Yono Lite Sbi Login Problem

YONO Lite SBI Login Problem is a common issue faced by users of the YONO app in India. Many people rely on this app for their banking, shopping, and investment needs. However, there have been instances where users encounter difficulties while trying to log in to the YONO Lite SBI platform. This can be frustrating as it hinders them from accessing various services such as banking transactions, insurance management, investments tracking, and daily shopping activities.

YONO offers a range of features and services for SBI Card users.

– Customers can track their application status through the Yono Lite SBI platform.

– The platform allows customers to retrieve their previous applications if needed.

– Instant decisions are made regarding the applications.

– Payment using a card

– Benefits or perks received

– Record of past transactions

– Ability to use the card internationally

You can reach out to SBI through their toll-free number at 1800 1111 01 or by contacting the nearest branch of SBI.

You can log on to the Yono app/portal with your online SBI login credentials or account details including ATM Card. On the mobile app, you can set up a 6-digit MPIN that can be used for login in future. In case you do not have both your online SBI login credentials and ATM card, please visit your SBI branch.

MPIN is a 6-digit numerical password that allows users to access the app.

YONO Lite SBI Login Issue

Step 2: Input the username and password that you usually use to access sbicard.

Step 3: Click on Send OTP and enter the received OTP from your registered mobile number.

Q2. I am unable to remember my user ID or password for accessing my SBI Card online account. What should be my next course of action?

Step 3: After generating an OTP (One-Time Password), verify it by entering it correctly when prompted. The OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.

Q3. I possess an SBI Credit Card but have not yet completed the online registration process. What steps should I follow to register it now?

  • Click on “Register”. It will redirect you to SBI Cards website.
  • Enter your SBI Card no., CVV no. & Date of Birth
  • Your One Time Password (OTP) will be sent on your registered mobile no. & e-mail id. This OTP is valid for 30 min. or one successful usage
  • Enter your OTP correctly to set your user id & password and complete the registration process

Yono Lite Sbi Login Issue

Q1. I have a different mobile number than the one registered for my SBI Credit Card. How can I update it?

To update your mobile number on Yono Lite SBI, follow these steps:

3. Generate a One-Time Password (OTP).

4. Enter the OTP that you receive on your old registered number.

If your previous mobile number that was registered is not active anymore, you have the option to submit the necessary documents.

Q2. What is the process to update my mobile number associated with SBI credit cards?

If your previous mobile number is still in use, you can log in to the sbicard.com website and follow these instructions.

To update your mobile number in the Yono Lite SBI app, follow these steps:

3. Generate a One-Time Password (OTP).

4. Enter the OTP received on your old registered number.

5. Input your new mobile number and click on ‘Submit’.

Click here to watch demo OR Login to our SBI Card Mobile App , follow these steps:

If your previous mobile number that was registered with Yono Lite SBI is not active anymore, you have the option to submit certain documents.

Q3. What is the procedure to update my Mailing/Non-Mailing Address?

To update your Mailing/Non-Mailing Address, you have the option to do so either through the SBI Card website or by contacting the SBI Card helpline. If you prefer to change your address using the website, follow these steps:

  • Login to sbicard.com & click on ‘My Profile’ option
  • Click on Address and then Edit
  • Enter the One Time Password sent on your registered mobile no.
  • Click Submit and your address will be updated
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To update your address through the SBI Card Mobile App, you need to log in and follow a few simple steps.

To resolve the Yono Lite SBI login problem, follow these steps:

1. Tap on the menu tab located at the top left corner of the app screen.

2. Below your name, there will be a yellow edit icon. Tap on it and select the address option.

3. Next to your current address, you will find another yellow edit icon. Tap on it and input your new address.

4. Generate an OTP (One-Time Password).

To update your address, you can contact the SBI Card Helpline at 1860 180 1290 or prefix your local STD code followed by 39 02 02 02.

  • Any change in the residence address requires a self–attested physical/scanned copy of the current address proof (Please click here for the list of KYC documents)
  • If proof of current residence address is not available, then please provide the below documents:-
  • Address Change Declaration Form/letter mentioning the current address. (Declaration form is updated on the SBI Card website)
  • Self-attested permanent address proof
  • Kindly mention the 16 digit card number on mail or letter/ declaration form and send it to email ID [email protected] or courier it at the postal address given below:

The address for SBI Cards & Payment Services Pvt. Ltd. SBI Card (KYC Address Change) is located in DLF Cyber City, Tower-C, Block 2, Building 3, DLF Infinity Towers on the 12th floor in Gurgaon-122002 (Haryana).

