Sbi General Insurance Policy Number Format

Car insurance is a necessary requirement for all vehicle owners as per the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988. It is important to ensure that your car, being an asset, is adequately protected through insurance coverage.

Insurance provides protection for car owners and their passengers in the event of accidents or damages.

In such situations, you have the option to retrieve your car insurance information by using the registration number of your vehicle.

ever wondered how to find my car insurance policy number using your number plate, this article is for you.

Overview of Car Registration Number

Each vehicle is assigned a distinct registration number by the Regional Transport Office (RTO).

The policy number format for SBI General Insurance consists of a combination of ten alphanumeric characters, which serves as an identification code for vehicles in India.

The location where your vehicle is registered, the specific area and the current RTO series.

It is mandatory for all vehicles to display their registration number on both the front and rear sides.

How to Locate Insurance Policy Number using Vehicle Number

Insurance policy numbers are long and can be difficult to remember. Here’s how to

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Discover the policy number for your car insurance by utilizing the registration information of your vehicle.

Use Insurance Information Bureau’s (IIB) portal

IIB serves as a repository for insurance data and operates under the regulations of the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority.

To verify the status of your car insurance, you can follow a few simple steps. These guidelines are set by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI).

To access the V SEVA service on the IIB website, simply go to their homepage and click on it.

2. Enter your name, email ID, address, mobile number and car registration number.

3. Click on ‘Submit’, and the portal displays your car insurance details.

Use the VAHAN Web Portal

The VAHAN system was introduced by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways to simplify the process of registering vehicles, making it more convenient for individuals.

1. Visit the official website of VAHAN and select ‘Know

2. Create your account with VAHAN using your mobile number and email ID.

Login to the newly registered account by using your mobile number.

4. Enter your car registration number and click on ‘Vahan Search’.

The website will show all the information regarding your vehicle insurance.

SBI General Insurance Policy Number Format

You can receive information about your car insurance through SMS by typing and sending your VAHAN Car Registration Number.

SBI General Insurance Policy Number Structure

Here are some situations where you might require immediate access to your insurance information.

– In case of an accident, it is important to have your car insurance policy documents readily available.

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– When purchasing a second-hand car from either an individual or a dealer, it is advisable to verify its authenticity.

Purchase Auto Insurance

When you invest your hard-earned money in purchasing a vehicle, it is crucial to ensure the safety and security of your car.

With car insurance, you have the opportunity to safeguard both your vehicle and your dear ones. You can cover the expenses incurred by any damages to your car and ensure financial protection for yourself.

Receive help on the road when your car breaks down and obtain protection against thefts and natural disasters. Your vehicle.

General insurance policies also provide coverage for the expenses related to hospitalization that may arise from accidents. It is advisable to consult with your general insurance provider regarding this matter.

Disclaimer: The above information is indicative in nature. For more details on the risk factor, terms and conditions, please refer to the Sales Brochure and Policy Wordings carefully before concluding a sale.

Checking the status of my SBI general insurance policy

Please feel free to contact us at 1800 102 1111 for any assistance regarding our health insurance policies. Our dedicated Healthline numbers, available 24/7, are also there to support you: 1800 210 3366 and 1800 210 6366.

How can I locate my insurance policy number?

P.S. Remember, always safeguard your policy number and related documents to ensure smooth communication with SBI General Insurance regarding any queries or claims you may have in the future.

What does a 10-digit policy number mean?

A policy number is a unique number that an insurance company uses to identify you as a policyholder. The insurance companies use unique numbers to differentiate between their customers. In India, the car insurance policy number has 8-10 digits.

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What does digit policy number mean?

The policy document from Digit includes the following information:

1. Policy Number: The policy number serves as an account identification number and is issued by the insurer to the insured person. It typically consists of 8 to 10 digits.