Sbi Po Vacancy 2022 State Wise

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State-wise Vacancies for SBI PO 2022

The official website of SBI has published the SBI PO Notification, announcing the total number of vacancies available for the probationary officer position. According to the notification, there are a total of 1673 vacancies that will be filled by SBI this year. Out of these, 1600 are regular vacancies and there are also 73 backlog vacancies.

This article contains all the essential information regarding the state-wise vacancies for SBI PO 2022, as well as the vacancies from previous years.

SBI PO Recruitment 2022 State-wise Vacancies Announced

The SBI has recently announced the details of the SBI PO Vacancy 2022 through its official notification. The State Bank of India is preparing to hire eligible candidates for the SBI PO 2022 exam, which offers a promising salary and opportunities for career advancement. This recruitment drive will fill both regular and backlog vacancies for the financial year 2022-23.

Is it possible to pass the SBI PO exam within 2 months?

Yes, it is possible to pass the SBI PO exam with just two months of dedicated preparation. However, achieving this requires some additional effort on your part. Firstly, you need to put in extra hours of hard work to ensure that you cover the entire syllabus thoroughly. This means studying consistently and efficiently during these two months.

It is essential to focus on all the important topics that are likely to be covered in the exam. By identifying these key areas, you can allocate more time and attention towards understanding and mastering them. This will increase your chances of scoring well in those sections.

SBI PO Recruitment 2022 State-wise Vacancies

SBI has published the SBI PO vacancy 2022 in the official notification of SBI PO 2022. Take a look at the current year vacancies in the table given below and compare this year’s vacancy with last year’s vacancies as well:

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SBI PO Vacancy 2022: State-wise Distribution

Here is a breakdown of the SBI PO vacancies for different categories in 2022:

– Scheduled Caste (SC): There are 240 regular vacancies and 30 backlog vacancies.

– Scheduled Tribe (ST): There are 120 regular vacancies and 11 backlog vacancies.

– Other Backward Classes (OBC): There are 432 regular vacancies and 32 backlog vacancies.

– Economically Weaker Section (EWS): There are 160 regular vacancies.

– General Category: There are 648 regular vacancies.

In total, there are a combined number of 1,600 regular vacancies and an additional number of73 backlogvacancies. This brings the total number of SBI POvacancies to1673.

Additionally, thereare16vacanciesfor Visually Impaired candidates(16regularand2backlog),16for Hearing Impaired candidates(16regularand20backlog),and16for Locomotor Disability candidates(16regularand5backlog).

SBI PO Salary Scale: What is it?

The starting monthly salary for SBI PO is between INR 52000- INR 55000, with a basic pay of INR 41,960. The annual gross compensation ranges from a minimum of 8.20 Lakhs to a maximum of INR 13.08 lakhs.


– Initial in-hand salary: Between INR 52000- INR 55000 per month

– Basic pay: INR 41,960

– Gross compensation (minimum): 8.20 Lakhs per annum

– Gross compensation (maximum): INR 13.08 lakhs per annum

SBI PO Vacancy 2022: State-wise Distribution

SBI PO Vacancy 2022: State-Wise Distribution

The SBI has announced the vacancies for the position of Probationary Officer (PO) in various states across India. The number of vacancies is different for each category, including SC, ST, OBC, EWS, and General. There are regular vacancies as well as backlog vacancies that need to be filled.

For SC candidates, there are 300 regular vacancies and 24 backlog vacancies. Similarly, there are 150 regular vacancies and 12 backlog vacancies for ST candidates. OBC candidates can apply for 540 regular vacancies and 20 backlog vacancies.

There are also opportunities for EWS and General category candidates with a total of 2000 regular vacancies available. However, there are no specified backlog vacancies for these categories.

In addition to the above categories, there are reserved seats specifically designated for persons with disabilities (PWD). These include LD (Locomotor Disability), VI (Visual Impairment), and HI (Hearing Impairment). Each PWD category has a set number of vacant positions allocated to it.

Overall, the total number of SBI PO vaca

Can I crack SBI PO in 1 month?

Key Points: It is possible to successfully pass the SBI PO examination within a month by adopting an effective strategy and maintaining consistent preparation. One crucial aspect is regularly attempting mock tests and carefully analyzing any mistakes made.

