Sbi Savings Fund Direct Growth

Invest with ease and see your investments grow by following a straightforward three-step process. Experience the benefits of hassle-free investing and enjoy the rewards it brings.

Which SBI Mutual Fund is the top choice for a 3-year investment period?

SBI Equity Hybrid Fund Direct Growth is a focused equity fund offered by SBI. This direct plan comes with lower risk and has an exit load of 1%. Over the past 3-5 years, it has consistently outperformed the benchmark index. It is highly regarded as one of the top mutual fund SIP plans from SBI on our list.

– Focuses on equity investments

– Offers a direct plan with lower risk

– Imposes a 1% exit load

– Demonstrates consistent outperformance compared to the benchmark index

– Recognized as one of the best mutual fund SIP plans from SBI

Frequently Asked Questions

Debt funds are a type of investment that primarily focuses on fixed income securities such as corporate bonds, treasury bills, government securities, and other money market instruments.

Who should consider investing in a debt fund?

Debt funds are suitable for investors who prefer a steady income and have a low tolerance for risk. These funds exhibit lower volatility compared to equity funds, making them less risky options.

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What is the meaning of liquid funds?

Liquid funds are a category of mutual funds that have a brief maturity period, typically less than 91 days. Due to their short-term nature, they offer minimal risk and can be easily withdrawn without any charges or penalties.

What is a lock-in period?

The lock-in period refers to the duration during which your funds will be held in the mutual fund. While many mutual funds do not have a lock-in period, tax-saving schemes like ELSS have a minimum lock-in period of 3 years, which is the shortest compared to other investment options eligible for tax deduction under section 80C. The lock-in period starts from the date of investment and may vary for SIPs (Systematic Investment Plans).

Is KYC mandatory for BLACK?

All fund houses require KYC for investors. If you choose to invest through BLACK, you only need to complete the KYC process once, and it will be valid for all future investments.

Understanding the Auto-SIP Mandate: A Comprehensive Overview

A Mandate is a single registration that allows you to authorize your bank account to automatically deduct a specific amount of money each day for investing in a SIP portfolio. Once you have registered for the Mandate, you no longer need to go through the payment process every time you want to invest in the SIP.

The exit load for SBI equity savings fund direct growth

The SBI Equity Savings Fund Direct Growth is a type of investment that carries a moderately high level of risk. This means that while it has the potential for higher returns, there is also a greater chance of losing money compared to lower-risk investments. To start investing in this fund through Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), you need to contribute at least 500 rupees regularly. If you prefer making a lump sum investment instead, the minimum amount required is 1000 rupees.

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– The SBI Equity Savings Fund Direct Growth offers potentially higher returns but comes with moderately high risk.

– You can start investing in this fund through SIP with at least 500 rupees or make a lump sum investment starting from 1000 rupees.

– If you choose to redeem your investment within 15 days, there will be an exit load fee of 0.10%.

Is the money secure in SBI Mutual Fund?

Investing in mutual funds always involves a certain level of risk, as the returns you receive are connected to the performance of the market. It is important to understand that no Asset Management Company (AMC) can guarantee the safety of your capital. However, SBI Mutual Fund is a highly reputable AMC in India with a track record spanning nearly three decades. In fact, it is currently the largest mutual fund company in terms of Assets Under Management (AUM).

SBI Mutual Fund offers various investment options for individuals looking to grow their savings. By investing in their Savings Fund Direct Growth scheme, investors have an opportunity to potentially earn higher returns compared to traditional savings accounts or fixed deposits.

SBI overnight fund: What is it?

The SBI Savings Fund Direct Growth scheme aims to offer investors the chance to invest in overnight securities that mature on the next business day. The fund benchmark for this scheme is the CRISIL Liquid Overnight Index.


– The scheme provides an opportunity for investors to invest in overnight securities.

– These securities have a maturity period of one business day.

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– The fund follows the CRISIL Liquid Overnight Index as its benchmark.