Sbi Po 2021 Result Link

The organization responsible for conducting SBI exams announces the SBI PO result. This article provides information on how candidates can check their SBI PO result for upcoming exams.

How To Check SBI PO Result

To view the SBI PO result, there are two essential factors that need to be considered.

The Roll Number and Registration Number are required for accessing the SBI PO 2021 result.

Here are the instructions that aspirants can follow to view the SBI PO result for the upcoming examinations.

Candidates can easily access the SBI PO result for the upcoming SBI exams by simply following the steps mentioned above.

SBI PO Result – Prelims

The SBI PO Prelims result has been announced for the preliminary examination. It includes the names of candidates who have successfully cleared the prelims and are eligible to appear for the mains exam.

The organizing authority announces the marks obtained by all candidates in the preliminary examination, regardless of whether they pass or fail the exam.

Here are the significant dates for the SBI PO prelims exam results:

SBI PO Prelims Result has been announced on different dates in various years. In 2023, the result was declared on November 21st. For the year 2020, it was released on January 18th, 2021. Similarly, in 2019, the result came out on June 29th.

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Here are the crucial dates for the SBI PO Result of the mains examination.

SBI PO Result – Final

Here are the key dates announced for the SBI PO final result.

SBI PO Result – Final

Year SBI PO Result Date

2023 TBA

2019 October 18, 2019

2018 November 1, 2018

The SBI PO exam is known for its difficulty and requires candidates to be thoroughly prepared before taking the online exams or attending the interview phase.

To succeed in the SBI PO exam on their initial try, candidates must demonstrate dedication and a strong work ethic during their preparation.

The SBI PO exam has witnessed a significant rise in the number of participants in recent years, leading to elevated cut-off marks and intensified competition. Therefore, it is crucial for candidates to adequately prepare themselves for the upcoming SBI PO 2021 examination.

Here are some suggestions that candidates can consider to improve their SBI PO result:

1. It is advisable to solve a considerable number of practice papers and mock tests, as this will enhance your understanding of the types of questions that are typically asked in the SBI PO exam.

2. Attempting previous year question papers for SBI PO can be beneficial as it allows candidates to gauge the difficulty level of the examination.

3. To achieve better results in the SBI PO exam, candidates should develop a well-planned study schedule and diligently adhere to it during their preparation.

4. Allocating equal time for each subject while preparing for the SBI PO exam is crucial.

Here are some suggestions that can assist candidates in enhancing their exam preparation and achieving a good score in the upcoming SBI PO result.

SBI PO Result 2021 – Cut Off Marks

The SBI PO 2023 notification was released on September 6, 2023. Candidates can check the SBI PO cut off for reference.

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How to verify my SBI exam outcome?

Remember that accessing exam results online is just one example of how technology has made our lives easier. With just a few clicks from anywhere with an internet connection, candidates can quickly obtain their scores without having to visit physical locations or wait for postal mail delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions for SBI PO Result

No, the SBI PO result cannot be accessed offline. The official website of SBI is the only platform where candidates can download the list of shortlisted candidates.

SBI PO Cut Off: How can I check it?

The State Bank of India (SBI) publishes the SBI PO cut off on its official website. To view the SBI PO cut off, candidates can input their roll number/registration number and password/date of birth.

How to check the SBI PO result online?

Here are the instructions to view the SBI PO result:

Are the SBI PO prelims and mains results announced separately?

Indeed, the SBI PO preliminary and main results are announced separately. The preliminary result of SBI PO reveals the names of candidates who have qualified for the main examination, while the main result discloses the names of candidates shortlisted for the interview phase.

Number of candidates chosen for SBI PO mains?

Total Applicants: The number of candidates who applied for SBI PO 2024 was approximately 10 lakhs.

Vacancy: A total of 2000 vacancies were announced for the SBI PO recruitment.

Mains Qualification: Considering a consistent selection ratio, it can be estimated that around 20,000 candidates would have qualified for the mains examination.


– Total Applicants: Approximately 10 lakhs

– Vacancy: 2000

– Mains Qualification Estimate: Around 20,000 candidates

How to verify my SBI PO Result 2023?

After submitting the necessary information, wait for a few seconds as the website processes your request. Once done, your SBI PO Mains Result 2023 will be displayed on the screen. Make sure to save a copy of it or take a screenshot for future reference.

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Checking my SBI result in 2023

To access the SBI PO 2021 result, candidates need to follow these steps:

1. Visit the official website of SBI at

What is the SBI website?

The Internet banking portal of our bank,, offers a convenient and accessible platform for our retail banking customers to manage their accounts. With this online service, customers can now operate their accounts from anywhere at any time, eliminating the limitations imposed by geographical location and time constraints. This user-friendly portal provides a seamless experience for users to perform various banking activities such as checking account balances, transferring funds between accounts, paying bills, and much more.

By utilizing, customers no longer need to visit physical branches or adhere to specific operating hours. They have the freedom to access their accounts 24/7 through a secure login process. This flexibility empowers individuals with busy schedules or those residing in remote areas to conveniently handle their financial transactions without any hassle.

How to verify my SBI PO prelims scores?


– Candidates can now check their prelims marks using the SBI PO Scorecard 2023.

– The score card provides information about your accuracy rate in the exam.

What is the role of a scale 1 officer in SBI?

SBI PO is a Scale 1 Officer, also known as Junior Management Grade Scale-I. The starting Basic Pay for SBI PO is INR 41,960 with 4 advance increments in the scale of 36000-1490/7-46430-1740/2-49910-1990/7-63840.

1. SBI PO is a Scale 1 Officer.

2. It falls under the category of Junior Management Grade Scale-I.

3. The starting Basic Pay for SBI PO is INR 41,960.

4. There are four advance increments in the salary scale:

– First increment: Rs.36,000

– Second increment: Rs.14,90

– Third increment: Rs.46,430

– Fourth increment: Rs.17,40

5.The final salary range after all increments ends at INR 63,840.