What Is Flexipay In Sbi Credit Card

Flexipay is a feature offered by SBI Credit Card that allows cardholders to convert their high-value purchases into easy monthly installments. This convenient option provides customers with greater flexibility in managing their expenses and budgeting effectively. With Flexipay, SBI Credit Card users can enjoy the benefits of making big-ticket purchases without worrying about immediate full payment, making it an attractive feature for those looking for more financial convenience.

Understanding the Flexipay feature of SBI Credit Card

You can choose to repay your credit card dues over a span of 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 or 24 months.

Get the benefit of a 36-month tenure when you make a booking worth Rs. 30,000 or more with Flexipay on your SBI credit card.

The processing fee for Flexipay on SBI credit cards is 1% of the transaction amount, with a maximum limit of Rs. 2000.

What are the benefits of using FlexiPay?

FlexiPay is a convenient payment solution offered by HDFC Bank, allowing customers to shop without any restrictions and pay at their convenience. This facility enables customers to buy products and services without the need for an upfront payment. With FlexiPay, you can enjoy the freedom of purchasing now and paying later.


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SBI Credit Card offers the convenience of converting your purchases into manageable installments. You can make large purchases and have the flexibility to repay them at your own pace with our flexible payment options.

You can convert your purchases into Flexipay within 30 days of the transaction. Any transaction amounting to Rs. 500 or more is eligible for conversion. The minimum booking amount required for Flexipay is Rs. 2500.

Flexipay Charges on SBI Credit Card

Flexipay in SBI Credit Card offers convenient and flexible repayment options for large transactions. There is a one-time processing fee of 1%, with a maximum limit of Rs. 2,000. In case you decide to cancel or foreclose your Flexipay plan, there will be a cancellation fee of 3% on the remaining principal amount.

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Flexipay is a facility offered to existing SBI credit cardholders to convert their big purchases into easy monthly instalments. Any SBI Card holder, with a transaction greater than ₹ 500 can convert the said transaction into Flexipay within 30 days. Please note delinquent or blocked card holders would not be able to avail this service.

There are two easy methods to instantly convert your transaction into Flexipay.

To avail of Flexipay on your SBI Credit Card, simply contact the SBI Card helpline at 39 02 02 02 (add your local STD code as a prefix) or call 1860 180 1290.

Is FlexiPay beneficial?

1. Worry-free shopping without the fear of running out of funds.

2. No fees or charges, allowing you to make the most out of your purchases.

3. Zero convenience costs and processing fees provided by HDFC Bank.

Other Lower Interest Options

Reduce your interest rates and save money by transferring your outstanding balances to SBI Card.

Balance Transfer on EMI

Move your unpaid balance to SBI Card and enjoy reduced interest rates while repaying in convenient installments. Benefit from greater savings with this flexible payment option.

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Converting SBI credit card balance to EMI: How do I do it?

Step 1: To access Flexipay on your SBI Credit Card, start by logging in to your SBI Card online account. This can be done through the official website of SBI Card. Enter your username and password to log in successfully.

Step 3: After selecting Flexipay, you will be directed to a new page where you can choose from a list of eligible purchases that can be converted into EMIs (Equated Monthly Installments). These purchases may include retail transactions made using your SBI Credit Card within a specified time frame.

P.S.: Keep in mind that not all purchases may qualify for conversion into EMIs. The eligibility criteria may vary depending on factors such as transaction amount and merchant category code (MCC).

Step 4: Once you have selected an eligible purchase, proceed by choosing the desired repayment period from the available options provided by SBI Card. Additionally, you will also need to select the corresponding interest rate applicable for converting your purchase into EMIs.

P.S.: It is important to carefully consider both the repayment period and interest rate before finalizing your decision. Make sure they align with your financial capabilities and preferences.

By following these steps, you can easily utilize Flexipay feature offered by SBI Credit Cards to convert eligible purchases into convenient monthly installments.

The definition of Flexi EMI

Flexipay is a feature offered by SBI Credit Card that allows cardholders to convert their big purchases into easy monthly installments. When you make a purchase using your credit card, instead of paying the entire amount at once, you have the option to convert it into EMIs (Equated Monthly Installments). This helps in managing your expenses more efficiently and avoids any financial burden.

The benefit of using Flexipay is that it provides flexibility in repaying large expenses over a period of time rather than paying them all at once. By converting purchases into EMIs, individuals can better plan their finances and manage their cash flow effectively. It also enables customers to enjoy certain privileges or offers associated with their SBI Credit Card while making use of this feature.

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What is the benefit of Flexipay in SBI?

Flexipay is a convenient feature provided by SBI (State Bank of India) to its credit cardholders, allowing them to convert large purchases into manageable monthly instalments. This facility is available for all existing SBI Card holders who have made a transaction exceeding ₹500 and wish to convert it into Flexipay within 30 days.

To avail this service, SBI credit cardholders simply need to contact the bank through various channels such as phone banking or online platforms within the specified timeframe. Once approved, the outstanding amount from the eligible transaction will be converted into EMIs with competitive interest rates and tenure options ranging from 3 months up to 24 months.

P.S. With Flexipay on your SBI Credit Card, you can enjoy greater financial flexibility while making significant purchases. Convert your transactions above ₹500 into easy monthly instalments today!

The interest rate for SBI Flexipay

The interest rate for the SBI credit card EMI option, known as Flexipay, is 22 percent per annum when used for a one-year period. This feature allows existing SBI credit cardholders to convert large expenses into manageable monthly installments. By opting for Flexipay, customers can avoid the burden of paying the entire amount upfront and instead spread their payments over time.

On the other hand, if customers choose to make purchases through merchants using their SBI credit cards and opt for the EMI facility, they will be charged an interest rate of 14 percent per annum for a one-year tenure. This means that by selecting this option at participating merchants, customers can enjoy a lower interest rate compared to using Flexipay directly.

Flexipay provides flexibility and convenience to SBI credit cardholders who may have financial constraints or prefer not to exhaust their savings on big-ticket purchases all at once. With this feature, individuals can plan their finances better by dividing their expenses into affordable monthly installments.