Sbi Apprentice 2021 Exam Date

The article provides important information about the upcoming SBI Apprentice 2021 exam date. It aims to inform readers about the specific date on which this examination will be conducted. This information is crucial for individuals who are planning to appear for the SBI Apprentice exam and want to prepare accordingly. By knowing the exact date, candidates can create a study schedule and make necessary arrangements in advance. Stay tuned to find out more details about the SBI Apprentice 2021 exam date.

SBI Apprentice 2021 Cut Off Date

The SBI Apprentice exams have different cut off marks based on the category of the candidates. Below is a list of anticipated cut off marks categorized by candidate type.

The expected cut-off marks for different categories in the SBI Apprentice 2021 exam are as follows:

– General/Unreserved (GEN/UR): 70-80

– Scheduled Caste (SC): 55-65

– Scheduled Tribe (ST): 55-65

– Other Backward Classes (OBC): 60-70

– Economically Weaker Section (EWS): 70-80

– Person with Disability (PWD): 50

SBI Apprentice 2021 Examination Schedule

The information listed on the result should consist of the following details.

Here are the details that need to be provided by the applicant for the SBI Apprentice 2021 exam:

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2. Registration number

3. Category

4. Roll number

5. Date of Birth

6. Exam date

7. State/ UT applied for

8. Cut off score

10.Section-wise maximum score

11.Qualification status

SBI Apprentice Merit List 2021

The SBI Apprentice Merit List will be released by the recruitment authority based on the states and categories of the candidates. The eligible applicants will be listed in descending order according to their overall scores, taking into account their respective states and categories. In case two or more candidates have similar scores, their names will be arranged based on their ages in descending order.

SBI Apprentice Exam List of Candidates Awaiting

Once the results are announced, the State Bank of India creates a waitlist that is valid for one year. For more information regarding the SBI Apprentice Wait List, you can visit the official website of SBI.

SBI Apprentice Exam Date 2022

For now, check the SBI Apprentice Result 2021 if you haven’t already. And watch this space for further updates!

SBI Apprentice Monthly Salary in India

The monthly salary for SBI Apprentices varies depending on the year of their apprenticeship. In the first year, they will receive a stipend of Rs. 15,000 per month. This amount increases to Rs. 16,500 in the second year and further rises to Rs. 19,000 in the third year.


– First-year apprentices: Monthly stipend of Rs. 15,000

– Second-year apprentices: Monthly stipend of Rs. 16,500

– Third-year apprentices: Monthly stipend of Rs. 19,000

SBI Apprentice Result: Commonly Asked Questions

The SBI Apprentice 2021 results have been declared and the bank will now send SMS notifications to the chosen candidates on their registered mobile numbers. Once you receive the SMS, you must follow the instructions provided for document verification and joining procedures.

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Is it mandatory for all SBI Apprentice candidates to take the Local Language Test?

Applicants who have studied the relevant regional language during their secondary or higher secondary education are exempted from appearing for the Local Language Test.

The Local Language Test takes place once the SBI Apprentice written exam has been successfully passed by a candidate.

SBI Apprentice 2021 Official Commencement Date

The onboarding of all the selected apprentices is done after they have qualified in the Medical Examination and declared medically fit by the Board. Therefore, medical examination is considered the final step in the selection process.

Can apprentice become permanent?

Apprenticeships serve as a valuable pathway for individuals seeking hands-on experience and training in a specific field. They provide an excellent platform for learning practical skills while working alongside experienced professionals. Many industries recognize the importance of apprenticeships in bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application.

P.S: It is worth mentioning that although some apprenticeships do lead to permanent positions, others are designed solely to provide individuals with industry exposure and enhance their skill set. Regardless of whether an apprentice secures a permanent role or not, the experience gained during this period can greatly contribute towards future career prospects.

Is it possible to quit the SBI apprentice program?

The SBI Apprenticeship program provides individuals with an opportunity to gain practical experience and knowledge in the banking sector. However, circumstances may arise where apprentices decide to discontinue their training due to various factors such as securing a permanent job through another competitive examination or personal reasons.

It is important to follow the proper procedure when resigning from the SBI Apprentice program. This typically involves informing your reporting authority or supervisor about your decision and submitting a formal resignation letter stating your intention to leave. By adhering to these protocols, you can ensure a smooth transition out of the apprenticeship.

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Benefits of SBI apprentice: What are they?

The SBI Apprentice program offers various allowances to support the apprentices during their training period. One of the main benefits is the monthly stipend of Rs. 15,000 provided to each apprentice. This stipend serves as a financial aid and helps cover their basic expenses while they undergo training.

P.S: The SBI Apprentice program aims at equipping individuals with essential banking knowledge and skills through hands-on experience. By offering a monthly stipend of Rs. 15,000, it ensures that apprentices can sustain themselves financially during this crucial learning phase without burdening them with excessive allowances or benefits beyond what is necessary for their basic needs.

Duration of SBI apprentice training

– Program Name: SBI Apprentice 2021

– Duration: 1 year

– Conducted by: State Bank of India (SBI)

– Purpose: To provide training and employment opportunities to young individuals

– Eligibility Criteria: Candidates must be between 20 to 28 years old and hold a graduate degree from a recognized university.

– Selection Process: The selection will be based on an online written test followed by an interview.

– Exam Date: Yet to be announced. Please stay updated with official notifications from SBI.

– Application Process: Interested candidates can apply online through the official website of SBI once the application window opens.

Clerk versus apprentice: What sets them apart?

1. Nature of Work:

– SBI Apprentice: It involves administrative work as part of an internship program.

– SBI Clerk: It entails clerical work as a permanent job.

2. Duration:

– SBI Apprentice: The apprenticeship program lasts for 3 years.

– SBI Clerk: This is a permanent job position with no fixed duration.