How To Renew Sbi Debit Card

This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to renew your SBI debit card. Whether your card is about to expire or has already expired, it is important to know the process of renewal in order to continue using your card for various financial transactions. By following these instructions, you can easily renew your SBI debit card and ensure uninterrupted access to banking services.

How to Request for SBI Debit Card Renewal?

  • You can place a request to reissue a card against lost/stolen card through
    • Website
    • Mobile app
    • By writing to us at
    • By calling us at our helpline

    How to Request SBI Debit Card Renewal via Website

    Log on to > Click on the ‘Request”> Click on “Reissue/Replace Card” > Select the card number > Click ‘Submit’

    How to Request SBI Debit Card Renewal Using Mobile App

    To renew your SBI debit card, first, open the sbicard mobile app and access the menu tab. From there, select the service request option and choose to reissue or replace your card. Next, pick the specific card number you want to renew and submit your request.

    How to renew an expired SBI debit card?

    To renew your SBI ATM/Debit Card, start by visiting the official website of SBI. Once there, log in to your account using the username and password provided to you. This will ensure that you have secure access to your personal banking information.

    When can I expect to receive my reissued SBI debit card?

    After making the request to reissue/replace card, you will get the new card in 7 working days. However, it may take some more time depending upon your location.

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    Does SBI automatically renew ATM cards?

    Validity of the Card:

    – The duration for which the Card remains valid is indicated on the front side of the Card.

    – The Card remains valid until the last day of its expiration month.

    Renewal of Card:

    – Upon expiry, the Bank will automatically renew and replace the Card at no additional cost.

    Q5. Are there any charges for card replacement or reissuance?

    If you need to get a new SBI debit card, there will be a fee of Rs 100 plus taxes that you have to pay for the reissue or replacement.

    How can I renew my expired debit card?

    After completing these steps, you will need to wait for the new card to be delivered to your registered address. It is important that you provide a correct and up-to-date address during this process. Keep track of any notifications or updates from your bank regarding the delivery status of your new card.

    In case you encounter any issues or have specific queries related to renewing your debit card, it is advisable to contact customer care for assistance. You can reach out via phone call using the provided customer care number mentioned on their official website or mobile app. When speaking with a representative, clearly explain that you would like help with renewing your debit card.

    During this conversation with customer care, they may ask certain questions as part of identity verification procedures. Be prepared to provide accurate information such as personal details (name, date of birth), account number, and any other relevant information requested by them.

    Once customer care has successfully verified your identity over the call and addressed all concerns regarding renewal requirements or documentation if applicable, they will proceed with processing a request for a new debit card on behalf of yours.

    The newly issued card will then be sent via mail service directly at the address associated with your account within a specified timeframe communicated by them.

    How to Activate a New SBI Debit Card

    You can login to your SBI Card account at to activate your card or write to us at You may also call us on our helpline number 1860 180 1290 or 39 02 02 02 (prefix local STD code) to activate your card.

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    Is it possible to renew my debit card online?

    If you do not receive a new debit card as the expiration date approaches, it is advisable to contact your bank to request a replacement. You can either call your bank or access your online account to initiate the process of obtaining a new card.


    – Contact your bank if you do not receive a replacement debit card before its expiration date.

    – To request a new card, you can either call your bank or use their online banking platform.

    – Ensure that you follow up with your bank in order to obtain a replacement for the expired debit card.

    Q7. Is my Account Number distinct from Card Number?

    The SBI Card Account Number and the Card Number are not the same; they have different identification numbers.

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    The duration for SBI debit card renewal

    To renew your SBI debit card, follow these steps:

    1. Visit the nearest SBI branch: Go to your nearest State Bank of India branch and approach a bank representative at the customer service desk.

    2. Fill out an application form: Request an application form for a new debit card and fill it out with accurate information. Make sure to provide all necessary details such as your account number, name, address, and contact information.

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    3. Submit required documents: Along with the filled-out application form, submit any additional documents that may be required by the bank. This could include identity proof (such as Aadhaar Card or PAN Card) and address proof (such as utility bills or rental agreement).

    4. Pay applicable fees: There might be a nominal fee associated with renewing your SBI debit card. Inquire about this fee at the bank counter and make payment accordingly.

    5. Collect acknowledgment receipt: After submitting all necessary documents and paying fees, collect an acknowledgment receipt from the bank representative for future reference.

    6.Wait for delivery: Your new SBI debit card will be processed by the bank after verifying all submitted information and completing necessary formalities. It should reach you within 7 working days; however, do keep in mind that this timeline may vary based on where you live.

    Remember to activate your new SBI debit card once it arrives by following instructions provided along with it or through internet banking/mobile banking services offered by State Bank of India.

    Consequences of SBI debit card expiry

    To begin the process of renewing your SBI ATM card, visit your nearest branch or contact their customer service helpline. They will guide you through the necessary steps and provide you with an application form for renewal. Fill out all required details accurately and submit it along with any additional documents they may require.

    Once submitted, it may take some time for processing and issuance of the renewed ATM card. The bank will inform you about when and where to collect your new card once it is ready.

    P.S: Remember to carry valid identification proof such as Aadhaar Card or PAN Card while visiting the bank branch for renewal purposes.

    Is online banking still accessible with an expired card?

    Digital banking offers a wide range of convenient services that allow users to manage their finances seamlessly. With just a few clicks or taps on your smartphone or computer, you can easily check your account balance, view transaction history, pay bills online, transfer funds between accounts, and much more. These features remain accessible even after the expiration of your debit card.