Question 4: What is the process for making a payment on my SBI Credit Card using YONO?

To settle your SBI Card dues through YONO, you can follow these steps to make a payment from your SBI transaction account.

Here are the steps to follow for making a credit card payment through YONO Lite SBI:

1. Visit the Credit Card section in YONO and choose the specific card you want to make a payment for.

3. Select your desired SBI account from which you want to initiate the payment.

Yono Lite Sbi Login Troubles

Q1. If I have misplaced my Credit Card, what actions should I take?

If your card is lost or stolen, it is important to report it to SBI Card as soon as possible. You can do this through various channels such as the YONO mobile app/web portal, SMS, SBI Card website or IVR. To block a lost or stolen card using the YONO mobile app/web portal, go to the credit cards section and select the option for services. From there, choose “block lost or stolen card” and select the specific credit card you want to block. If desired, you can also opt for reissuance by clicking on the reissue tab.

If you can recall your card number, you have the option to block your card by sending a formatted SMS from your registered mobile number.

To notify the loss or theft of your credit card on the website, you need to access sbicard.com and proceed with the following instructions.

To access your account, simply click on the Login button and enter your username and password. If you need to report a lost or stolen card, navigate to the Requests tab on the left-hand side menu and select “Report Lost/Stolen Card.” From there, choose the specific card number associated with the lost card. To have a new card issued, click on “Submit.” Alternatively, you can report a lost or stolen credit card through IVR by calling SBI Card helpline at 1860 180 1290 or 39 02 02 02 (prefix local STD Code). Follow the prompts in your preferred language and press option number two to report a lost or stolen card.

Yono Lite Sbi Login Challenges

To raise a transaction dispute, you can call SBI Card helpline 1860 180 1290 or 39 02 02 02 (Prefix local STD Code) or email us at [email protected]

Q2. How long do I have to report a dispute regarding a credit card transaction?

To resolve a transaction dispute, it is necessary to submit a written report within 70 days from the date of the statement that includes the disputed transaction.

Yono Lite Sbi Card Usage Issue

Q1. What charges are associated with my Credit Card?

Q2. What is the process to modify the transaction PIN for a Credit Card?

You can generate transaction PIN for your credit card by going to SBI cards section of YONO mobile App/ web Portal. To generate transaction PIN, login to your online account and click on ‘My Credit cards’ tab and follow these steps:

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To change your PIN on Yono Lite SBI, follow these steps:

2. Choose the card for which you want to change the PIN.

3. Generate an OTP by clicking on the relevant button.

4. Enter the OTP provided to you.

5. Input your new PIN twice and then click submit.

To create a transaction PIN using IVR, dial the SBI Card Customer Helpline number: 1860 180 1290 or 39 02 02 02 (add your local STD Code before).

Q3. What is the process of applying for an SBI Card?

To access the SBI Credit Cards page on YONO mobile App or web Portal, you have three choices to begin your application process. You can opt for the card recommended specifically for you based on your spending habits. Alternatively, you can use our simplifier tool to assist in selecting a suitable card, or directly browse through the list of available cards and make a selection. Once you have made up your mind about a particular card, you can proceed with applying for it.

Q4. How can I determine the SBI Card that I qualify for?

Visit the ‘Help me find the perfect card’ section on YONO mobile App/ web Portal to find out which SBI Card will be best suited for you. The recommendation is based on your needs and spending patterns.

Q5. I encountered difficulty in locating my town or city name from the options provided in the dropdown menu on the online form. What steps should I take to submit my application?

SBI Card offers its online application service in specific areas throughout India. If your city is not listed in the options, kindly contact the SBI Card helpline at 39 02 02 02 (remember to include the STD code for your city) or visit your nearest SBI branch.

Q6. How do I accumulate Reward Points on my card? What is the rate at which points are earned per transaction?.

The amount of reward points you earn for each transaction is determined by the type of card you have. To find out how many Reward Points are offered by different cards, please visit the Rewards section on our sbicard.com website.

Q8. What is the process to utilize the reward points on my card?

Q9. Is it possible to combine the reward points from different cards or transfer them between card accounts?

No, you cannot add or transfer your Reward Points from one SBI Card to another. Reward points can be redeemed only on SBI Card on which they have been earned.

Q10. Is there an expiration date for the Reward Points earned on my card?

Yes, you can collect your points for a maximum of 24 months from the date they were earned in the Shop & Smile Rewards Program. If you do not use your points within this time frame, they will expire. To find out how many Reward Points are expiring in a specific month, you can log in to the YONO mobile app or web portal. This information is also included in your monthly statement.

