarayana Murthy is a name that holds significance in the field of finance and investments.

The updated name of SBI Magnum Multiplier Scheme 1990 is?

SBI Magnum Equity Fund is set to undergo a transformation and will be known as SBI Magnum Equity ESG Fund. This thematic fund will focus on investing in companies that adhere to the principles of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) themes. By adopting this approach, the fund aims to support sustainable practices and responsible business conduct.

P.S: These updates reflect SBIs continuous efforts towards enhancing their product offerings based on investor preferences and market dynamics. The introduction of SBI Large & Midcap Fund provides investors with exposure to a diversified portfolio comprising both established large-cap companies as well as promising mid-cap firms – offering potential for capital appreciation over time while managing risk effectively.

What is the SBI Magnum Mutual Fund rate?

2. This fund has shown impressive returns over different time periods. Over the past year, it has provided a return of 38.02%. Looking at longer-term performance, the fund has delivered returns of 23.68% over three years and 24.42% over five years since its launch. These figures indicate that investors have seen significant growth in their investments with this fund.

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SBI Magnum Multiplier Plus is an investment scheme offered by State Bank of India Mutual Fund (SBIMF). It aims to generate long-term capital appreciation by investing in a diversified portfolio consisting primarily of equity and equity-related securities.

What does the Magnum Tax Profit Scheme entail?

The primary goal of the SBI Magnum Tax Gain Scheme is to provide investors with the chance to invest in a diverse range of investments, such as equity mutual funds, that offer tax-saving benefits. By investing in this scheme, individuals can avail tax benefits of up to Rs 1.5 lakh under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961.