Hand Written Declaration For Sbi Po

Candidates have a golden opportunity to become Probationary Officers at the State Bank of India, as there are 2,000 vacancies available. Those interested in applying must carefully review the SBI PO Handwritten Declaration format, which is an essential part of the application process and should be written by the candidate in their own handwriting following specific guidelines. This article provides comprehensive information on the SBI PO Handwritten Declaration for 2023.

Handwritten Declaration for SBI PO

According to the official notification, candidates applying for SBI PO 2023 must upload specific documents such as photos, signatures, and thumb impressions along with the handwritten declaration. It is important for applicants to carefully follow the prescribed format and dimensions of these documents to prevent any complications during the online application process. In this section, we have provided comprehensive details regarding the SBI PO Handwritten Declaration 2023.

Sample Format for Handwritten Declaration for SBI PO

The SBI PO 2023 official notification provides a template for the Handwritten Declaration that candidates must submit to SBI. A sample of this declaration is included, which can be used by candidates with necessary modifications in personal details.

The content of the handwritten declaration is as follows:

“I_(Name of the candidate), _(Date of Birth) hereby declare that all the information submitted by me in the application form is correct, true, and valid. I will present the supporting documents as and when required. The signature, photograph, and left-hand thumb impression is of mine”

Important Dates for SBI PO Handwritten Declaration

The last date to submit the SBI PO Handwritten Declaration 2023 is 27th September 2023. Candidates can refer to the given dates for important information regarding the SBI PO 2023 Handwritten Declaration.

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SBI PO Handwritten Declaration 2023: Important Dates for SBI PO Notification 2023 are as follows:

– Release of SBI PO Notification 2023: September 6, 2023

– Starting Date to Apply for SBI PO 2023: September 7, 2023

– Last Date to Apply for SBI PO 2023: September 27, 2023

SBI PO Document Format: A Guide

The handwritten declaration file for SBI PO should be in the jpg/jpeg format. The dimension of the handwritten declaration should be 800 x 400 pixels with a resolution of 200 DPI, which is preferred for optimal quality. This translates to a size of 10 cm x 5 cm (Width x Height). The file size for SBI PO should range from 50kb to 100kb.

– File type: jpg/jpeg

– Dimension: 800 x 400 pixels

– Resolution: 200 DPI

– Size: 10 cm x 5 cm (Width x Height)

– File size: between 50kb and 100kb

Handwritten Declaration for SBI PO 2023: Sample Size

It is crucial for candidates to adhere to the specified dimensions and file size when applying online for SBI PO 2023. Failure to meet these requirements may result in difficulties during the application process. Here are the specifications for the sample size of the handwritten declaration for SBI PO 2023.

SBI PO Handwritten Declaration 2023: Sample Size

Document Name Dimensions File Size

Hand Written Declaration 2023 800 x 400 pixels 50 KB – 100 KB

Signature 140 x 60 pixels 10 KB –20 KB

Left Thumb Impression 240 x240 pixels20 KB –50KB

Photograph200x230 pixel20KB–50KB

Understanding the Handwritten Declaration Document in India

The handwritten declaration for SBI PO is a statement that candidates have to write in their own handwriting. In this statement, they need to mention their name and declare that all the information they have provided in the application form for SBI PO is accurate, true, and valid.

This handwritten declaration is an important step in the application process for SBI PO. It ensures that candidates take personal responsibility for the information they provide. By writing it themselves, it shows their commitment towards being honest and transparent about their details.

Handwritten Declaration for SBI PO 2023: Essential Instructions

When submitting the Handwritten Declaration for SBI PO 2023, candidates are required to adhere to the specified guidelines provided below.

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Candidates are required to adhere to the provided sample format when writing their handwritten declaration for SBI PO. The declaration must be written clearly in English using black ink on white paper. It is important that the candidate writes the declaration themselves and not someone else, and it should not be written in any other language. Writing the SBI PO Handwritten Declaration 2023 in capital letters will not be accepted; it must be written in lowercase letters. The dimensions of the sample should measure 800 x 400 pixels, with a file size between 50 – 100 kb. Additionally, the file should be saved in JPG/JPEG format.

Understanding the concept of declaration in SBI forms

The SBI Clerk handwritten declaration is a legal statement where candidates declare that the information provided by them in the application is true, accurate, and complete to the best of their knowledge.

Procedure for Uploading Handwritten Declaration for SBI PO

Here are the instructions you should follow to upload the handwritten declaration for SBI PO 2023.

Find the handwritten declaration file on your device and select it for uploading. Make sure to review the preview of the SBI PO handwritten declaration to ensure it is clear and meets all requirements. Verify that the content is easily readable and legible. If necessary, make any adjustments or corrections to meet the standards. Once you are satisfied with the preview, proceed with submitting your application form.

SBI PO Handwritten Declaration 2023 information can be found in Hindi. Discover the details by checking it out.

Is there a descriptive paper in SBI PO?


– The Descriptive paper is an important part of the SBI PO assessment.

– It is included in the mains exam.

– Strong knowledge of English language and vocabulary is necessary to excel in this section.

Creating my own declaration: How can I do it?

Next, articulate the values that hold significant meaning in your life. These values serve as guiding principles that shape your decisions, actions, and interactions with others. They represent the truths you have discovered along your journey and have become a central theme in defining who you are.

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Now, make a list of the issues or challenges that resonate with you deeply. These could be societal problems or personal struggles that ignite a sense of responsibility within you. Identify these issues clearly so that they can be addressed effectively.

Once you have identified the issues at hand, it is crucial to determine how you respond to them. Reflect on how these challenges align with your values and purpose in life. Consider what actions or initiatives can be taken to address these concerns proactively.

P.S: It is important not only to understand yourself but also embrace it wholeheartedly while recognizing the potential for growth and development along this journey of self-discovery.

Declaration format: What does it entail?

– Declaration forms are used to gather necessary information in various situations.

– They ensure that individuals provide accurate and honest details.

– Declaration forms may be required for official purposes, such as applying for loans or opening bank accounts.

– Common details requested on declaration forms include personal identification, contact information, financial status, and any other relevant data.

– Handwritten declarations are often accepted but must be legible and written neatly in black ink.

– It is important to read all instructions carefully before filling out a declaration form to avoid mistakes or omissions.

Remember, when completing a hand-written declaration for SBI PO (State Bank of India Probationary Officer) exam or any other purpose, ensure your handwriting is clear and follow all guidelines provided by the organization.

What do hand written notes do?

When we write by hand, our brains are actively involved in the process. The physical act of holding a pen or pencil and forming letters stimulates various sensory receptors in our fingers, hands, and arms. This tactile engagement creates a stronger connection between our minds and what we are writing down. As a result, information is more effectively processed and encoded into long-term memory.

Overall, embracing handwritten declaration for SBI PO exams can significantly improve learning outcomes due to its positive impact on comprehension and retention abilities. The combination of physical involvement along with cognitive engagement fosters an effective learning experience that goes beyond mere transcription of words onto paper or screens.