Q11. Is it possible to utilize my reward points after closing my SBI Card?

No, you cannot redeem your reward points after the closure of your card account.

Yono Lite SBI Login Troubles

Q1. Can I reissue my card through the mobile App/ web Portal if I have not blocked the card through YONO mobile App/ web Portal?

Yono Lite Sbi Login Challenge

Question 1: Even though I have used the YONO mobile app or web portal to make a payment towards my credit card balance, the “My Relationships” section still displays the amount that is due.

The payment made is reflected in your Card summary page when you click on the card number on ‘My Relationships’ page under ‘My Credit Cards’ section. The Total outstanding will be reduced to the extent payment is made. The available balance also increases accordingly.

Q2. What does “Total outstanding” mean? Why do I still see an amount in the “Total outstanding” section even after making a payment on the YONO mobile app or web portal?

The overall balance includes both the amount that has been billed and the amount that is yet to be billed. The billed amount refers to the payable sum as of the most recent statement date. On the other hand, unbilled transactions are those that have occurred since the last billing cycle and contribute to the outstanding balance that is yet to be billed.

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Q3. Why am I unable to see the payment I made in the transaction history immediately after using the YONO mobile app or web portal? How long does it usually take for the payment to appear in the transaction history on YONO mobile app or web portal?

Once the file is settled, the transaction history on YONO mobile App/ web Portal will display the payment made and any other unbilled transactions. This settlement process typically takes between 2 to 5 days.

Q4. Despite making a payment on the YONO mobile app or web portal, my remaining balance has not reduced and the available amount has not increased.

Q5. I have completed a transaction using SBI Card on the YONO mobile app/ web portal, but I am unable to locate the transaction in my transaction history.

After the settlement, you can see all your transactions in the transaction history. However, it may take 24-48 hours for unbilled transactions to appear in the history. The outstanding amount of unbilled transactions, on the other hand, is updated immediately and can be verified instantly.

Activating my SBI YONO Lite account

To create a Yono Lite SBI account, follow these steps:

1. On the registration screen, enter your desired User Name and Password.

2. Click on the REGISTER button to proceed.

3. To complete the registration process, you need to accept the Terms and Conditions by selecting the check box.

6. This activation code will remain valid for 30 minutes.

In simple terms, Yono Lite SBI is an online banking platform provided by State Bank of India (SBI) that allows users to access their bank accounts and perform various financial transactions through their smartphones or computers.

When creating a Yono Lite SBI account, you will need to provide a username and password of your choice during registration. You must also agree to the Terms and Conditions before completing the process.

Once registered, an activation code will be sent to your mobile number for verification within 30 minutes. This code ensures that only authorized individuals can access your account.

By following these steps and entering accurate information during registration, you can successfully create a Yono Lite SBI account and start enjoying its convenient banking services from anywhere at any time.


– Enter User Name and Password on the registration screen

– Accept Terms and Conditions

– Receive an activation code on registered mobile number

– Activation code remains valid for 30 minutes

How to enable my Yono SBI username and password?

Step 2: Another way to register for Yono Lite SBI is by visiting the nearest SBI ATM. Once there, follow these steps:

1. Insert your debit card into the ATM machine.

2. Select the language of your preference.

3. Enter your PIN.

5. Enter your registered mobile number when prompted.

6. Confirm that the entered mobile number is correct.

P.S.: Ensure that you have a valid and active SIM card inserted in your phone while registering at an ATM as an OTP (One-Time Password) will be sent via SMS during this process.

The malfunction of my Yono SBI app

like any software application, the YONO SBI app can experience technical issues that may result in it not working as intended. These issues could be related to server problems, connectivity issues, bugs, glitches, or other software-related problems.

Resetting Yono Lite: How can I do it?

In case you encounter any difficulties while logging into or using the YONO Lite SBI application, reaching out to customer support would be advisable. They are equipped to assist users facing login problems or provide guidance on resolving any technical issues that may arise during usage of their services

What occurs if I cannot recall my Yono SBI username?

In order to access the YONO Lite SBI platform, it is essential to have a registered mobile number. This is because during the registration or password reset process, a verification step is involved. A One-Time Password (OTP) is sent to the registered mobile number, which needs to be provided in order to complete these requests successfully.

Having a registered mobile number ensures that only authorized individuals can access their YONO Lite SBI account and maintain its security. The OTP verification adds an extra layer of protection by confirming the identity of the user before granting them access.