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Consistent preparation is key to success in any competitive exam, including the SBI PO. Create a study schedule that allows for regular practice sessions throughout the day. Make sure to revise previously learned concepts while also dedicating enough time for new topics. Staying disciplined and committed will help build confidence as you progress towards your goal.

Mock tests are invaluable tools when preparing for the SBI PO examination. They provide an opportunity to simulate real test conditions and assess your performance accurately. Attempting these tests regularly will help identify weak areas that require additional focus during revision. Analyzing mistakes made during mock tests enables you to understand your shortcomings better, allowing you to rectify them before appearing for the actual exam.

For instance, if you consistently struggle with quantitative aptitude questions during mock tests, dedicate extra time each day specifically for practicing this section until you feel confident about it. Similarly, if English language comprehension poses difficulties, consider reading newspapers or books daily to improve vocabulary and comprehension skills.

SBI PO Vacancy 2022 State-wise: Frequently Asked Questions

A.1 The SBI PO Vacancy 2022 information was made available by the State Bank of India on September 21, 2022 through its official notification.

Answer: The SBI PO Recruitment 2022 has announced a total of 1673 vacancies for the year 2022.

Number of SBI PO 2023 applicants?

P.S: The significant number of applications received by SBI reflects not only the aspirational value attached to becoming an SBI PO but also emphasizes the trust that job seekers place in this esteemed organization.

Number of seats available in SBI PO 2023?

The State Bank of India (SBI) has recently released the official SBI PO Notification 2023, announcing the vacancies for the position of Probationary Officers (PO). For the fiscal year 2023-24, SBI is offering a total of 2000 vacancies across various states in India. This presents a great opportunity for aspiring candidates to join one of the leading banks in the country.

The SBI PO Vacancy 2023 is distributed state-wise, providing equal opportunities for candidates from different regions. The bank aims to recruit talented individuals who possess strong analytical and problem-solving skills, along with excellent communication and leadership abilities. Aspiring candidates must meet certain eligibility criteria such as age limit, educational qualifications, and nationality requirements as specified by SBI.

P.S: It is important for interested candidates to carefully go through the official notification released by SBI regarding the specific details about state-wise vacancies and other important information related to application procedures and selection process.

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How difficult is the SBI PO exam?

The SBI PO exam is well-known for being challenging because it attracts a large number of applicants each year. With limited positions available, the competition becomes intense, making it difficult for candidates to secure a job as a Probationary Officer in the State Bank of India. To succeed in this exam, candidates need to prepare rigorously and meet high standards.

Here are some key points about the SBI PO vacancy state-wise:

1. The State Bank of India (SBI) conducts the SBI PO exam every year to recruit eligible candidates as Probationary Officers across various states in India.

2. The vacancies for SBI PO are distributed among different states based on factors such as population, branch network, and business requirements.

3. Each state has its own specific number of vacancies for which aspiring candidates can apply.

4. Candidates must fulfill certain eligibility criteria such as age limit, educational qualifications, and citizenship to be considered for these vacancies.

5. It is important for candidates to keep track of the state-wise vacancies announced by SBI through official notifications or websites.

The number of applicants for bank PO 2022?

The SBI PO vacancy for 2022 has generated a lot of interest among aspiring bankers in India. The State Bank of India (SBI) conducts this exam, which is considered one of the most popular banking exams in the country. Every year, lakhs of candidates appear for the SBI PO exam to secure a prestigious job in the banking sector.

According to data from the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS), a total of 5.74 lakh candidates registered for the SBI PO exam in 2022. Out of these, around 4.37 lakh candidates actually appeared for the examination. This shows how competitive and sought-after these vacancies are.

The SBI PO vacancy is state-wise, meaning that there are specific vacancies available across different states in India. Candidates can apply based on their preferred state or region while keeping track of state-wise vacancies released by SBI during its recruitment process.

– The SBI PO vacancy refers to job openings at State Bank of India.

– It is one of the most popular banking exams in India.

– In 2022, around 5.74 lakh candidates registered and about 4.37 lakh appeared for this exam.

– Vacancies are distributed state-wise across different regions within India.